Visibility With A Cherry On Top!

Are you ready to create business growth and attract dreamie clients through visibility?

Then come and join my fabulous programme, Rock Your Visibility!

It can be so easy to want to do a million and one things to be visible in our businesses – There’s Facebook Lives and blogging and newsletters, and YouTube and list building and networking and connecting with people in groups and, and, and. We don’t always know what’s working and what’s not.

How do you know what’s working and what’s not? If you don’t measure, then you can end up doing a scattergun approach to marketing our businesses that just doesn’t work.

Enter self-doubt, overwhelm, procrastination, fear and all of those mindset monkeys that hold you back

It’s easy to end up going round in circles or to think you’re doing amazing things to be visible when actually those things you’re doing aren’t really working.

Then let me introduce you to my FAB programme:

Let’s work on your visibility together, in a super fun community, where you can share ideas, feel supported AND take action to grow your business.

I designed this programme to help you really focus on one key area of visibility at a time to create business growth and attract your dreamie clients, without burning out your soul. There appears to be an online shift going on where people are stepping back a bit.

I still believe consistency is king when it comes to building your business and being visible, but I also know that it’s not sustainable to be ‘on it’ 24/7. We can’t keep up with it and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to. I want my business to run around my life, not the other way around.

I created this programme to help you to know what’s working for you in your business, by measuring how effective each strategy is for you. There isn’t a blueprint for how to run a business, there are lots of variables. Yes, there are key things you have to do, but there are also things that work for one business and not another.

This programme isn’t about yet another thing to save to your desktop and not complete, it’s all about taking action in your business to create business growth and bring in dreamie clients. You’ll get simple, actionable trainings, mindset tools, coaching and mentoring support, mini challenges to help you feel super confident in what you do and you’ll be surrounded by amazing support. All for less than a cappuccino a day!

I’ve purposely made it a low price point as I know not everyone can just throw money at more coaching/mentoring, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need the support. This is a way to get support without the high ticket price tag.

Clients get great results, they gain confidence, owning what they do, they gained new clients, get more engagement on posts overall, and are feeling motivated and proud of what they’ve achieved. People buddy up with others and really hold each other accountable which is fabulous. The support in the group is AMAZING!

Places are really limited as a big part of this programme’s success is in the relationship building, getting support from within the group, people really connecting with each other. Because of that, once the spots are gone, they’re gone and you’ll have to wait until the next intake.  If you want to be part of this fabulous group then you need to be quick. We only take 5 members into the group at a time, that way great relationships can be built, rather than it being a huge influx of people and nobody getting to know each other.

Who am I?

I’m Ruby McGuire, Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection. I’m a Visibility Strategist, so I help you get your business seen, grow and attract dreamie clients. My niche is visibility, so one thing I have to do is show up! Sounds great, but the irony of the niche I’ve chosen is that I’m an introvert and so promoting my business hasn’t always been that easy for me. I also find that being visible takes up a lot of my energy. I’ll have a burst of visibility and then need to go and have a lie down as a result! The tough part of this business malarkey isn’t coming up with ideas – you’ve got a million of those already, I know! It’s about knowing which one to start with.

I’ve tried all sorts of different strategies to help me grow my business, and one thing I’ve done over the past couple of years is to focus on one thing for the month. It’s really helped me get clarity on what I should focus my attention on. A month is long enough to test if you enjoy something, and to measure your results, but not so long that you’re wasting too much time and energy on it if it’s not the right thing for you and your business. You can then decide whether to carry on with that aspect of visibility or not.

What I know is this … being visible creates results and it helps you attract your dreamie clients

So, come and join us to get access to group calls, trainings, cheat sheets, coaching/mentoring in the group, and join the fabulous and supportive community to grow your business and attract your dreamie clients.

Let’s focus on visibility together (one month at a time) It’s time to have fun, grow your business, make new friends AND have a life!

This is what’s included as part of your monthly membership:

  • Monthly Planning Sessions  – getting clear on where you’re starting, and setting intentions for where you’d like to be and what action you’ll be taking.
  • Focused Challenges – I don’t know about you, but I do love a good challenge, it keeps me motivated, so each month we’ll have a little challenge to help you take those action steps
  • Monthly Visibility Focus Training   training to get you started on the monthly topic (We’ve covered list building, blogging, content creation, storytelling, group connection, newsletters – all trainings that you will now get immediate access to when you join)*
  • Monthly Mindset Monkey Calls – it’s time to kick those mind monkeys into touch. I’ll be helping you to smash those mindset blocks so you can get on with the fun stuff – growing your business
  • Monthly Getting Stuff Done Day – in the middle of each month we’ll all get on a call and take action together – The perfect day for you to check in on where you’re at, and to catch up if you need to. Everyone working together to get visible.      Fear of being visible can be kicked into touch as you work with your teamies!
  • Guest Experts – to support key topics and provide mini-trainings (Like Instagram training, PR, video and more)

This membership isn’t about having yet more things to study, it’s about taking action on your business, so you can grow it as you work on each month’s visibility challenges.

I can’t wait to work with you on this.

It’s time to shine bright like a diamond!

*Please note: Training is around being visible, and does not include training on the techie side. However, techie experts will be brought in where possible

Important Note: The programme is all run through my Facebook group. Where you get access to all digital content when you join there are no refunds available.

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