3 Lessons I Learned From Doing A Full Out Business Launch

In this episode, Ruby shares 3 key things she learned from doing a full out launch, and how she’d do it differently next time

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If you’ve been following me on any of my social media platforms you’ll have noticed that I recently did a launch for my Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp. I did what I always do and pulled together a plan. I got my Moleskine notebook out and started brainstorming some ideas.

BP Memes

With a full launch plan in the form of a mind map, I knew what I needed to do.

I decided that this time I should call in the heavies, and get myself some additional support, so I started working with my Online Project Manager to help with the overall project, a marketing expert to help with the Facebook ads and some additional VA support to deal with other admin tasks while I focused on the big launch.

My plan started to go a bit wonky pretty early on, as my Facebook ad wasn’t converting as well as I’d have liked (I do have a bit of a pet hate for Facebook ads) so there was an awful lot of tweaking going on, from changing blog post content to adding different pictures, to changing audiences, to adding new interests, to redirecting to my Visiblity Quiz sign up page and more. If you’ve not done Facebook ads before then some of what I’ve just said will be jargon to you. It was to me and some of it still confuses me but I’m slowly learning. It’s not my strength, hence the outsourcing bit.

I worked really hard focusing on lots of different ways to promote my Bootcamp, through adding additional social media posts, setting up an affiliate programme, and more. All the things you think you should do for a launch were done.

#1 Learning – Build relationships

I talk all the time about building relationships and how important it is to engage with your ideal clients, and to build that know, like, trust factor over time. In my usual style, I reached out to previous clients and some connections, explained that I was launching my new programme, and asked them if they’d be willing to spread the word, and said that if they were interested they could jump on a call with me to find out more.


What happened was quite interesting, those people that I talked to, that I already had a connection with, were far more engaged and wanted to either sign up now or later. Whereas what I was doing with the FB ad was trying to take them from a blog post to signup to my list to then get them to join my programme. It was destined to fail really. It didn’t fail, as I got some people signing up but not the dream number I’d hoped for.

So, as I already knew instinctively, relationship building was what mattered. I was trying to skip out way too many steps and expecting people to sign up without even having got to know anything about me first. Now, yes occasionally this can work, and actually has with one of my older Bootcamps, but it’s not the best way to go about things. It’s much better to build a relationship over time. I kinda proved my own theory of what I teach. Says she as she slaps her forehead!

Key Takeway: Build relationships. Connecting with people consistently is so important, it truly is your lifeblood of your business. As I do with my clients, I encourage you to be constantly connecting with people and not in a pushy sales way, but to build a connection that over time may lead to future business, or perhaps referrals. If nothing else, it makes running your business way more fun as you learn lots of new things and you also get some feedback on what your ideal clients need – it’s a bit of market research.

So what was my next big learning?

#2 learning – People do a lot of reading from their mobile phones

So the next big thing that I learned is that a high proportion of your audience, about 75-80% (of my audience at least) are working from a mobile phone, so my wordy text blog post looked awful on a mobile device, it was just a wall of text.

I went back into my initial blog post that I was sending people to and added a few images to break up the text, something I need to remember for future blog posts.

Key Takeaway: Think about how your posts will be viewed on a mobile device. Adapt your content accordingly.

#3 learning – I started way too late

I started way too late. If I was doing it again, I would have a longer term campaign, about 3-6 montSocial Mediahs where I’m doing lots of little strategies to lead into the big launch and I’d create a slow burning buzz around it. I would do some mini list building strategies, do more joint venture work perhaps. I’d outsource more of the work – especially the FB ads so I could be completely hands off on that. I’d also do more webinars as I love them and it’s a way to share your expertise without hassling!


Right now, I’ve sworn not to do any more full launches, it’s just way too exhausting being in all out promo mode. I may do some soft launches, but I don’t like running my business in a high hustle way – it’s not me. I’m an introvert, and I’m sure some of you can identify with that. I much prefer connecting with people, and that’s the way ideal clients mostly come my way.

Key Takeaway: Start early. Build a slow buzz and take your time. That way you can enjoy the journey, not push yourself to burnout and you’ll get better results.

So, to recap, build relationships, think mobile devices and start early.

Call To Action: Consider how you can best build your business without the hustle. I know I love my business way more when I do this, so hope my learnings will help you.

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How Podcasting Has Helped My Business

In today’s post, I’m sharing how podcasting has helped my business. I’ll be talking about some of the things you will need to consider when setting up your own show, and give some hints and tips on how you can use the content as a marketing tool.

Rock Your Fabulous Biz Podcast Show 300 x 300

Read Full Transcript below...

My podcasting show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz, started out as a personal challenge, I thought it would be a good platform to share useful content.

I gave myself 7 days to set it up. Nothing quite like a bit of pressure!

Ok so for the confession bit, I have a lovely VA that guided me through the process, so it wasn’t completely on my own, but still … in 7 days … really?!

Let me share how it came about… I’d been running my Rock Your Biz Telesummit at the time (if you’re not familiar with the term a Telesummit is basically like an online radio or video styled show where guest speakers are interviewed and/or run a masterclass) We had a Facebook group where the speakers joined to answer questions around the content while the Telesummit was running. One particular day prior to the Telesummit commencing a person asked in the group which speakers had a podcast show. Only one of us said they did. Hmmm, I needed to sort that out, I had the podcast show on my list of things to do ‘one day’, but that was realistically where it would stay if I didn’t take some action, so challenge on.

Now, it’s a bit of a learning curve setting up your own show, there’s quite a lot involved, so if you can give yourself a bit more time!

Here’s an idea of what’s involved in the setup… You have to create a cover (notice I started with the visual fun bit first, that’s my favourite), your music (I had a great time working on that – lost hours of time trying out fun tunes). You need to set up different hosting accounts – I use LibSyn and iTunes/Stitcher, then you need to record an intro and outro (that chatty bit I do at the beginning and end of each one)

You need to think about keywords for your show, to decide on a category for iTunes, a publishing strategy (a grown up way of saying what days you’re posting) you need a title and you need to set up an RSS feed (the scary techie bit) You have to think about what your show will be about so that you have a good introduction, and you ideally start with a few shows in the bag ready to go out on day one when you launch. Oh and I forgot the big one – what you’re going to say! There are other things you need to consider too, how you will record, do you need a mic, how will you use the content once you’re done, how will you market it etc. etc.

I would never have pulled it off it hadn’t been for my lovely VA, Sandra Barter of Your Business Helper – she’s a star. She continues to work with me weekly piecing the intro and outro with my recordings. Thank you, lovely lady, you’re very patient with me!

As I said, a learning curve, but now let me share with you how it’s helped my business, and how easy it is to do now that I’m up and running.

Probably the biggie you want to know is this… Has it brought me more business? Yes, it has.

I’ve attracted clients that would not normally have come across me. Other benefits are;

  • My list size has grown and continues to grow on a daily basis
  • By checking my stats, I’m able to determine what topics are of interest. You can do this with blogging and other social media for sure, but this is the numbers game – you can easily identify which areas people enjoy and are downloading
  • More paying clients
  • It’s helped to establish me as the go-to gal on my area
  • It’s helped me to be more visible and share my business
  • It’s a great thing to talk about when you’re out networking, as it’s something free that you can offer
  • I have content that I now repurpose. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I share my podcast posts on my blog as a mini player. I no longer have to write two things each week, I simply wait a couple of days and share the post on my blog
  • I have a platform where I can interview guests. More of that coming next year
  • It’s helped me to build a better connection with my audience. Yes I can be chatty in a blog post but it’s a bit like text, it can be misinterpreted if people aren’t reading in the tone you intended
  • I’m sure there’s more, but I think you’ll agree, lots of great reasons to run your own show

Now that everything is up and running it’s just a case of recording the mp3 file, sending it over with a title to the lovely Sandra, and ta-da mission accomplished.

I have a little plugin on my WordPress site, called Simply Podcast Press, which generates a draft blog post and then I copy and paste my transcript into that post to create a written post for my blog. I share the podcast show on my social media one day, the blog post a couple of days later, and put a link to my blog in my newsletter. The text from the blog post is then copied and shared as a post over on LinkedIn, and finally each episode is shared in my free Facebook group. One piece of content, lots of different ways to share your message without killing yourself in the process.

So if you’re thinking about podcasting my top tip would be to allow yourself a bit more time than I did, BUT I think setting a challenge is a good way to help you if you’re procrastinating on getting something out there.

Does it increase your visibility – absolutely!

People listening to podcasts are on the increase. We are often time-pressured and this is a way to catch up on content while we’re on the go. This is a great way to become more visible in the noisy marketplace.

Are they fun to do? They are if you like to talk. If you don’t, then find the right medium for you.

It’s your business, do it your way.

Right now, I’m considering playing around with doing some videos; converting those into mp3’s for my podcast show and then doing the same process of a blog post, social media sharing etc. That way I have yet another medium with which to share my messages.

Call To Action: If podcasting is on your to-do list, get your diary out, set a date and make it happen. Let me know when you do, I’d love to follow you! I’m always on the look out for new podcast shows to listen to.

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