Are You Losing Clients Through Your Worry Habit?

Today, I’m sharing some simple strategies to overcome worry in your business.

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Learn how my client added an additional 8k to her business by being visible
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Are you a worrier?

I can be.

The main reason I worry is due to overthinking, it just takes worry to a whole new level. We create lots of lovely stories to magnify the initial worry and before you know it, it’s as though the world is going to end.

Just to be clear, I’m talking only about worry here, not anxiety. Anxiety is different to worry in that worry can feel manageable, we know that we are worrying and can have some control over it. Anxiety feels more outside of our control. Often worry is exacerbated by the stories we tell ourselves about a situation. I’m not a counsellor, just sharing my own thoughts on worry.

View Things As A Challenge To Overcome, Rather Than Something To Worry About 

Let’s say you’re about to do a guest interview for someone, or you’re going to do a FB live. You can choose to view it as a challenge to overcome and put lots of planning and preparation in place. That way you’ll be as competent as you can possibly be, or you can view it as a foregone conclusion that it will be disastrous and everything will go wrong.

This might result in your mind going blank, maybe you’ll have prepped for all the wrong things and it will be a complete failure. Which one of these stories is going to make you feel more worried?! Planning and preparation will help me, or it’s going to go horribly wrong?

If you’re also into the law of attraction, you’ll know that you need to focus on what you want, or you’ll get those unwanted results too!

Let’s play for a moment….

What’s Worrying You About Being Visible In Your Business Right Now? 

Write down one thing that you’re worrying you about being visible in your business right now. If you’re not near pen and paper, just think what it might be.

This worry will more than likely bring up lots of feelings. Maybe you’ll feel that you’re going to be judged. You might feel vulnerable. You might feel disappointed that you’re not as confident as other people etc.

Write down or think about how you’d like to feel instead – make the feelings you want super powerful words.

This will help you to think about how things could be different, opening you up to a place of possibility and it encourages you to make changes.

Words you want to pull out are things like calmer, in control, relaxed, prepared. If they aren’t coming up then just imagine what it would feel like to be calmer, relaxed etc. instead of all of the stressful, sicky feelings that can come up with worry.

Now that you’ve got to a place of how you’d like to feel, let’s come up with a couple of useful strategies to help you shift that worry.

Worry is often about how much control we have, or think we have, over something.

Is It Within Your Circle of Control?

I love using Stephen Covey’s Circles of Control to help things in perspective. If you haven’t come across it, then think of a target, with three circles, a large outer one, a smaller middle circle and then the small circle in the centre:

  • His model shows that in the outer circle are things we can’t control, so they could be things like world hunger, or wanting someone to fall in love with us
  • The middle circle is the circle of influence, so these are things we can influence, but not necessarily control, so it could be things like making suggestions in a team meeting, encouraging people to go to a certain restaurant that you like (we aren’t talking about manipulation here, just about areas that we might be able to influence in some way)
  • The inner circle is the circle of control, so this might be how much we exercise or how we manage our worries

By checking in on these circles you can identify areas that you have no control over, so we might apply to be a guest on someone’s podcast show or for a speaking gig, but you can only influence that outcome by being the best that you can be in the information you send over in your application form, fully prepared etc.

Worrying about the outcome of that podcast application isn’t going to help. If you think you did a bad job of the pitch though you can start to learn more about how to do a really great pitch for your next one, which is something you can control.

A Couple Of Useful Questions

When you think about your worry, a great question I like to ask myself is, ‘What triggered this worry?’

Follow up with, “Is this within your circle of control?”

You can then ask yourself what the benefit of holding onto the worry is. This can seem strange, but sometimes when we don’t want to let go of something it’s because it serves us somehow. Maybe by having the worry, you won’t put yourself out there and be visible, you’re trying to keep yourself safe.

Ultimately, you want to always be thinking about a way of focusing on the solution, rather than going too much into analyzing the worry itself.

Stop Telling Yourself Stories

With our story telling we can lose perspective. This is where reframing can be very useful in helping us to move forward.

The problem is, we’re great at catastrophising things. We create unnecessary dramas where we  over generalise and make assumptions. All this does is move us further into a worry state. By challenging these assumptions you can raise awareness.

You may have experienced this with yourself, where you say, ‘I’m not good at that, which means I’m rubbish at everything for example’.

Challenge this assumption. Does you not being good at one thing mean you’re rubbish at everything? Unlikely! You might not be great at writing social media posts but you might make a mean Spaghetti Bolognese!

So, linking back to my title, of ‘Are you losing clients through your worry habit?’ You could be if you don’t get this in check, because you could be holding yourself back from being visible by being fearful about every move you’re making being the wrong one. You’ll also be putting out a very different energy in everything you do, one that doesn’t invoke confidence in your potential dreamie clients. If you don’t believe in you, then why would others believe in you?

It’s time to sort this worry habit, and it’s just that – a habit. It’s totally within your control. You just need to choose to challenge it and it will become a thing of the past.

To wrap up:

  • View things as a challenge to overcome, rather than something to worry about
  • Check whether the problem is within your circle of control. If not, let it go!
  • Stop telling yourself stories

What helps you overcome your worry habit? Share in the comments section.

Your call to action is to choose one strategy and test it out. Let me know how you get on

Calling You Out On Your Visibility Excuses (and Mine!)

In this blog post, I’m going to call you out on your visibility excuses and share 3 ways to work through the fear of being visible.

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Learn how my client added an additional 8k to her business by being visible
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Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet for the past few weeks. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can be challenging constantly coming up with new content.

I have all the tips and tricks in the book when it comes to creating content, but I’m also a great believer that you should only share when you have something good to share.

If it’s not happening, then the world won’t end if you don’t share a blog post for a couple of weeks. That’s my view anyway.

Now that’s not saying to use this as an excuse for not creating content at all because that’s not how consistency works when it comes to being visible. I’ve still been visible in other places, just not so much with my podcast/blog.

So, hi. It’s good to be here.

What do I want to share with you today?

I want to talk about three things you need to know about making excuses about being visible in your business.

  1. Don’t wait for the perfect time to be visible, there isn’t one!

Last week I posted a Facebook Live where my fringe was waaaay too long because I was waiting to go to my hairdressers to get it cut. I could have used that as an excuse not to post a video, but I didn’t. I decided it was important to share my message about visibility.

There can be 101 reasons why you ‘can’t be visible’, and by that can’t I mean, the excuses you can make not to be visible. Just get over yourself and share your message. People want to hear from you. So what if you’re not perfect, there is no such thing as perfection. It’s not even about you, it’s about how you can help people.

Takeaway: Do not use perfection as an excuse not to be visible! 

  1. Stop lurking, just be brave and take a small action step

I have a lot of people in my Facebook group, Rock Your Fabulous Biz, and each week I have a Stop Lurking Day where I get people in there to chat, share something, do a video – to basically show up.

Last week I decided to run a pop-up mini visibility challenge, getting people to do a short video answering 4 simple questions. The questions were covering things like what did you do in your first job, to what you’re proud of and then finishing with dreamie clients and why we should work with you. It went down really well.

Some people did FB Lives that had never done them before, some came up with reasons why they couldn’t do it and that’s okay.

Sometimes we genuinely think we can’t do stuff. We tell ourselves we don’t have time, the peace and quiet we need, the kids are up or there’s dinner to cook or XYZ.

We need to challenge our thinking. Are these real reasons, or are they just excuses?

We have to CHOOSE to make the time for this kind of thing.

The feeling you get when you come out the other side having stepped up your visibility is really amazing! It’s empowering and it makes you feel on top of the world.

Takeaway: Choose to be visible, choose for your message to be bigger than your fear.

That’s how you help people and make a bigger difference in the world.

  1. Tell yourself you’re only talking to one person

I was invited to be part of a #hotseat in Entrepreneurs Kaffeklatch group last week. I had a chat with Angie who runs the group and she walked me through the technology side of things so we were ready to go live at the time of the call.

She casually dropped into conversation that we could share the link to the live in a few groups and that she was going to be sharing it with one group that had 5k+ people. My mind went into overdrive for a moment.

Woah, how many? Adding in her group, my biz page, my group that made a potential 6.5k+ audience live – watching us! Do you think I was a teeny bit nervous – hell yeah! But that’s okay, I just decided to forget who may or may not be watching.

(Let’s be honest, the reality was probably about 20 people watching in the end)

So what to do? I focused only on Angie and having a fun conversation with her, and guess what – I didn’t die, the world didn’t end, and it was really great fun.

So next time you find yourself making excuses, remember these three things:

  1. There is no perfect time to get visible, just do it already
  2. Be brave and take a small action step, stop lurking
  3. Tell yourself you’re just talking to one person

My mini challenge to you is to step up your visibility. Come and join my Facebook Group, Rock Your Fabulous Biz, and do a little video introducing yourself to the group.


How brave are you willing to be to get visible?

How brave are you willing to be to get visible? In today’s post, I’m going to share how being brave can lead to new opportunities and more excitement in your business.

You can listen to the podcast on the player below, or scroll down to read the transcript.

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Learn how my client added an additional 8k to her business by being visible
You'll also get access to my Fabulous Resource Centre, weekly newsletters with hints and tips to rock your visibility in your biz, plus any hot off the press news!
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If you’ve been following me for a while you must have heard that I recently did what I call my very first grown up speaking gig.

Now it isn’t that I haven’t talked to a room full of people before, because I have. I’ve done over a 1000 motivational talks over 5 years, been a trainer, done group coaching, webinars, corporate presentations and more. It’s just that this was the first speaking gig for my business. It was me stepping up my visibility.

It feels scary stepping up your visibility, but you have a big message to share, so can’t hide!

It felt a bit scary. Not the speaking bit because I love that, but me saying I’m the expert in what I do on visibility. I feel confident now that I’m good at what I do, I know my stuff and I’ve helped hundreds of people with their visibility and mindset over the past few years, but the thing is this – once you put a label on it, then it goes to a whole new level, right?

Well, no, only if you let it. That’s just your own stuff. It doesn’t need to be any more scary at all. It’s the stories we tell ourselves about it that make the difference between it being a little bit nerve-wracking to full on panic attacks. Luckily I managed to keep it at the first level, with a few excited nerves.

What are you missing out on?

What I learned about doing the speaking gig though was bigger than just an experience of stepping up my visibility. It was that I had been missing out on so much.

It’s no secret that I’m an introvert, and help mostly introverts who are scared of being visible, and some extroverts too. It’s easy for me to hide behind my computer, and sit with my little dog Lulu by my feet at my desk. It’s a bit harder for me to go out there and do FB lives and webinars and networking meetings and things, I kinda have to psyche myself up for it if I’m honest.

Over the years it’s got easier, but it wasn’t always that way. I had to keep expanding my comfort zone, with each new thing making the next time easier again. I still do, my mandala post last week told you that I still have a long way to go when it comes to pushing through fear, but fear shouldn’t stop us.

As I said in that blog post, your message needs to be bigger than your fear.

What’s your passion?

What I learned though is that speaking is really my passion. I kind of discovered it again when I did a local networking talk recently, and realised how excited it made me feel. I absolutely LOVE my business, but this was an area I just wasn’t tapping into. I came out of that meeting absolutely buzzing, to the point I phoned my bestie and she told me I should record how excited I was in that moment because as the time went on I might forget.

Timing is everything

I’m a great believer that timing is everything, and maybe I needed it to be now that this gets added to my business. I’ve built a tribe, I walk my talk, I’ve been consistently visible, all the things I teach.

What if I hadn’t found that passion though, what if I hadn’t put myself forward for that speaking opportunity? What then?

Let me roll it back a bit. Sometime last year, I saw a post in a Facebook group asking if anybody knew any speakers out there for an event in Brussels. I decided to bite the bullet and be brave, and send a message to say, ‘Hey, I don’t suppose you’d consider me, would you?’

I went through an application process and got the gig. How exciting! Now I had to actually do it. Fast forward to the event and it was fabulous, it inspired me to do even more.

Step up in your business, and the opportunities will come your way

Let me tell you what’s happened in my business, literally in this past week, all because I was brave and put my hand up asking to be considered.

First there’s the actual things that have happened:

  • I’ve signed up new clients
  • I’ve been added as a trainer to a paid group to share my expertise on visibility
  • I’ve been asked to do a speaking gig in London
  • I’ve been invited to be part of a mastermind weekend in Stockholm in the summer
  • I’ve been invited to be part of a Telesummit
  • I’ve had not one, but two PR opportunities
  • I’ve been invited to do a tag-team type talk with a business friend
Get brave and take action

I’ve also mentally stepped up.

  • I’ve written an article for Huffington Post, I just need to edit and send. You can hold me accountable on that one!
  • I’ve reached out locally to do speaking gigs
  • I’ve talked to people about how to get more speaking gigs in general
  • I’ve invited people to do joint ventures with me
  • I’ve set a goal to reach out to a minimum of 30 people in April to get speaking gigs, joint ventures, invitations to my podcast and to ask for guest spots on other podcasts, and also to magazines. I’m a girl on a mission.

Ooh, PS. If you’re looking for someone for speaking gigs, to do joint ventures, to be a guest on your podcast, I’m your girl!

I’m telling you this because you never know what one little act of courage can bring into your business, and how it can change how you do things. Yes, it can be scary but it’s oh so worth it!

So here’s two things I want to ask you today, your call to action if you like:

  1. Are you following through on what you’re passionate about? Dig really deep, because there might be another element you could add to your business that really excites you. It could open you up to new possibilities.
  1. How brave are you willing to be to get visible?

Try this mantra on for size.

My message is bigger than my fear!

PS. Pick up a copy of my 3k Case Study where I showcase a client who brought in an additional 3k into her business in 6 weeks, all while holding down a 4-day a week job and managing a family.

Do you feel exposed in your business? (What I learned about fear from a mandala)

Do you feel exposed in your business? In today’s post, I’m sharing what I learned about fear from a mandala. What I learned can help you show up more in your business. No more playing it small (Be warned, this is a longer post than normal)

This past weekend I was a speaker at an event in Brussels.  We’d had a busy day and a beautiful lady called Tanya Arler, Spiritual Teacher and Inspirational Speaker, asked if we’d like to join her in the evening to do a mandala. She said she’d share a little message around what it means.  If you don’t know what a mandala is, it’s basically a circular drawing. In spiritual circles (excuse the pun) it can be a way to get a message about what your soul wants. Now don’t shoot me down in flames if that’s not a great description, it’s just how I like to describe it!

I am really creative, so couldn’t wait. We all sat around a table and were asked to set an intention of one question that we’d like answered.

One Question I Wanted Answered

Mine was “What do I need to do/know to make my business explode so that I can serve thousands of people and help them to be fabulous in their businesses?”

Once we’d set our intention, we were given the task of drawing a circle by tracing around a plate, and then colour it in.

Here’s the finished mandala, what I’m sharing will make more sense when you can see it!

So I did my bit of doodling in the middle. I started off doing a bit of Zentangle*, which is a structured type of pattern, then realised that was going to take forever so I drew some wiggly lines that I then filled in with bits of colour. I added a couple of random stripey shapes and lots of dots. I finally added some yellow ‘flames’ if you like, around the inside of the circle, leaning at an angle around the edge of the circle into the centre. (See the Zentangle image I drew below so you know what I mean when I say Zentangle)

Structure & Free-Flow

The lovely Tanya came around and gave some feedback. She checked my question and said that I had a bit of structure (that Zentangle bit at the beginning)  I’d realised that was a bit too much like hard work and I then went into more free-flowing. If you know me, that’s EXACTLY what I’m like. I’m a Virgo, I like structure, but I want fun so I pull myself out of the super structure to bring more flow. So far, so good. Nothing to fear so far, huh?

Staying Inside My Comfort Zone

We talked about this explosion I wanted in my business, and how it was interesting that I hadn’t gone outside of the circle. I’d also contained my yellow (my explosion if you like) on the inside! What did this mean? Well, it meant that I was super excited about my business, and was exploding but not sharing enough in the outside world. Oh, okay, if you say so. I thought I was, but maybe not then. The dots meant I was in rhythm with life, which I kinda think I am.

So, I had to go back to the picture and add in yet more colour/detail which I did. I sat back and looked at my picture. Good, that was fun, I thought.

And ENORMOUS fear kicked in!

So my next task was to extend the yellow from the spiral in the centre all the way out to the edges of my rays and beyond. Easy, right?

No, not freakin’ easy at all. I literally could not push my yellow pencil past the boundary of the circle to go into my first ray. I felt SO much fear, it was incredible. How can it feel so scary to move a pencil past a pencil line on a piece of paper? This was getting really weird now. I kept taking deep breaths and telling myself, “It’s okay, I can do this, I’ve got this” and then the fear would start to dissipate slightly before going onto the next ray and the next.

WOW! I felt panic and fear in my chest, I could feel myself welling up as I worked my way around the rays. One of the other speakers sitting opposite me, who’s intuitive, said she could feel the fear that was coming up for me.

Now I could understand it if I was doing something really scary, but let’s get it in perspective, this was a yellow pencil and a piece of paper! SO bizarre! What I learned was that the circle was my comfort zone so while I thought I was pushing through my comfort zones, it wasn’t to this degree. It wasn’t to the degree that I need to push through if I want to explode my business and help thousands of people.

“So do you really want to explode your business, even though it’s going to feel this scary?”

Tanya then asked me, “So do you really want to explode your business, even though it’s going to feel this scary?” Yes, I said, I want to help thousands of people. Okay, so I kept going.

Eventually, I got all the way around the circle, you’ll be pleased to know, and I finished my rays. (All with Tanya repeatedly asking me if I really wanted to explode my business) Even writing this now, I can feel the fear rising again about what action I need to take to really get my business visible so I can help thousands. Wow!

All good, I made it and felt better. She then said the spiral didn’t feel like it was big enough, she felt it needed to extend all the way out to the edge of the paper. This bit was about expansion, about constantly uplevelling and growing in order to be of service, not going round in circles but each time going further and further out into and beyond my comfort zone I guess. I could cope with that, it felt progressive which was good.

There will be chaos in your business – it’s okay

Next up, I needed to add colour, I wanted green which is apparently a spiritual colour so that felt good. I added green around the edges of my rays and sat back and looked at it. Tanya and another lady asked what I thought of it. I said I didn’t like it, it annoyed me. Tanya asked why it annoyed me. I replied that it wasn’t pretty, it felt chaotic and messy. I like my pictures to flow and have structure (funny that, based on what I shared earlier!) She said that if I want to explode my business, then I need to accept that there will be times when it’s messy and chaotic and I have to think about how I can bring it back into something more ordered. I might not like how it looks, but that’s okay.

Lastly, I needed to add in something else, so I added some blue dots all the way around the edge, that bit felt exciting somehow and I felt my picture was done. Messy, and ugly, but done! 

So what has all of this got to do with you?

Stop playing small – it’s time to show up like you mean it!

Well, I learned that it doesn’t serve people by you playing small, that while you might be pushing through your comfort zones there’s a limit and that perceived limit may be stopping you from helping thousands of people.

I learned that business might get messy, and let’s be honest, that’s the reality of being in business, it can feel chaotic at times. I also learned that it’s okay if you need to take a step back, it’s not all about pushing forward all the time. My biggest lesson was that while I thought I was being brave, I actually haven’t even touched the surface of how brave I need to be to help more people. Are you ready to be that brave? That’s really scary for me to be honest. I’m an introvert. I’m okay with stepping up but then I need a bit of a lie-down. Deep breathing might become the new go-to tool for getting through it.

I remember when I was single after going through my divorce, people would try and match-make me with guys that weren’t quite right and I said then, as I say now in my business, “I won’t settle, I know what I want and I’m prepared to wait for that and do what it takes to get the perfect person for me.” I am now going to take that into my business too, no settling, it’s time for us to step up even more as leaders and to grow our tribes so that we can have an even bigger impact.

I know, the more people I can help, the more I can work on my homeless project I want to do. It’s time to make our messages bigger than our fears! Join me in becoming Fearless Visibility Divas!

If you want to connect with the lovely Tanya, which you totally should because she really is AMAZING, you can sign up to her blog, and connect with her on her website and/or Facebook page. I’m meeting up with her again in July and can’t wait for instalment 2!

PS. If you like the idea of trying out Zentangles for yourself, then you’ll love Pinterest. It’s fabulous for both personal and business use. In fact, I’m running a 3-day live experience on attracting beautiful dreamie clients into your business next week, starting Tuesday 6 April. Come and join me – Pinterest Rocks Live. It’s going to be FAB! What’s amazing about Pinterest is it’s a free and fun platform to work on – what’s not to like?!

Are You Ready To Become A Fearless Visibility Diva?

Is fear holding you back in your business? Maybe it’s even costing you money.

Are you ready to be a Fearless Visibility Diva?

Running a business can challenge us in so many ways. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, one day we might be feeling exhilarated by the journey and the next day we’re feeling the fear of climbing that steep track, wondering what it’s going to feel like as we go over the top and see what’s on the other side.


There are so many things that we have to learn and/or overcome. Whether it’s the techy side of the business, like how to do things on your website, how to use your phone to record something to how to create content, how to engage people and build an awareness of what you do. The fear element can kick in big time, and some days throw us off track, or worse might be costing us money in our businesses.

I want you to park all of your pesky fears for a moment and imagine this instead:

You get up in the morning, do some work on your mindset and step into the fabulous business owner version of you. You know there are things that you want to achieve, and you choose to take them in your stride. There might be things that scare you, but you view them as an assignment to work on, rather than an obstacle standing in your way.

You feel confident that whatever is on your to-do list is possible. You trust that everything will happen exactly as it’s meant to, with a knowing that you’re on the right track and every little action you take on being visible is going to bring you closer to your business goals.fdv-quotes-image

You know that fear can be a good thing, in that it can propel you to take actions, to step up and raise your game, so you fear less.

You no longer have to worry about your business being an expensive hobby because you have a plan in place to create a fabulous business instead.

That’s a much nicer way to run your business, isn’t it?

It’s no fun running a business based on fear – I know – I’ve done it!
Fear of how my launches will go – fear that people won’t sign up to my offerings fear that I can’t get new clients, being successful and then worrying that I can’t repeat that success and worrying that it was all a fluke.
Then there’s the technology fear:
What if my FB lives go wrong?
What if I’m judged for my blog posts? You name it, I’ve had the fear too.
Fearless Visibility Divas work on their inner fears, they work on their mindset on a daily basis and know that while some things are scary, they also acknowledge that it’s a great way to step up and be open to growth and new opportunities.

I’ve had some amazing results in my business by working on my fears and being more comfortable with being visible. My clients have too. It’s not been an easy journey to get there, it’s taken time, but through working constantly on my mindset it’s made everything so much easier, and the fears that still show up are busted much quicker than in the past.

I want you to embrace all that’s fabulous about you, and become that Fearless Visibility Diva. Choose today to work on your mindset, overcome your mental blocks and be an amazing business owner running your business on your terms and with ease.


I’ve created a fabulous 6-week programme to support you in becoming a Fearless Visibility Diva (yes guys are welcome too!)

I’m here to help YOU kick all of those fears and doubts to the kerb, teach you how to get comfortable being visible, and create momentum that’s going to fast forward your business with a bang. It’s time to get connected, visible and profitable.

Read more about it and come and join us here.

Fear Will Keep You Invisible In Business and Stop You Earning Money

In this blog post, I’m going to share how you need to step up and be brave, or it could be losing you money and other opportunities in your business


Click the play button below to listen, or scroll down and click ‘Read full transcript’ if you prefer to read the post.

Listen to the episode below (07:08)
Learn how my client added an additional 8k to her business by being visible
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Read Full Transcript below...

As business owners, well let’s be honest, as people, we can so easily get caught up in the ‘What If I’m not good enough’ trap. We might be fine for a few days and then BAM, something gets us into the wrong mindset and off we go spiralling into this whole inner critic stuff.

Fear will keep you invisible in your business

I see it time and time again with my clients, and I’ve had it happen time and time again with me.

You have to step up and be brave, push through your comfort zones and allow things to happen in their own sweet time. If you don’t shout out about your business, then who will?

When talking with my clients they say they’re feeling uncomfortable about stepping into new territory. What if people don’t like what they put out there? What if their latest offering doesn’t sell? Just this past week, I’ve spoken with four clients who are worrying about things that they can’t possibly know the answers to right now, and they’ve written off programmes and offerings before they’ve even started.


It’s one of those dichotomies of being a business owner, on the one hand, you get to create lots of amazing things and get them out into the world when you want. No red tape. No meetings. No boss to answer to.

On the other hand, you don’t have that validation. There isn’t someone checking what you’re doing to make sure it’s ok and it’s all a lot of guesswork. In some ways, that’s the fun of being a business owner. Tweaking, testing, adapting, trying out new things, playing with lots of different ideas. It can also be our ruination because we play out lots of ‘what if’ scenarios that terrify the life out of us and then we do absolutely nothing.

So how do you clear the fear? Well, you don’t really, BUT by taking small action steps you will find that things become easier.

I very recently got invited to send some information to a publisher. I sat with the email for a whole day, thinking about what to write. I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted to know that what I would email would send the publisher dancing around the office with the printout saying, “I’ve been waiting for this kind of writing for my whole life.” Oh okay then, that was a very big stretch, but I did want it to be received really well so that they’d be interested in finding out more, so what did I do.

Nothing. Zip. Diddly Squat. Nada.

I let it sit in my inbox and worry about it. I’d say I ignored it, but I didn’t really. It was on my mind all day. I knew that it wouldn’t look professional if I didn’t reply quickly. It then became a much bigger thing that it needed to be. Ever done that?

Worry is a really useful strategy, isn’t it? Well, it’s one that’s worked for me – and a lot of my clients. Well, we think it’s what works, except it doesn’t. All it does is push us into perfectionist and procrastination mode. We’ll do anything but send that document, or do what it takes to make something happen. What is that all about?!

We sit and worry, stewing over every single word that floats out onto the page, wondering if that paragraph or bullet point will be the one that ruins it for us.

Often we consider that there’s a lot at stake so reframe it, explore other perspectives.

Let’s say ‘it’ doesn’t get received well, whatever ‘it’ means for you;

* You could view it that there are opportunities out there that are a better fit for you.

* It’s a reminder that you have been brave and stepped up, even if things don’t quite turn out how you’d hoped.

* It also helps you get much clearer on what you do want and your preparation might be better next time, maybe you’d ask for feedback from others before sending it for example.

This was just about my book, but what if it was the video that one of your ideal clients really needed to watch, or a LinkedIn blog post your ideal client really needed to read?

What if that ideal client really connected with you that day and then wanted to pay for your services? Who knows where that might lead after that too. It could result in referrals, where people shout out about your amazing service and offers. It could then lead to being asked to write guest articles, do a talk for an event and more.9

Missed opportunities. Tangible and indirect. Possible income, relationship building and more.

So I’m guessing you might want to know what did I do about my email in the end.

Well, I did send it. There were a lot of rewrites, loads of intakes of breaths, a butterfly tummy and a few eeks but it’s gone.

What worked?

Telling someone that I was going to send it that day, and they also helped with a coaching strategy so that I didn’t die in the process. Did I tell you I was worried about it?!

I also got someone to check it for me and give me feedback, particularly to make sure it was Ruby-fied as my friend calls it (what I have to do when I get too serious and forget to just be me!)

Don’t let fear stop you from being visible in business.

Prepare, breathe in and be brave!

Sometimes you have to think about what you want MORE than the fear. Try it on something you’re putting off. It really does work!

Your Call To Action This Week: Think about something you’re putting off and just do it already. Want some accountability. Come over into my Facebook group, Rock Your Fabulous Biz, tell me what it is and let me hold you accountable.

Get Over Your Fear Of Video So You Can Be More Visible

In this blog post, I’m going to be talking about how using you need to get over your fear of video, and a quick reframe to make it easier.


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I don’t know about you but I love to talk. Well more than that, I love to make connections. There are so many great ways to connect with people online now.

If you want to build great connections with your audience, getting over yourself with your fear of video is a brilliant way to start.

What’s great about any of these video mediums, i.e. Periscope, Facebook Live or good old YouTube is the connections you can build. The know-like-trust factor is built so much quicker and your personality can shine through for people to see.

I’ve shared with you before about how I don’t like how I speak. What I don’t share is I hate my photo being taken or being seen on video, but do you know what here’s a reframe for you if you feel like I did.

When people meet you, they are going to see you as you are right now. You are no different on video, so stop hiding away!

Now, I know I’m making it sound easy and the reality is it can make you feel sick to the pit of your stomach. You might be in that place of ‘when this happens I will do a video’, i.e. When I’ve lost weight I’ll do a video, when I’ve had my hair done, when I’ve re-decorated my office, when I’ve bought the latest video technology, when I’ve learnt the script perfectly etc. etc. etc.

I want to call you out on all of that. Just do it already. If I bumped into you in the street today and started chatting with you about your business, you wouldn’t run off and hide in the local shops because you hadn’t lost weight, had your hair done or learnt a script, so stop doing it because you’re going to be on video.


Let’s get real – what’s the worst that could happen? Really? Your glasses are on crooked, or you fluff up your words, so what? Laugh at yourself and carry on! Will you feel scared and vulnerable? Maybe, but once you’ve done a video you will feel so proud of yourself for stepping up and being more visible. Plus the more you do videos the more relaxed you will become.

I have done some videos where my shoulders are up by my ears and I’m frowning, and looking like a statue. Now, I don’t worry about it. I umm and ahh and pull silly faces (unintentionally I add) but it’s ok. It’s real, authentic and helps me to connect with my audience. Realistically, I don’t have the time to keep re-recording 20 different takes, that’s costing me time which equal a potential money in my business so as I said in last week’s podcast it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect.

In my Rock Your Fabulous Biz Facebook group the welcome post encourages you to create a video. The rules are it doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be done in one take. It’s about being brave and knowing that it’s ok to do a quick video. Now I have a few personal rules – I will NEVER be on video with no make up so don’t hold your breath on that one. This girl has standards, you know, but despite how I feel about it I know that by not sharing the message I’m meant to share I’m doing a disservice to my clients and potential clients, and you are too.

You don’t need to have a super duper professional set up in order to share great content with people. They don’t care about all of that, and if they do, then that’s their stuff, not yours. You are in a service-based business so that you can help people with your services. How is hiding yourself away helping?

The best way to overcome fear is to take action

Feel the fear and do it anyway, as Susan Jeffers would say.

If you think you’d feel more comfortable chatting with someone, rather than just facing a camera, then Blabs might be good for you. Blab is a great online platform, where you can have live and interactive conversations. If you’ve heard of Periscope you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then think of the news where you have a couple of people on the screen where the newsreader is interviewing a guest. It’s similar to that.


So why would you want to Blab?  Well, funnily enough I’m doing a webinar about all of that. I’m going to be sharing the whats, whys and hows of Blabbing. There will be a pre-recorded webinar running all day and then you can join me for a live Q & A in the evening where you get to experience a Blab for yourself. Book your spot over at

So whether you choose to join me on the webinar or not, here’s your call to action this week…

Call to action: get over yourself and do a video already.

If you’re in my group, share the video link with me, or tag me on my Facebook page, I’d love to come and cheer you on with pom-poms!

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