Are You Comparing Bananas To Socks?

Are you comparing bananas to socks?!  If you are then you might not be helping yourself in business.

I was driving my daughter to school the other day and these adorable little colourful characters caught my eye.  They were little children walking to school with their parents, probably about 5 or 6 years old, all dressed up in different costumes.  There was a parrot, a fairy, an angel and a dragon!  It brought me back a few years (ok a lot of years!) I said, “Awww, how adorable do they look?”  Then I remembered the reality of what had happened behind the scenes when my own daughter had been asked to dress up in something for school.

The reality of it was more like this;

1.  Letter received from school (given late .. just because that was how it worked in our house!)

2. Me: “Oh no, how on earth am I going to pull off that costume in 3 days?!!!”

3. The stories (in the playground) of other amazing Mummies that were creating their own costumes from scratch (cue failed mother thought process!)

4. Running around the town centre trying to buy things last minute, only to find nothing in stock of the right size or colour

5. Resorting to urgent online purchases at extortionate prices with super speedy delivery to make sure she had the right outfit in time

6. THEN and only then the “Awww, how adorable does she look.  Quick, where’s the camera?!”

We so often see other people’s successes and think that they got from A to B overnight.  That is highly unlikely.  They may have gone through many stages that you haven’t even seen or are aware of.  It’s quite likely that they’ve wondered to themselves at some point in time whether they can actually pull off this business thing.  They will more than likely have gone through the, ‘I’m a failure’ or ‘I will fail at this’ thought processes.  Just because you don’t see that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

So when you see something completely finished and you start to let Comparison-itis get in the way remember that you’re just seeing the finished result.  You’re not necessarily seeing the full story.

Coach, Karen Rutter, once likened this comparison to the front and back stage of a theatre – you’re not seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

So please STOP comparing because you’re comparing bananas to socks!  It’s just not the same thing!

Bananas vs Socks

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