Why You Need To Be Super Clear About Your Niche

In this blog post, I’m going to share how being super clear on your niche will help you attract dreamie clients and become the go-to-expert.

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Being the go-to expert.

We can think of experts who know loads about loads. You know the ones, you’re at a social gathering and someone seems to know everything about everything. In fact, I think my hubby knows the answer to every single question I ever ask.

But there are also experts who know loads about one thing, one particular area. That one would definitely be more me, haha.

The second type of expert is the one that will bring in more business.


Because they know so much about what they do.

They stand out from the crowd because people know they know what they’re talking about.

When I was in HR I was what they call a generalist. I was Head of HR but covered all sorts of areas like employment law, recruitment, health and safety, training and more, but you also had specialists – those people that would hone in on just one very specific area. Guess who’d attract the higher salary! The specialists because they were more knowledgeable about one area of expertise.

If you want to be visible in business, you need to be different to everyone else

You don’t have to be a Lady Gaga, but you do have to be different somehow, whether that’s through what you offer, how you show up or what you know.

So what do you know loads about?

Maybe you’re the only person who knows how to help someone that has a phobia of squirrels.

Or perhaps you could talk for hours on end about a particular health crisis and can help them get through it and come out the other side.

It’s very easy to get sucked into offering what others offer. When I first started in visibility, there weren’t many people offering it. It’s become a bit of a buzzword now as people start to realise that being visible is really important when you want to grow a business.

People will tell you they work in this, that and the other areas, in more than one area, and while there will always be crossover in businesses, it’s still super important to be really clear with your message. It doesn’t mean there isn’t any diversity in what you do.

Take Costa, for example, they sell coffee, but not just one type of coffee and not even just coffee, they sell food too. If you ask anybody on the street to say what Costa sell though, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the answer of coffee. That’s what they’re known for.

I talk about visibility. Full stop.

So I could say I work in business coaching, marketing, niching, pricing, sales etc. When I think about what to write, what to share, what to help my clients with, it all boils down to visibility, so yes I teach how to bring in new clients, how to niche, price your services and then market them, but the main premise is visibility. It all links back to visibility.

Mindset around visibility – overcoming inner gremlins that’s stop you from showing up and being visible, knowing what to offer when you actually are visible, knowing what to share on social media and when you’re out and about meeting people. It’s all visibility.

When people ask around who they know that works in visibility it’s often that my name comes up.

My business message is clear.

Your business message needs to be super clear. What’s the ONE thing you do?

By being super clear about your niche, you will attract your dreamie clients to you. When you start to put out different messages about different things, people start to wonder what it is you do exactly.

One minute you’re about this, the next you’re about that. It gives out mixed messages to everyone.

You’re being wishy-washy.

I get it. Fear comes up.

“But if I get really clear then I’ll lose a stream of clients on other areas that I can work with them on.” That’s just not the case. If you think really hard about all of the things you can help with, there will be some kind of connection.

“But so and so is doing really well in that area.” And so they might be, but you need to differentiate yourself in an area.

“But I don’t like sticking to just one thing, there’s no variety that way. I can help people with loads of things”.  Yes, you absolutely can, but what do you want to be known for? I could coach around relationships, bereavement, divorce, redundancy, HR, parenting, weight… There are SO many things, but I want to be known for visibility and helping people get over their fears of being visible in their businesses, so that they can shine.

If you had to Google what you do, what would you search for? For Costa, you’d Google coffee. For me, visibility. Oh I don’t know, maybe there should be coffee in there for me too. You know me being a caffeine addict and all that!

You need to put a line in the sand. Be brave, declare that ONE thing that you do and share that message. You can’t be all things to all people and all it does when you diversify is show that you’re not entirely sure about your message either. And if you’re not sure, why will other people be sure about working with you?

So if you want to be really known as the go-to expert, you need to focus on ONE thing. Your overarching message needs to be about one thing. As they say, all roads lead to Rome. Everything that you do needs to lead back to your overall thang.

Your CTA this week is simple: In one word, tell me what you do.

Do You Wish You Could Shortcut Your Business Journey?

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about shortcuts, and what really needs to be done to build a successful business.


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A year or so into my business I can remember talking with another business owner about how long it can take to really get a business established. They told me they thought that 3 years was a good benchmark. I didn’t say anything, but I was horrified. I didn’t want to wait 3 years to see a return on my time. Wait a moment, THREE YEARS. Are you kidding me?! That was not happening in my world!

5Well the reality was, it did take that long. I had clients over the first couple of years of course, but it took time to really get the business up and running, to get away from that feast and famine cycle. It took time to learn what I needed to learn, to get really clear on where I wanted to be, what I stood for and how I could help.

It takes time to grow as a person, to develop your mindset and set systems in place that will make your business easier. It can take that time to know that you don’t have to do it all on your own – I knew that on a logical level, but I felt that I needed to be in control, I could only release little elements of my business out for people to help me.

I didn’t want to get outside help, I thought I could do it all on my own.

The trouble is, we all want shortcuts, but they don’t always work in business. It’s almost a rite of passage that you go through those growing pains and you learn what you need to learn along the way.

I see so many people trying to find the latest secret to running their businesses, and there isn’t really a secret. Yes, there are shortcuts that can speed up the process, and that’s where the support from coaches and mentors come in, but this overnight success thing that everyone’s raving about – personally I don’t think it exists, it’s all an illusion.

There are lots of things that you can and should do, and then there are things that will be the key to unlocking your specific business – things that work specifically for you and bring the clients.

I know I wanted to do this whole business thing super fast – I’m not afraid of hard work you see. I’m more afraid of failure. I had a ‘Let’s get this off the ground and create this freedom lifestyle everyone’s raving about – how naïve was I?!

I was asked just the other day what helped me to build my business, and while I’ve written an article for this for someone else, so I won’t go into the details, I will share the top 3 things with you here;4

  1. Getting super duper clear on your ideal client and niche, and then owning it
  2. Building relationships and not being frightened to ask people to take that next step with you
  1. Working on your mindset blocks

These were the biggest things that worked for me, and then consistently showing up – being visible.

Showing up when I wasn’t in the mood.

Showing up when the fears kicked in.

Showing up when I wasn’t seeing much return on investment for my time or money.

Showing up tirelessly day in, day out, and that’s what’s really paid off.

Being visible in my business has been a key part of my business growing, and it can be for you too.

Being visible on its own though isn’t enough, you need to make sure that you’re visible with the right message, to the right people in the right places, and then work on how you’ll convert those people into paying clients.

Consistently showing up pays dividends. Yes, it’s a long-term game, but it’s SO worth the effort. When your hard work starts paying off It’s the best feeling in the world.

We all know any goal worth pursuing has had effort put into it. Take the Olympics for example, athletes didn’t become athletes overnight, they practised and practised, perfecting their skill, focused on improving their mindset and improving their game. It’s the same in business, develop your skills, develop your business knowledge and don’t be afraid to keep showing up.

If your business isn’t working right now or you’re worrying that you’re not as far ahead as you want to be, then get the help you need from a coach or mentor. Do whatever it takes to help you move forward.

I know each time I’ve worked with someone to help me uplevel my business I’ve noticed the direct correlation to the results that I get. Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know and you need to work with someone that has been in your shoes. Even if it’s just working with an accountability partner, to keep your spirits high, and have someone to share your journey with.

Your business will grow, if you’re willing to put the work in, be disciplined, committed and focused. Successful business owners didn’t become successful by finding a magic ingredient.

6They became successful through hard work and consistency, and a huge dose of resilience. Oh yeah, and a sense of humour – that really comes in handy when it’s not always working out so well!

Let go of the need for your business to be perfect.

Let go of your need for everything to happen exactly how and when you want it to happen.

Let go of the need to control every single detail.

You have all the time you need. Running your own business isn’t a race, it’s about finding your way, learning what you can and enjoying the journey. You will grow as a person, as much as a business owner.

Call to action: Write down your progress in your business so far, no matter where you’re at on your journey, and celebrate that progress. Then think about the four key areas I mentioned: Clarity on your ideal client, building relationships, working on your mindset and consistency – Which one could you focus on this week/this month?

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