Ruby’s Gems (1-year of kick-butt accountability!)

Do you want to be visible but it’s just not happening? #ProcrastinationBunny

Another day goes by and you didn’t do what you said you’d do. #FeelsLikeNoProgress

Maybe you work better with someone kicking your butt and holding you accountable? #KickButt

If this is you, then you will love Ruby’s Gems!

“Ruby’s Gems” is a low-cost, one-year email accountability programme to help you be consistently visible.

How it works:

Each Friday I will send you an inspirational email and at the end of it you have to hit reply and answer 3 simple questions:

1. What did you do on your visibility last week?

2. What would you like to do on your visibility this week?

3. Anything else?

This programme is all about KISS-ing – Keeping It Simple Sweetie. It’s back to basics. There’s no fancy schmancy groups, no videos to watch, nothing to download, it’s just you and me working together without the price tag of 1:1 coaching/mentoring.

I’ll reply to every single email that you send (which means you’re gonna have to stay accountable) and I’ll share some Ruby gems with you along the way.

This programme is for you if:
  • You just need to tell someone about what you’re doing and like to get a bit of feedback
  • You are finding it a bit tough on your own to get going, your mojo keeps upping and leaving
  • You want someone to check in with on a weekly basis to hold you accountable
  • Want to spend 10-15 minutes each week reviewing your progress (that’s all it takes)
  • You need some support but don’t want to invest in a full coaching/mentoring package
It’s not for you if:
  • You want me to get involved in every little bit of detail in your business. That’s what my VIP clients pay me for 😉
  • You want to connect with others and surround yourself with like-minded business owners (I’ve got other programmes I run for that)
  • You want to write the next version of ‘War & Peace’ – that’s just taking time away from you being visible and I’d definitely be kicking your butt for that one, teehee
Why ‘Ruby’s gems’?

Not because I’m the font of all knowledge, or the oracle on everything (if only!) but because I kinda know quite a bit about being visible in your business and how it can help you attract dreamie clients, plus I love to share things to inspire small business owners.  Oh, and I LOVE to kick butt so I’m going to enjoy myself each week helping you too!

Am I the right fit for you?

If you are ready to get serious about business, to stop getting side-tracked with videos of cute cats, or planning but not actually taking action, and you’re at the place that you just want to get on with the smarter work already, then I’m your girl!

How much is it?

The price for this fabulous, kick butt programme is £497 GBP for one year (or £520 for the 2-part payment plan)

However, I’m retiring the programme with effect from Sunday 17th November 2019, so it’s a snip of a price at just £297 GBP for one year (or £320 for the 2-part payment plan)

A no-brainer when you think my high end 1:1 coaching programmes for a year would be £10k+! You’re getting incredible value for money!

I want to sign up

Sign up here to pay in full, sign up here to pay in 2 instalments.

You will get your first weekly email will go out to you on Friday, and every week for the next year. If you love it, then at the end of the year we can do it all over again 🙂 (See notes under FAQ’s on how this works)

What you’ll love about it is that you’ll be taking serious action as you will start to get super focused, and that’s where the magic of business growth happens.

I work with a few accountability partners and I know it’s embarrassing sharing the same job that’s not getting done over and over again. By checking in weekly you’ll start to filter out what doesn’t work for you/your business.

Are you ready?

So what are you waiting for? Click here and let’s start chatting every week, for the next year. I look forward to seeing you on the inside! (Click here to pay in 2 instalments)

Not quite sure? Here’s some answers to FAQ’s:
What do I get?
  • 52 weeks of emails
  • You reply with an update on progress, and you make your work count because you’re having to check in with this kick-butt Queen of Business who has spent the past 3+ years working on visibility with clients, aka me!
  • Every week I read your emails and I reply to every single one
Do you do refunds?

No. You will get 52 weeks of emails and I will reply 52 times. It’s that simple, no refunds needed.

Can I sign up for another year when it’s done?

No. The programme is being retired.

Will it really make a difference to my business?

Yes, providing you take the time to take action and reply. It will help you get much more focused on what works/what doesn’t, you’ll start to notice where your time goes, and you’ll get more done just knowing that you’re having to check in with someone.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, I offer a 2-part payment plan, an initial payment of £160 and another payment of £160 one month later. We all know that when you invest financially you are also more invested. If you can’t afford it yet, it’s not going anywhere, you can join at any time.

Ready now?

Click here to sign up and pay in full, or click here to pay in 2 instalments. I can’t wait to learn more about what you’re up to and to help you get more visible and grow your business each week, for the next year. See you in your inbox on Friday!

*Inspired by the fabulous Matthew Kimberley!

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