Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp

You love what you do, but you know that you need to raise the visibility of your business, AND earn some good money. Perhaps you even know what you need to do…but you just don’t do it because of fear, lack of confidence and self-doubt?Ruby Image 240 x 300

There are so many ways to raise your visibility, the overwhelm could be keeping you up at night. Are you worrying about what to focus on first and finding the right person to guide you through it?

How different would your business be if someone was shouting out about it? (If you don’t, who will?)

What would it be like if all of your marketing messages were clear and you had the confidence to step up, be brave and start sharing all the ways you and your business can help people?

Too often people setting up service-based businesses think,  ‘I just need to learn my trade’ and the rest will come…’

Don’t fall into that trap – You need to know how to get your business visible. Stop hiding your fabulousness and show the world what you’ve got to offer.

Let me help you shift your mindset, learn the strategies and become more visible

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I’ve spent many hours creating the Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp for business owners just like you. It contains 12 fabulous-content-packed modules that give you the practical tools (think marketing, webinars, blogging, podcasts) as well as the keys to shift your mindset.

When you combine a confident mindset with the right marketing message for your ideal clients – being visible becomes easy.  You can know all the strategies in the world, but without the right mindset it will always feel like hard work.


Let me help you gain clarity within your business and get in front of the people you want to help. That’s why you signed up for being a business owner in the first place right?! It’s time to stop procrastinating and start taking action to be more visible.

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When you first thought of running your own business, I bet you thought it would all be about your particular service, didn’t you?

Of course, that’s part of it – yes, you’ve gotta tell people what you do!

And then tell them again – in a non-pushy helpful way.

Whether that’s through blogging, your website, social media, networking, podcasting…the list goes on. And with that list, I’m sure you’re realising the million and one things that need to be done. As the CEO of your business, there is only one of you and this is where I see potentially big businesses fall at the first hurdle…

Struggling to know which bits to do first?

How to have time to do everything and STILL have time to do what you love – your thing?

Because of overwhelm and lack of clarity, you may end up procrastinating and doing nothing.

You might not make the smartest of choices and work is starting to bleed into your private life – not really what you signed up for.

The good news is that by working on boosting your visibility, not only will you develop a confident mindset with the practical tools under your belt –  Believe it or not, you can have fun in your business!


Let me help you avoid the mistakes I made, including a loss of £11,000.

I wasted a lot of time in my first year of business.

I worked out that I must have spent over 300 hours in my first year learning about business! I read books, blog posts, talked to other coaches, watched webinars, listened to audios etc. All of this was great, but it was only when I started working on my mindset that I started to get results. I see it time and time again with my clients, they know what they need to do, but implementing it is a step too far from their comfort zone, so they talk about it but take no action. This is the power and beauty of working in a group. Everyone is on their own journey, each with different vulnerabilities, and the inspiration rubs off when you find others are upping their game and getting results. It makes you want to do that too.

Now I want you to think about something else. If I only spent 80 hours learning about how to set up and run my business, I would have saved 220 hours. Now imagine if instead of learning and training, I spent those hours actually coaching – at a rate of £50 per hour long session…

I could have made an extra £11,000 that first year.

Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?! All the time I was trying to figure it out on my own I could have been earning money! I now run my own podcast show, have co-authored chapters of a personal development book, been featured on the cover of International Coach Magazine and in Inspired Coach Magazine, I’m fully booked with clients and that’s just some of the things I’ve achieved by being more visible in my business.

How much time will you spend setting up your business on your own? Will you miss out on £11k?


That’s why I’ve created this Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp – so that you can build your confidence AND your business. You’ll stop talking about what you’re going to do and start taking action to being more visible in your business, which also means you can attract more of the right clients to you.

Let me help you.

Get Rid of the Fear Of Being Visible By Taking Simple, Manageable Steps



In my Rock Your Visibility programme, I teach you step by step things you can put in place to get you really clear on your business. I will help you avoid all of the things that wasted my time (read that as also cost me money!) and give you the ‘how’ to get started on your visibility immediately, whatever stage you’re at.

By taking each step one week at a time, focusing on both business AND mindset, you will be able to start boosting visibility in your business effortlessly, instead of scrabbling around trying to watch the latest webinar or read up on business books. I’m going to teach you what you can do so that you can start doing what you love best – helping people!

Does this sound like you?
  • You’re a fairly new business owner ready to start getting serious about your business
  • You’ve been running your business for a while, yet know that you’re not doing enough of the right things to raise your visibility with your ideal client
  • You’ve been running your own business, but want to get some accountability to uplevel
  • You feel like you’re floundering on your own with no clear direction
  • You just don’t have all of this extra time needed to figure out what you need to do to make this happen
  • You’re doubting whether you can do this whole business malarkey (you CAN by the way!)
  • You desperately want to make your business happen, you want to work for yourself and be your own boss
  • You’re having sleepless nights worrying about how you’re going to pull this off
  • It’s make it or break it time. You either make it work now, or it’s time to get a ‘job’ (eek!)
  • You’re trying to do it all on your own, but not doing anything very well because you’re easily distracted or spreading yourself too thin
  • You want to share the journey with a community of like-minded business owners who have the same fears and doubts as you
  • You want something that you can implement each week, something easy to understand and fun; while being held accountable to take action and move forward!

If any of that sounds familiar then you will LOVE the Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp!

Let me help you on your way by giving you a blueprint that you can follow to boost your visibility one simple step at a time, with me cheering you on in the background and supporting you throughout the programme.

(one easy step at a time)


I know what it feels like running your own business, it can sometimes be lonely and scary. You don’t want to feel like you’re being judged. You thought you’d just hit ‘publish’ on your website, or tell a few people about what you do, and your business would grow. You didn’t realise there was so much more to it. You have to learn about your ideal client, sort your pricing and packaging, learn about marketing, social media, becoming an ‘expert’, amongst what seems like a million and one other things to do. Hmmm, who knew it would be this hard?

Aside from that, all of those fears and doubts start to creep in – you have to be (gulp) BRAVE!

Maybe you’re asking yourself some of these questions;
  • What if people don’t like what I do?
  • What if I say the wrong thing?
  • What if others say it so much better than I do?
  • What about all of those people that are streets ahead of me?

I know, I’ve been there.  Well, if I’m being super honest, I still ask that of myself from time to time now!

I REALLY do know.

BUT.. You can’t let that stop you, not if you want your business to reach the goals you’ve set for it. You probably secretly know that part of that has to be about pushing through your comfort zones on a regular basis, even if only a teeny, weeny step at a time.


That’s why I’ve created this Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp – so that you can get rid of those pesky mindset blocks that are holding you back, to start being much more visible in your business and get your name out there, so that you can attract more paying clients.

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So what is this Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp all about?

The Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp is a FLEXIBLE, MANAGEABLE, STEP BY STEP 12-week programme to help you to be more visible in your business. Not only do you get the weekly modules. You also get 6 months of coaching/mentoring support through my live calls – a monthly ‘Get Stuff Done Day’ and a 90-minute monthly Group Coaching/Mentoring call.

In the Bootcamp, I’m going to save you the heartache of figuring out what you need to do to be more visible in your business.

New content will be rolled out to you week by week with actions you can apply straight away to build your business.

You can decide whether to take all of the steps as you go through or whether just to take elements of it. It’s a self-paced programme, so you call the shots. Get stuck? Jump on the group coaching/mentoring calls and I’ll walk you through your next step. These calls will become your new addiction!

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to all upgraded content. This isn’t just an online programme, this is a community where you can share your scary moments, be held accountable and celebrate successes.

Imagine how it will feel to be more confident, ready to take action and know that behind you there is a group of fabulous business owners, and me, all ready to cheer you on and celebrate with you.


I will take you through a process that you will enjoy, and can implement on a daily basis. No more overwhelm.

You will get access to strategies for key business areas, learn what you absolutely must have and what you can choose to have/leave out. No more bouncing from one task to another and not getting anywhere. You’ll be able to prioritise your workload and tick things off one by one without getting confused or overwhelmed.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you will have learnt lots of useful strategies that you can return to time and time again. You’ll also have a new found confidence and a safe place where you can go if it all feels too scary, plus it doesn’t end there as you get access to 6 months of live support with the Get Stuff Done Days and group calls. You’ll be AMAZED at how much you can get done with the accountability.

If this sounds like what you need then come and join us. As you will notice from the overview below the programme covers a wide range of topics, all with a focus on increasing your visibility.

RYV Module Overview

I only want to work with service-based Solopreneurs that are the right fit for the programme. If you’re serious about getting more visible in your business then that’s you!

RYV Testimonials

Do You Have The Time For a Bootcamp?

Everyone is unique in how they approach courses; some like to set everything up as they go, others like to take in the information and have it ready for when they have more time to do the work. You could do a few hours each week if that’s how you want to do it, or you might be someone that wants to go all out and do 10 hours to get there quicker. It’s your business, it’s your call.

Realistically though you want to be able to spend 2-3 hours per week on each module so that you are going to make some progress, otherwise you’ll get to the end of the programme and be no further forward. You can take your head out of that book and start taking actionable steps to build your business. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure it out on your own.

You will only increase your visibility if you take the action. No amount of learning strategies, hints and tips is going to boost your visibility if you don’t get brave and take those baby steps.

I’m not going to bore you with the maths but we both know that time equals money…so the quicker you can get started on this the quicker you will become more visible.

I am very CONFIDENT from the changes I’ve seen this Bootcamp make happen, that it will be a great programme for you. I’ve given it everything I’ve got and the content level is extremely high.


How does it all work?
  • Access to recorded training modules where I teach you all about business and mindset, using various mixed media, tips, webinars, worksheets, cheat sheets etc. (You can listen to them in your own time, and on the go – in the car, walking the dog, doing the housework!)
  • Exclusive membership of a Facebook community forum where you can share ideas with other community members of the Bootcamp (This forum alone is invaluable as it can be quite lonely working on your own, plus it will keep you motivated and accountable with each other where you share your challenges and successes)
  • Access to exclusive coaching products that aren’t offered elsewhere
  • Access to recordings of guest webinars that I feature
  • Group live Q & A calls where you can ask anything related to the programme, no matter what stage you’re at. (Recordings are made available if you’re not able to make the live session)
  • Access to a bonus vault with lots of training bundles/masterclasses that will help you uplevel your business:
    • ‘How to’ webinar
    • ‘Supercharge Your Visibility’ masterclasses

Rock Your Viz Mixed Media

Here’s a bit more about what is included as part of the programme;


Pre-work to set the foundations for the programme.

Module 1: Confidence

We’re going to start working on your confidence from week 1. As your confidence grows, so does your brave action.

Module 2: Ideal Client / Niche

If you don’t already know, then we’ll be defining who your ideal client is and whether you should niche or not. Even if you do know, this module will help you get even more clarity. Get clear on this and you will be attracting the right people, instead of those that can’t afford you, don’t like what you do, or aren’t a pleasure to work with.

Module 3: Money

We’ll explore money beliefs and how they might be holding you back in your business. Working on your money mindset makes you less afraid of being more visible and charging for your services.

Module 4: Pricing & Packaging, Biz Model

We’ll spend time figuring out pricing and a packaging model, and I’ll be sharing a blueprint with you that you can use time and time again. Once you get this set you can focus on bringing in the clients.

We’ll also take a look at a business model to help you define areas of focus in your business.

Module 5: Fear 

We’ll start to work on some of the fears holding you back from being more visible & take action steps to push through those comfort zones.

I’ll introduce you to a tool that can help you work on clearing your limiting beliefs, something you can use on your own over and over again.

Module 6: Marketing 

We’ll explore marketing strategies that are right for you and your business. I want you to run your business your way – you can figure out what works, what doesn’t and most importantly what you enjoy. Business isn’t a one-size fits all approach – Every business is different, and you’re unique too. You need to be marketing to the right people, with the right message, in the right places.

Module 7: Procrastination 

We’ll start clearing some of those pesky habits that are holding you back from being pro-active and stopping you from building your biz.

Module 8: Relationship Building 

Probably the most important module of all of them! We will work on a strategy for building relationships which will then allow you to hold conversations with potential clients. No relationships = no business. I’ll be sharing templates that you can adapt for your own use.

Module 9: Overwhelm

We’ll explore your personal signs of overwhelm and you’ll have strategies you can put in place to move you forward. No more feeling stuck and unable to take action.

Module 10: Social Media

We’ll identify key things you need in place with regards to social media, which platforms to use and why, how often to post etc. etc.

Module 11: Perfectionism

We’ll work on perfectionist traits, deal with self-criticism and build strategies to keep you moving forward.

Module 12: Becoming the Go-To Expert and Visibility Plan

We’ll explore ways for you to become the go-to-expert and raise your visibility even further.

We’ll create a visibility plan to help you keep taking those consistent steps.

Beyond Module 12:

‘How To’ Masterclasses to teach you the practicalities of moving your business up to the next level, and guest interviews.

Monthly Support

Get Stuff Done Days

90-minute Group Coaching/Mentoring Calls

Why Work With Me?

Ruby Image 240 x 300I work with service-based Solopreneurs helping them to rock their visibility in their business both on and offline.

I’m an introvert so understand what it’s like when you know you need to be more visible in your business, but let’s be honest it’s not completely comfortable. Us British aren’t very good at selling ourselves, don’t you know!  We don’t like doing all that ‘hustle’ but want to share our businesses in a quietly fabulous* way, without feeling as though we’re over promoting ourselves.

*(If you’re a guy or gal and ‘don’t do’ the word fabulous then please feel free to replace that with awesome!)

I teach my clients how to get connected, visible and profitable. I know what it’s like having a scenario of feast and famine, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m a self-confessed chocoholic and vanilla coffee addict, preferably cappuccino, please!  Married to my soul-mate, I’m a Mum of a teenage daughter and two grown-up step-daughters.  We live in Berkshire, UK, with our little dog, Lulu.

The more professional bit… Prior to Coaching, I worked in HR for 11 years with my last role, as Head of HR,  that encompassed all aspects including training, recruitment and employment law.  You may have seen my work in the International Coaching News Magazine and Inspired Coach Magazine, plus various guest posts/articles.  I’m a Co-Author of Awaken Your True Potential, I head up the Business Support Section of IIC & M’s (International Institue of Coaching & Mentoring) Invenio Magazine. I’m a Practitioner inNLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I’m a Time Line Therapist, so what that means is I have lots of magical tools to help you work on your mindset and business! I also host my own podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz – iTunes / Stitcher.

That’s all great, but how much Ruby?

Total Investment £1497 GBP


Want to pay in instalments?  No problem!

You can pay in 4 monthly instalments of £397 GBP


Once your payment has been accepted, you will get immediate access to the pre-work and module 1, and then each module will be released on a weekly basis. The bonus bundle section of the programme will be released once you’ve been through the 12 weeks of modules. You’ll also be added to the fabulous Facebook group where you can join your soon to be new friends 🙂

So – What Are You Waiting For?

You CAN do this. The only thing stopping you is YOU!

Legal Disclaimer:

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. The testimonials used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedications, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an element of risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

By joining the programme, you agree that you will not copy or sell any of my content online, either partly or in whole. Full terms and conditions can be found on my main website, with links on the FAQ’s page.

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