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I’ve done some pretty terrifying things to uplevel my life, for me. I think the biggest thing was that I moved twice in the same year. Once to an intermediate rental and then again into our dream home in Scotland. We didn’t just move around the corner, we moved 300 miles north and moved from a town to country living. We live pretty much in the middle of nowhere and I absolutely LOVE it.

It was REALLY uncomfortable. If you knew how much of a home person I am, you’d know I don’t do temporary homes very easily. It was an enormous challenge for me – really unsettling, but I knew there was a bigger, better dream coming true the other end so it was worth it.

I had to work on my mindset, keep reminding myself that I was stepping into a whole new arena, and take consistent steps to keep growing my business behind the scenes.

Sometimes we have to go through really unsettling times in our business too. We know it’s time to uplevel, but it seems like a lot of upheaval and we’re scared.

I’ve been in business nearly 7 years now. The first couple of years were really hard work. I didn’t know who I was, what I was offering, how I helped, what I enjoyed. After that first couple of years, I realised I wanted to do things differently and my business is now constantly evolving. I’m always uplevelling in new ways and learned things the hard way.

One of the things that’s got me through a lot of the challenges I’ve had in business is the incredible support I’ve had around me, both with mentors that I’ve worked with and with friends – my sisterhood.

Which is why I wanted to create my own mastermind groups to help small business owners.

Why have I created these mastermind groups?

I’ve created them because I believe there is true power in women working together to grow their businesses.

Get a room full of amazing business women together who are ready to take massive action, and I say watch out world.

Virtual business is fabulous and nothing beats the power of connecting with a group of people who will inspire, encourage and support you.

Why work with me?

I’m called Queen of quite a few things. I actually am! One of those things is Queen of Manifesting!

I have manifested a few really cool things in my life.

One of those was a £20k car (If you want me to, I will tell you all about that amazing story at a mastermind), another a job (the whole process for that was surreal, seriously!) and the other biggie was our beautiful dream home.

We lost 3 houses before finally finding this house, and prior to our Scottish adventure, we’d thought we were moving to the New Forest, a very long way from where we are now. We even took a risk of putting in an offer on a house that we had only seen via video from my hubby’s parents. That’s how much we trusted we would find the house we were meant to find. Thankfully, we didn’t get that one. Phew, what a relief!!

By practicing lots of magnificent mindset work, daily regal rituals, and taking massive action on my own battle plan, my dreams have become a reality. Was I scared? Abso-flippin-lutely. To move here was huge, and the discomfort we’ve been through to get here utterly mind-blowing, but we were persistent.

In my Queen of Business mastermind I want to teach you the practical business side of things, but equally, I want to help you reach for the stars. Settling is no longer going to be in your vocabulary. This is about living life out loud, in full colour. I’m going to teach you how you can leverage your business through simple strategies that I’ve used to manifest the best life ever!

The benefits of masterminds are endless
  • You’re no longer running your business on your own. You are all working together to create amazing things, and you have the support of your mastermind friends
  • You get honest feedback, great advice. “Two heads are better than one” as they say!
  • You can tap into the experience and skills of your sisterhood
  • You have the opportunity to brainstorm hot topics and talk about challenges you’re facing
  • You feel more confident in running your business
  • You can test ideas with your mastermind group to help you make better decisions, which in turn helps you to feel a more confident business owner
  • You’re more likely to take massive action as you feel accountable for your commitments
  • You meet people you can collaborate with to help you grow your business exponentially, and create deep and meaningful relationships
  • You’ll think bigger, get fresh perspectives, gain clarity, focus and direction
  • You get to help others with their businesses, which develops your business skill set and helps you to generate new ideas for your own business too


This mastermind isn’t for everyone. There’s a strict application process that I’m taking people through because I want the right people to join and to make sure that you’re surrounded by people who will lift you up as much as you do them.

This beautiful experience is for you if you’re a high achiever and you’re ready to:

  • Become a queen of your business, making clever and sassy strategic decisions
  • Uplevel your business and rule your kingdom (you don’t do all of the work yourself, you’re becoming a Queen now you know)
  • Smash any potential threats to your castle, committing daily to mindset work to make you unstoppable
  • Be recognised in your industry
  • Learn how to blend your masculine and feminine energy to build your business
  • Own your beautiful regal self no matter what the world throws at you
  • Commit to taking responsibility for yourself, and to taking massive action
  • You like the ‘woo’ side of things! I love working with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual modalities. If you don’t like that, then this group isn’t for you
  • Meet your sisterhood who will help you expand and grow as a business owner (You won’t just be getting input from me. You’ll be getting input from your collective mastermind)
  • Own your unique Queen status (You will have a safe space for you to be vulnerable, open and honest)
  • Not just to dream bigger, but to dream bigger and then go out there and make it happen
Why is this mastermind different?

Because it’s a perfect blend of coaching/mentoring/training AND what you’d perceive as the traditional mastermind.

Yes, you’ll get the accountability. Yes, you’ll get the business support. Yes, you’ll uplevel your mindset. Yes, you’ll step into being the Queen of your Business, but most importantly you’ll also have fun!

How it works

We kickstart the mastermind off by having an Audience With The Queen session (I just couldn’t resist that name!) This session is where you all get to know each other and start to understand what you’re doing in business. We then have two weeks where you spend time getting some clarity on your goals (aka set your Battle Plan) and share this with everyone so they can support you.

We have 12 months of weekly mastermind calls (same day and time each week) where each business owner has the opportunity to be on the Queen’s Throne (aka hot seat) to explore an area of business you need support with. (These are so powerful as you not only get help for your business, but you’ll find you learn through everyone else’s Queen’s Throne spots too).

We work in four blocks of 90-days so that you remain really focused on what you want to achieve, and I teach you how to ‘game-ify’ your goals so that you can measure your actual progress, rather than your ‘guessed’ progress!

We have an online mastermind group on Facebook where you can share and support each other between calls, and ask for help you need.

On top of that, we have a monthly ‘Red Box Day’ where you get to work on all of those tasks you keep threatening to do but day to day life gets in the way.

Finally, we’ll have a wrap-up virtual call to set some beautiful intentions and action plans for your business going forward. This will set you on your continued path to being the Queen of your business, not just dreaming about it.

How much is it?

It’s currently a deposit of £150 to secure your spot and then 12 x £150 monthly payments, with a view to renew at the end for another 12-months. Your first payment will come out when you sign up, and then two weeks later your monthly payment plan will kick in.

Will it be this price forever? No! You are getting access to coaching/mentoring/training/resources and an amazing amount of support for a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1.

The price for each round of mastermind groups is increasing to £600 a month from January 2020.

Are there any refunds?

No. When you join a mastermind the biggest part of it is the commitment. The commitment to yourself, and to the other lovely Queenies in the group.

So, are you ready to become Queen of your business and life?

If yes, then complete this application form. Once you’ve completed the form, email me at ruby@rubymcguire.com to let us know. If you’re successfully shortlisted, I’ll hold a 20-minute call with you to find out if we’re a good fit for each other, and to make sure that you’re a good match for the other members in the group in terms of where you’re at in business. If we’ve already had a quick call and I invited you to join, then you won’t need to do this 😉

I really can’t wait for you to join me for this fabulous Queen of Business Mastermind, to become Queen of your own business.

PS. Crowns are optional

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