Client Praise

Some of the things my clients are saying after coaching with me


Ruby is awesome at what she does. She has a lot of know-how and really understands the business side of selling services. She moved me from a place of confusion after several failed businesses and focused my energy on a lifestyle and a business I am happy with. I now travel the world and help people reach fulfillment… And the beautiful thing about it is I had this up and running in three week. Under Ruby’s reigns, I was able to powerhouse in the right direction rather than focusing my energy in several half-heartedly. Looking forward to doing the Visibility to Profitability so I can officially be the go-to person for adventures looking to escape the 9-5! Thanks once again!

Dina Pyramid Coaching – Facilitator of Adventure, Fulfillment and Fun

Ruby, thanks so much for your time last year. Every bit of learning, work I’ve had has made a huge difference to where I am now. I truly and genuinely appreciate your help and support. 18 m ago I was in a lot of debt, working hard with a lot of work on. Paid the debt off and over the past year now have 5-figure savings. I can’t believe it.


I freakin’ love working with Ruby.  She makes our sessions light hearted and fun.  I always walk away feeling excited and ready to ‘get stuck in’. Her ability to empathise with the struggles and doubts you face as a business owner, and her never waning enthusiasm make me feel like she always has my back.  She also offers a good butt kicking when I need one.  As a result I’ve progressed massively since starting our working relationship.  I am now confident in my abilities, and happy and excited to share my love of coaching with the world.

Antonina Andreeva, UK – The Coachinista

Ruby became my business coach in 2014. What drew me to Ruby was her energized personality, colorful website and the different programs she offered to help new coaches get their businesses up and running. Her honesty about it is not going to be easy and sharing her own struggles. The visibility program has been amazing and she holds us accountable to take action to be more visible with our business.

She has been there and has done it, which makes her the best coach because she has actually lived it. Ruby is full of life and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Patti Osvarek, US – Coaching For Inspiration With Patti

Since starting my business 3 years ago, I had to face a huge realisation, that I actually wasn’t being all that visible! Since working with Ruby on the Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp, she has encouraged and pushed me out of my comfort zone (all with a kind heart) I have even attended networking events (which for me, I would never have dreamed of doing before)

Ruby’s programme helps you with the key ingredients you need to help break down those barriers and is sure to give you plenty of “aha” moments. The programme is the perfect combination of mindest and business modules which enable you to up your game and get out there! Thank You Ruby!

If I hadn’t started working with you, none of this would have happened! I genuinely love working with you and can’t thank you enough for all your help! You are officially my visibility and coaching guru! x

Nina Warden – Be Beautiful Hair & Beauty

Ruby helped me to focus on my career which had been at a low ebb for some time.  She supported me in identifying some of the real or imagined barriers in my way, and she made me feel that I will overcome these.  Ruby draws on a wide range of resources and exercises which reinforce the positive impact of her coaching sessions. Together with her friendly and professional coaching style these resources increased my understanding of my situation and what I will be doing to change it for the better.   Ruby works in an empathetic way and tuned right in on my personal situation. With a helpful combination of reflection, challenge and support Ruby enabled me to think about my future in a new way and this has energised me to take action and move forwards.

Ivor Daniel, UK

Ruby came into my life at exactly the right time.  She helped me to get to the core values I hold dear and helped me ‘put my finger’ on why a lot of periods in my life of late had been out of sync.  Her sessions are well structured, informative, forcing me to challenge my thought process, enabling me to stay focussed on what was and is important.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone who would ask or needs some direction in their life.

Mandeep Toor, London – AlphaOmega Recruitment

Ruby helped me to see things a lot more clearly, her sessions gave me clarity on a lot of things.  She helped me to step out of the box and look at things from a different angle.  I left the sessions feeling a lot more positive and knowing that there was a different direction that I could take.  The sessions just really helped, they were very realistic and they have helped me to know that I can now take those next steps to move forward.  Things seem so much more simple now.

Lucy Hilis, UK – DCH, DHP, MCH, GQHP Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, AAMET Registered

Ruby has the ability to decipher the issues raised and then drive the relevant ones in the right direction.  Since working with her I have achieved a more “can do attitude” and let go of some thoughts that hold one back.  I have thought more about the way I react and how reacting differently can have such a positive outcome.  She gets to the point whilst possessing a natural ability to show empathy.

Jo James, Berkshire

Ruby is an energetic and fun coach. She has a dynamic and fast paced approach that positively produces results.  I’ve gained a lot through having her coach me.  Through her astute and skilful questioning skills she’s helped me focus and make progress with different issues and with believing in myself.  She was really encouraging me with my confidence in helping to prepare for my exam which I was initially very stressed about.  I went on to pass confidently with a distinction!!  Ruby is great to work with, you will not be disappointed.

Lorraine McCarthy, UK, Health & Wellness Coach

After working with Ruby I found myself totally motivated into doing what I had planned but had been putting off.  She helped me to think more about the decisions I have to make and look at them from different perspectives.  She can really help focus and motivate you just by asking you a few questions. She is amazing!!!!

Robert, Berkshire

Through Ruby’s clear questioning I was developing my self awareness in realising why I had not addressed the subject of the coaching session.  Since working with her I have thought through more of the reasons for not facing the challenges and following coaching sessions with her I have devised a plan which has progressed me towards my achievement goal.  Top reasons for working with Ruby – 1. Very clear and precise questioning technique. 2. She is excellent at allowing the client to really think through their issues by really giving them space. 3. Ruby is also challenging both within the call and post-call follow-up.  4. In summary, she really cares about making a difference !

Randal Langford, UK – Sales Manager and Career Coach

Ruby helped me break down what seemed to me to be a large problem, and view it in small, attainable goals and steps.  Her calm manner, intuitive grasp of my situation, and good advice helped me take a positive step toward my goal.

Colleen Dietrich, US

Since working with Ruby I have let go of the fact that I’m any less important than the people who I may be talking to, knowing that MY time is as important as theirs. She’s very thorough… supportive and will give you the tools to think of reasons why you deserve the things you want. Ruby continues to be supportive and checks in from time to time to see what you are still on the right track and is truly interested in how you’re doing and achieving the things you want to do.

Tina Gilliland, US – Designer & Creator
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