Dolly Magic

Would you love to clear limiting beliefs, emotions and blocks that are keeping you stuck, using an ancient tool of wisdom?

Clear your money blocks and attract dreamie clients into  your business, with grace and ease. Get rid of the shizzle standing between you and the success you dream of.

I’ve helped my clients shift their mindset about money, bringing in new business within 24-hours (one client told me that they brought in a new 1k client just one day after we’d cleared their blocks), clear procrastination blocks, clear lack of self-belief and so much more.

Most business owners have money blocks and limiting beliefs/emotions tied to money, no matter what level they have hit in their business. The thing is, they don’t need to be your story. As Joe Vitale says, “Things can shift in a nanosecond”, if you’re willing to do the work to clear them. And when I say ‘work’, it’s actually fun when we use the power of EDT and coaching, a power combo.

I have developed Money Block Sessions, where I work with my clients to clear money blocks, limiting beliefs and emotions stopping them from achieving their goals, and I’m getting some great results.

It’s not just about money, so much else can be cleared too. With others we’ve cleared overwhelm, fear of success and raising prices in their business so they’re not only charging more, they feel safe to do so.

I am proud to be able to say that I qualified as the first EDT Practitioner in the world! (Emotional Dowsing Technique) Never heard of it? It’s a bit of woo, which I love – As the EDT Founder and Trainer says, it’s “An ancient tool that you can use in the modern world”.

EDT is a fabulous modality to help you release limiting beliefs, blocks and emotion. I’ve been using dowsing personally for a few years, and I now use it with clients. I’ve had some amazing shifts/results with it and I know I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Combined with my coaching and mentoring, it’s like magic. LOVE it! 💎 💎 💎

Let’s get your limiting beliefs, blocks and negative emotions cleared so that you can feel fabulous! Don’t just take my word for it, check out what my clients say:

How much is it?

I’m currently offering a 1-hour session for just £77 GBP. The price will be increasing to £177.

How does it work?

We meet virtually on Zoom (a bit like Skype) and together we’ll talk through the current issue to get an understanding of what’s happening and how it’s impacting you.

Then, we’ll do some exploration work with the help of my trusty Dolly Dowser (dowsing tool) to help you uncover the real issues stopping you. The beauty of this method, is while we do go deep, you don’t have to share any of the details with me. I don’t need the back story, which is fabulous, because you don’t need to relive old traumas.

Is this for you?

It is, if you are open-minded and ready to:

  • Free yourself from limiting core beliefs that are stopping you in your tracks (It’s amazing what we hold onto, and don’t even need to!)
  • Free yourself from blocks that are holding you back (You might have had them for years, but they don’t take years to clear!)
  • Free yourself from negative emotions You might feel like they are running the show. Imagine how amazing it will be to feel calm, in control and free. (It doesn’t matter what the emotion is, we can clear it. It could be fear, worry, doubt, guilt, grief, lack of control, frustration, lack of confidence, overwhelm or so many other emotions that you may not even have expressed yet.)
  • Step into the new you that stands in their own personal power (No more doubting yourself, feel ready to conquer the world)
How do I book my session?

Click the button below to make your payment, and you’ll get a link to book your session with me.

Get ready to experience the Dolly Magic!

Just £77 GBP

Price will be increasing to £177 a session


* NB: All prices include VAT

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