The One Thing You Need To Start Doing If You Want A Successful Business

In this blog post, I will share the one thing you need to start doing if you want a successful business.

I have a lot of clients tell me they are done with their mindset work. They tell me they’ve done lots of inner work and there’s nothing more they need to do. They say they just need to get on with the business stuff.

I call bullshit on that.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at in your business, there is always more mindset work to do. As Denise Duffield-Thomas says, ‘New level, new devil’. Our mindset is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating success.

There’s a graphic that goes around on social media with a picture of an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg shows our conscious mind stuff, above the water. The rest of the iceberg, that’s underneath the water, is all of the unconscious mind stuff. This is what owns you, unless you deal with it and do the mindset work! Your mindset monkeys will keep you under that water for as long as possible, as they thing that’s the way to keep you safe. What they don’t realise is they are drowning you and stopping you from exploring the world.

I was speaking with a good friend earlier this week, and we were saying how mindset has been the biggest thing we’ve had to work on in order to grow our businesses.

You can learn all of the business tips, tricks and strategies in the world, but if you want to help people you need to have a strong mindset. If you don’t, when you jump on calls with clients your lack of confidence and self-belief will come across.

You may shy away from taking action on certain areas of your business, because you find it hard to know what to work on first, or you doubt yourself about what you’re putting out there.

You may find you dilute your marketing messages for fear that people will ‘find you out’, or judge and reject you. You are in fear of what others will think of you, so you’re not as authentic as you could be.

Take the swear word I’ve used in today’s blog. Years ago, I wouldn’t have used it. Do I swear? Yes, waaaaay more than I should, but do you know what? It’s who I am and because I’ve done the mindset work, I don’t actually care what people think now. If people don’t like that, then that’s okay. We are all like Marmite, some will love us, some won’t.

(Side note: For those not familiar, with Marmite, it’s a yeast extract, a spread that you can use on toast, and people usually love it or hate it, there’s rarely an in-between like for it)

Does this mean that I will be swearing like a trooper through all future posts? No, not at all, but you might find the odd expletive thrown into the mix.

You may find that you end up over-giving because you’re afraid that people won’t want to buy from you, or you’re afraid to charge for your services. I know that’s something I’ve definitely done over the years, to the point of burnout.

You have to remember that people aren’t buying your services in the moment, they’re buying all that you’ve learned over the years. So when someone works with me, they are getting all of the experience of my working in the corporate world of HR for 11 years, my work with hundreds of clients, all the training and personal development I’ve done, and my life experience too. I now own that I know my stuff, and that I can help my clients step up to be Queens of their business, but that didn’t come naturally. I had to work continuously on my mindset to realise this, and I still work on it daily, without fail. It’s like a meditation ‘practice’, with the emphasis being on the word practice. You have to practice it over and over again in order to improve.

It takes courage to learn more about the way you think, and how it might be holding you back.

It takes courage to take ownership and responsibility for your life and the part you may have played/are playing to create what you have right now.

It takes courage to do the mindset work, it can be super painful at times, but it will be worth it in the end.

Reclaim your power. Tell your mindset monkeys where to go and do the daily inner work. Not sure where to start, check out the show notes/the links at the bottom of this post to read more mindset posts.

You are braver than you think.

Remember that iceberg? When you do the mindset work, you’ll find those waters get very muddy and turbulent for a while, but the storms will pass and you’ll find that peace again. In fact, you’ll find a sense of inner peace that is there no matter what’s going on around you.

So please don’t think you’re done with mindset work, it really will be the game changer for your business if you’re willing to commit to doing the work. Plus, you’re a much nicer person to know the more you do it. Well I hope that’s right in my case anyway!

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Are You Pricing Your Services Too Low?

In this blog post, I’m sharing what to consider when pricing and how to overcome some pricing limiting beliefs.

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One of the things I work on with my 1:1 clients is their money mindset. I’ve spent the past few years working on my own mindset and I know that when it’s good, my business is good. When it’s not, my business can feel tougher.

A couple of weeks ago we were having a conversation with our 17 year old daughter, Natasha, about veterinary bills. Our little dog, Lulu, was supposed to have an operation for removal of a cyst last year and on the day of the op it miraculously disappeared. We’re into the Law of Attraction, so we jokingly said she’s been manifesting it to clear up. The operation would have cost £600, but it ended up being nothing.

Natasha, who is doing her A-Levels in preparation to go to Uni to train as a Vet, said “It seems like a lot of money, but you have to remember that you’re not just paying for the operation. You’re paying for the medication, the time of the operation, the years of studying the vet has undertaken and the Vet’s experience. All of those things have to be factored in.”

Now, that’s my girl! A super healthy money mindset, at the age of 17.

What I see in my business, on a regular basis, and I’ve been guilty of it in the past too, is that we charge for the hour, we feel awkward asking for what our services are worth, because we discount all of the things we’ve learned/experienced/overcome over the years. We charge for that service but don’t think about how much time, money and energy we’ve invested to get the knowledge over the years that will ultimately help our clients.

If we want to be successful in business, this has to change.

Charging for your services by the hour will potentially mean two things, one you get exhausted and two, you will hit a ceiling with your income. Now the beauty of running your own service-based business is that there doesn’t have to be a ceiling. Unless you create it of course.

It’s important to think about what you’re offering and how you can maximize that offering, so that you can deliver great service, without it burning you out in the process.

All sounds great so far, but how do you do that?

Well, you add value. You need to think about how you can package up your expertise.

I talk about several areas a lot in my business, so let’s take one of them – niching, or finding your dreamie clients. I can spend time going through this with my 1:1 clients or I can share a pre-recorded training video and worksheet so they can go through it in their own time. Then we come on the call together, it’s not me hashing over the same content (which let’s be honest can become a bit tedious) AND the bonus is then I can work with my client on delving much deeper to get even more juicy nuggets of clarity.

Here’s a list of ways that you could add value to what you offer:

  • Digital downloads, eBooks, 7 top tips, reports
  • Access to group calls
  • Free extras that are low cost to you, but of great value to your client, i.e. the Accounting video I mentioned
  • Pep talks in between sessions up to a maximum amount of time
  • A free fringe cut
  • Some sample content/templates etc.
  • Useful resources, documents, tools, links, videos
  • Teleclasses, webinars, podcasts you’ve recorded
  • Audio or video responses – if a client asks a question about something you could answer with a recorded response, a bit like my and Pinterest videos where you share the screen to teach them something or it might be a pep talk video a bit like my inner critic style of video
  • Pre-work questionnaires or exercises, i.e. mini workbooks
  • Post- work questionnaires where your client might answer a series of questions to consolidate their coaching and learnings
  • Typed action list that you send after each session
  • Accountability – contacting them between sessions to ensure momentum
  • Constructive feedback between sessions to support them
  • Discounts on other programmes/packages that you offer
  • Access to a library of resources that you’ve built
  • Access to a Facebook group or other community group that might be of support to them
  • Access for a set period of time into a group
  • Email support

As you build your business you will start to create tools/exercises to support your clients – save them so that these can be things that you use in various ways.

When you think about your pricing you need to think about what you want to portray overall – value or premium?  Either is fine, but it needs to be relevant to your ideal clients.  Do not price based on your feelings of self-worth, think about the value you bring, the transformation.

Pricing is as much about confidence as it is about charging for your services.  Start to answer the following questions and turning some of your beliefs around.  If you need to do more work around beliefs then it might be worth buddying up with someone or working with a coach to help boost your confidence in charging at the right price point.  It could be the difference of make or break for your business.

It’s possible that you’re holding onto some old beliefs around pricing that don’t empower you so your call to action this week is to write down the answers to the following 6 questions. Worried you’ll miss them where you’re just listening? Don’t worry, I’ve turned them into a quick cheat sheet for you, and you’ll also get the list of values too so you can refer back to it as and when you need it 🙂

   What’s important to you about your pricing?

   What beliefs do you already have about pricing your services?

   Do these beliefs support and empower you?

   What impact is holding these beliefs having on you?

   Do you want to hold onto them now that you know the impact they’re having?

   What would be a better way to think about these beliefs?
   (If you like affirmations then use one or two to support you in this change)

Start to gather evidence for your new belief. Set up a journal or notebook and note all of the new things that come up to support your new belief.

So don’t listen to me if you don’t want to. Listen to my 17-year-old instead and when you have doubts about your offerings, remember what she says:

They’re not just paying for the services. They’re paying for your time, the added value, the years of studying you’ve undertaken and your overall experience. All of those things have to be factored in.

Pick up the freebie that accompanies this post, and get access to lots of super useful resources in my Fabulous Resource Centre, just follow this link.

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