Top Tips To Get New Clients For Free

Getting clients doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it’s all about the connection. In this post, I’m going to share 3 top tips to help you get new clients for free.

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I work with a lot of clients and one of the most common things that come up over and over and over again is that they can’t get clients. There are many factors involved in getting in front of the right people to generate clients, like knowing who your fabulous dreamie clients are, where they hang out and what your message is for example, but ultimately a service-based business is about people and connection.

When you connect with people then you are building that know-like-trust factor and that’s what creates new business for you.

The problem is sometimes we don’t want to do the work, well we do, but it’s icky and uncomfortable reaching out to people. Now I’m NOT talking about cold calling here, trust me, I won’t even do that. But you hiding away behind your screen isn’t helping anyone and it’s certainly not going to get you to the place of making a big difference in the world.

What I’m talking about is creating discovery calls/conversations so that you can get that connection with people in order to grow your business.


Fear gets in the way, though, doesn’t it? I don’t know where to begin, I don’t know what to say, I haven’t spoken to them in ages. What that fear is really saying is, “Will they think I’m being pushy?“, “Who am I to shout out about what I do?“, “Will I annoy them?” “Will I be judged?” etc.

Let’s say it as it is here…

You need to be pro-active to get clients. Sitting on your butt wishing on a star won’t bring them in. Harsh but true! If you don’t have an enormous budget then you have to do the leg-work.

So here’s my 3 top tips for getting new clients (it doesn’t have to cost you money, it can all be done for free) 

  1. Start a conversation

“Where do I begin when I don’t have any connections?”

Just begin where you are.

Let’s say you’re connected on a social media platform. Try this:

“Hi there, I just thought I’d pop by and say hello!  I often see your name pop up as one of my connections but have been so busy that I haven’t really taken the time to connect, which is kind of the whole point of being on here!!

How are things going with you and your business?

Share what you’ve been up to, and let the conversation build over time. Don’t just leave it as a conversation, though. If the person seems a good fit to work with you then invite them onto a call to chat with you to find out how you might be able to help. Remember it’s a bit like building a new relationship, don’t ask for marriage on the first date! Allow the relationship to develop and get to know them first J

Seriously, how hard can it be to have a conversation with someone? It really isn’t!

Action: Go out there and start the convos already! Go and speak to one person straight after listening to this podcast.

  1. Follow-Up

Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. It can be sexy and fabulous – it’s SO under-rated. It’s the lifeblood of your business.

I can’t count the number of new clients I’ve had now that have signed up because they said my follow up is fab. I read on Hubspot the other day, that 80% of sales require five follow-ups. Are you following up five times? I know I didn’t used to. I do now because I want to connect and build those relationships so that I can grow my business. I do way more than five now.

I love following up, I really do. I love knowing what people have been up to since we last spoke, whether they end up being my clients or not. Not in a nosey way, I am just genuinely interested and think about them often.Follow-up lets people know that you’re thinking about them.


 “But I haven’t spoken to them in ages.”

So what?! Reconnect.

Try this:

“Hi, it’s been a while since we last got in touch. How’s everything going? Last time we spoke you were… “(fill in the gaps about what they were up to). Then just show a genuine interest in where they are at now.

Action: Go back to 3 people you’ve not spoken to for a while and reconnect.

 By the way, did I mention that follow-up is really important? Okay, okay, just sayin’.

Set it and forget it

“It’s a chore”

“There’s not enough time, I don’t have enough hours in the day.”

So make time.

Make it the first thing you do each day.

Connect with 2-3 people and then go about your normal day, feeling smug that you’ve done your follow-up.


Create a simple system for your follow-up. Make a note in your diary, use an online project management tool, or a note on your phone. Just diarise the next time you’re going to connect. KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetie. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Get out of your head and take action! Stop overthinking it!

Action: Set up a super simple system to keep on top of your convos and follow-up


So there you have it – my 3 top tips for getting new clients.

  1. Start a Conversation
  2. Follow-Up
  3. Set it and forget it

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You can have clients now, no matter where you are in business – by building relationships. You run a service-based business, so be of service, connect, help out, you never know where that connection might lead.

What Can My Imaginary Friend Teach You About Pricing?

In this blog post, I will introduce you to Sally, my imaginary friend, who can help you with improving your mindset around pricing


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Read Full Transcript below...

Let me tell you about Sally.

Sally is my lovely imaginary friend. Only joking. Sally is my lovely imaginary client that I talk to in my copy, my messages etc. Oh okay, if you want to go all technical on me, then she’s my ideal client avatar.

Sally sometimes has d1ays when she feels really confident about what she does and other days when it’s just not happening. Let me get her to tell you in her words (no, I haven’t gone completely nuts – stay with me) Here’s Sally…

“I get really great testimonials and people love my free offerings but it’s hard work converting them. I swing from wanting to offer low-end price point offerings to really high ones. I get annoyed at myself sometimes where I keep offering discounts or giving away everything for nothing. I wouldn’t do that if I was working for someone else.

Some days I value what I offer, other days I think nobody will want to pay me for what I do. After all, loads of people must know what I know already, and can figure it out for themselves.”

Do you resonate with any of Sally’s story in your business? If so, we need to talk.

Let’s break down it down a bit.

So Sally says she gets really great testimonials and that people love her free offerings but it’s hard work converting them.

When you get testimonials, cherish them, post them on your website and even say thank you publicly for the fabulous testimonial if you want to. When I say cherish them, though, I mean go back to them if you’re having a day when it feels like you’re not good enough at what you do, they’re a great reminder of how fabulous you are!

Now let’s talk free – Freebies in Sally’s case could mean a specific freebie that she’s offering, i.e. a checklist or video series, or she might mean free offerings like discovery calls that she’s holding with people.

Freebies are a way to build relationships, to showcase your expertise and to invite people onto your mailing list. The same applies to free conversations with clients where you share one or two nuggets with them to help them with their specific problem.

There can be this whole icky thing around giving away things, you know – “If I give away my stuff I won’t have anything to sell”, “People won’t want to work with me”, that kind of thing. It’s not true. I bet you know an awful lot more than you’re sharing in a free download or in a blog post!


If you’re giving everything away for free you have a hobby, not a business! Just sayin’

The thing with free is that there is a time and a place for it. Free is great for helping people to connect with you, for giving you the chance to share snippets of what you do and encourage people to take that next step with you, but here’s the rub. You have to invite them to take that next step with you, it doesn’t just magically happen. It’s not going to be that with a wave of a magic wand they’re one of your high-end clients. It just doesn’t work like that.

It’s fine being visible by sharing good content, it’s then about getting people to take that next step so that you stay in business. Don’t let fear be the thing that stands in your way.

Converting clients to work with you is a skill. I have spent endless hours trying to figure out how to sell without being sleasy. I hated that whole money conversation, but once you’ve got your offerings sorted and you’re completely clear on how you can help people, selling becomes a lot easier.

Yes, there are things you can learn, specific things you want to say, but ultimately, come from a place 2of service and how you can help, and then selling isn’t even a ‘thing’ anymore. You’re just having a conversation with someone about how you can help and then you share your prices.

Keep practising your sales conversations, learn what works and what doesn’t reflect on every one, and tweak and adapt. It will get easier. I’m still a work in progress on mine, but having done the work now I convert many, many more clients than I ever did before.

Back to Sally – Sally was switching from low-end to high-end offerings, and couldn’t quite make her mind up. As your expertise grows alongside your business you will have incremental price increases. I currently have a high-end 1:1 package at £5,000 and my lowest price point to work with me in a group capacity is in a masterclass at £35.

You can still be of service without giving everything away for free. It’s about valuing what you do, not valuing what you think you’re worth. Don’t get into that whole thing that people talk about with pricing, this whole “Charge what you’re worth”. It’s not about charging what you’re worth, it’s about charging what your services are worth – two completely different things. If you have someone who says they can’t afford you and you’re charging what you’re worth, then that makes you worthless or worth-less, which is complete nonsense!

Sally said she wouldn’t discount in the way that she does if she worked for someone else. One strategy I work on with clients when they find it challengi3ng to sell their services is to think about themselves and their business as two different entities. When you treat yourself as an ’employee’ of your company when you’re stepping into the selling arena, it makes it all about the service, not all about you.

She then went on to say that some days she values what she offers, other days she doesn’t. This is where working on your mindset really pays off dividends, and those testimonials can help here too.

Working on your mindset is a HUGE part of being visible in your business.

Sally thinks that people know what she knows already. Maybe they do, but her ideal clients won’t, or they might still need reminding. Some people can take free content and figure it out for themselves, but more often people need support to implement and make it happen.

They might be able to do it on their own, but want someone else to help them, they might want to draw on someone else’s expertise. I could cut my own hair, but let’s see how that would work out for me! Okay, maybe not!

4So what key things can we learn from Sally:

  1. Cherish your testimonials, go back and read them from time to time
  2. Free is okay, but you need to help your clients take that next step, it might be to join your mailing list or to have a conversation with them
  3. Build relationships and learn how to convert potential clients into paying clients
  4. If you find selling icky, become an ’employee’ of your business
  5. Work on your mindset DAILY

I hope you’ve learned a few things from my imaginary friend Sally, umm, I mean imaginary client, today.

Your call to action this week: Dig out your testimonials, have a read through and celebrate your great work, and then start thinking about what you can do to boost your mindset on a daily basis.

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