Are You Ready To Take The Lead, As Queen, Of Your Biz?

The idea of being a leader, aka Queen of your business, might terrify you!

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I believe that when you read a message, you’re reading it at the perfect time, so on that basis, I believe that if you’re receiving this message right now, it’s your time to step up as a leader, a Queen of your business, whether you feel ready or not.

It’s likely that you already have a tribe/community/following of people that look up to you, and enjoy what you do. They are waiting for you to really lead them.

You have everything you need to be a Queen right now. It’s just a simple decision. It doesn’t mean there won’t be hard work and future challenges involved, but the decision itself to lead is an easy one.

If you’re ready to step up as a Queen, then decide today to do that, and then explore how.

You may not feel you have the knowledge/experience yet to lead your Queendom. Queens of Business develop their knowledge and skills, so that they can stand in front of their people as strong leaders.

Start by sharing your stories, your vulnerabilities, your strengths. You’re doing what you do because it’s part of your life purpose. Don’t worry about being the expert right now, lead anyway. A bit like preparing for having kids, you’ll never be ready!

Instead of using your mind to worry about how you’re not ready, use it to develop the skills you need to become the best Queen you can be.

Show your people that you can be trusted to lead them.

Be honest about the skills you need to develop.

I read a book a while back (sorry, I can’t remember which one it was!) It said that if you “read for one hour a day on your topic area, within a year you’ll know more than 90% than others. Google it, research it, find out who leaders, movers and shakers are, read what they say and study RSS feeds.”

What that tells you is that leadership is something you can learn. You can model others’ behaviour, learn all about your topic, and become a master at what you do.

You have the potential to become a great Queen, regardless of where you’re at right now. It’s just a skill you can develop. As you step into the role of Queen more and more each day, you’ll slowly become the Queen you want to be.

This isn’t about being dishonest, it’s about stepping up and building your Queen skills along the way.

One of my clients was talking about being a little girl and wanting to wear her princess dress, and that despite it feeling too big, she still wore it anyway.

This is like stepping up as a Queen in your business. The dress might not feel like it fits … YET, but over time you’ll evolve, grow and develop your skills, and you’ll realise how far you’ve come. The dress (and crown) will fit!

You have so much to offer in your business. Now is the time to step up. Use your amazing resources to teach, motivate and inspire your dreamie clients and build your beautiful Queendom.

If you’re not sure where to start, book a Queen call with me and let me help you pull together a fabulous battle plan so that you know exactly what you need to do. There is so much you can create and attract into your business, you may just need another Queen like me to help you pull together a solid plan to make it happen.

As the lovely Adrienne Dorison recently said in one of her newsletters, it’s not all about just bringing in sales into your business, there are other things you need to do.

I believe that sales, of course, are incredibly important, but you also need to know how to lead your community as you bring them in. That way you get to win and keep your dreamie clients.

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As A Queen You Need To Practice Patience To Grow Your Business

I mentioned in my last podcast that my version of a Queen is a medieval one. When you think about how things were communicated in those days, it could take days to get a message through to someone. Sometimes it was on foot, other times on horseback. There was no super quick email or social media platform to get the word out.

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You wouldn’t have been able to go online and order something with next day delivery. You’d have to wait. We’re not used to waiting for things now, so it makes us even more impatient wanting our businesses to grow quickly overnight.

As a Queen you need to practice patience. You might share your message, but it might not be received immediately. The timing might be out, or you might need to get in front of different people who love what you do.

I’ve been playing a game recently around delayed gratification. Whether it’s delaying eating a piece of chocolate, drinking yet another vanilla cappuccino (Yes I know, I need to cut back) or buying something. I’m enjoying playing with the feeling around excitement, spending time looking forward to adding that thing into my life. It’s a really interesting experiment, give it a go! You may find it harder than you think because we’re so used to everything being instant.

Building your Queendom takes time.

Building your Queendom takes work.

Building your Queendom takes consistency.

The project you’re working on today, this week, this month, could be the one that creates amazing success further down the line, but we give up because it isn’t happening quick enough. We want faster results.

I know when I first started out as a coach I wanted to help people get transformation in one standalone session. I can do that now, but I know that the magic happens when there are many sessions, via 1:1 or group, because transformation takes time. As one of my lovely coaches reminded me recently, caterpillars don’t turn into butterflies overnight. There’s a process.

There will be many a battle plan that you set up that doesn’t give you the outcome you hoped for. That’s okay.

There will be many a project that you wish would create that ‘overnight’ success, but projects take time.

Think of a seed, it doesn’t grow instantly, it needs attention, sun, rain, nurturing, yada yada. It’s growing underneath the surface, you just can’t see it yet.

Maybe that’s where you are with your business. You’re doing the work, but there’s only a tiny sprout of growth showing. That’s okay – be patient.

Accept where you are today in your business. Know that as a Queen you can choose to be patient, and trust that every action step you take (providing you design and execute your battle plan well) will take you nearer to creating your next level of business success.

And luckily, unlike our medieval Queen, you do have tools at your disposal that can help you communicate your message much quicker!

Keep practicing patience Queenie, you’ve got this!

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You Need To Change How You Do Business When You’re A Queen

When you step into the role of Queen you need to change how you do business.

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You can no longer be all things to all people.

You can’t constantly give away your time, without being paid. You’re running a business dahlinks.

You need to set clear boundaries around what you will and won’t do.

Having a really solid business model will serve you well, so you are really clear about what you will and won’t take on.

The other thing that will help you as a Queen is learning how and when to use the word, ‘No’!

When you run a service-based business, you want to be of service, and that’s great. But at what cost? In order to master your business as a Queen, you need to make sure that you’re smart with your time, strategic with your action, and focused when you do work.

Sometimes you need to set boundaries for yourself, as it’s not others who are the problem, it’s you! You’re a Queen, but you’re also trying to do every single job in your business, and all that leads to is burnout.

So, if you’re sitting at your desk or on your sofa answering emails at 11pm at night , you’re training your clients to expect you to be available 24/7 (figuratively, not literally). If you don’t want to work at 11pm at night, then something has to change. It starts with not replying to emails at 11pm at night (unless you’re a night owl and that’s when you want to work).

Another example that a lot of my Queenies (clients) love is that I only work Monday to Thursday as a general rule. No evenings, no weekends. It’s something I chose to do a few years ago. It means that when I do work, my time is very focused, and it means I get a life outside of my business too. Boundaries.

Now you might be thinking that if you set boundaries with your clients you’ll lose them, or they’ll fall out of love with you. The reality is some of them might, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set them. Some people actually like boundaries – and people respect you when you have defined lines that cannot be crossed.

Sometimes it can help to have a few phrases to hand, whether it’s a reply to an invite to work with someone else, or a client approaching you with a problem. Here’s a few ways you can set simple boundaries:

  1.  “I no longer do free work, but you can check out my free resources here…” [add link]
  2.  “I only do paid speaking gigs. If you want to know the kind of topics I deliver, here’s a link to my Speaker page…” [add link]
  3.  “I only work Monday to Thursday, and don’t work evenings or weekends. I’m happy to work with you during any of those times. Here’s my diary link …” [add link]
  4.  “I no longer have time to do free trainings in other people’s groups, but here’s a link to some training I delivered for my own tribe. Feel free to share it with your group …” [add link]
  5.  “I no longer have time to do coffee meet ups. If you’re looking for some support though, here’s how you can work with me … “[add link]
  6.  “It’s really kind of you to think of me. I like to give projects my 100% commitment and right now my priority is ‘x’, so I wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to it and give it the full attention it deserves.”
  7.  It’s not something that feels like a good fit for me but I could put you in touch with ….”

Here’s a few reasons why you want to consider setting boundaries:

You are a Queen, you need to retain control of your kingdom (not in a ruthless way, but so you feel like you’re mastering your business instead of others ruling it)

You will be nicer to know! (Grumpy Queens aren’t great to be around. Working too hard is no good for anyone)

You will get time to do things you love (ooh, what could you do with that extra time?)

You will feel more confident (knowing that you are honouring yourself, your family/friends and also teaching your clients/others how to be strict with their own boundaries)

So give boundary setting a go! If you work on your boundaries, you’re going to have to re-train your clients so they understand what is/isn’t acceptable to you. It’s tough, not for the faint hearted, but it’s oh so liberating! And hey, you’re a Queen, you CAN do this!

Action This Week: Spend some time thinking about the boundaries you need to set in your business. Where are you giving your time away? Where are you overworking? What needs to change? Make the changes and then you’ll have time to do your royal duties.

Want to work more on boundaries? Check out this little PDF.

What’s Your Definition of A Queen?

As I shared in my podcast last week, I’m going to be talking to you about becoming Queen of your business.

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I’ve been running my own business for many years now and don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing everyone in the online world sharing their ‘blueprint’ for overnight success. The truth is, there is no magic solution, you’ve got to put the work in honey!

If you’re anything like me, then running a business has triggered every limiting belief you’ve ever had (and those you didn’t even know you had) For me, it’s been a rollercoaster journey of both excitement and fear. What’s been a game-changer for me and my clients is working on mindset as well as business. (You’re amazing by the way, not many people can do what we do!)

What I’ve learned over the years in this long-term game of business, is that you need to step up, to be a leader of your business, a Queen.

I want to help you to start thinking like a Queen of your business, but what’s your definition of a Queen?

Now my version of a Queen is a medieval one. My Queen is dressed in all of her refinery, beaded gowns, stunning gem filled crowns and exquisite pieces of jewellery. She has a presence that can’t be unseen, she is confident in what she does. She seeks counsel, and has an entourage of support but ultimately makes brave decisions and can be relied upon to lead her people.

In one of my Queen of Business Mastermind groups, I asked this question and got so many different replies.

One client couldn’t get Queen Elizabeth out of her head.

Another had Beyoncé as her Queen.

Someone else was thinking more about Daenerys, the Dragon Queen in the Game of Thrones.

When you become a Queen of your business, you get to choose what type of Queen that is.

When I wrote my profile on LinkedIn here’s how I defined a Queen:

  • One that takes strategic and brave action, not just any action.
  • One that has clear boundaries, and isn’t afraid to make tough decisions.
  • One that stands up in front of her people, despite any fears going on underneath.
  • One that ditches the self-doubt, knows her worth and owns it.
  • A Queen that shows up, no matter what.
Okay, so that’s some of the things that I think of when I think of a Queen. I also think of things like:
  • Strategic Vision
  • Authenticity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem Solving
  • Managing a team
  • Decisiveness

And so much more. All topics we’ll be talking about in future podcasts.

Today, I invite you to write a list of all of the qualities you believe you need as a Queen. I’d love you to drop me an email telling me what you come up with. I’ve popped my email in the show notes for you

Today, decide to be the Queen of your business, to create a success mindset and to build your royal empire one step at a time. You’ve got this!

I’m Changing How I Do Business

If you read my blog post a little while ago, you’ll know I was struggling for a while with direction in my business, and I guess life in general since my ‘little’ princess left home to go to university. I recently shared this on my blog, but haven’t shared it on my podcast, and now it’s time..

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I spent a lot of time working on what I wanted, and I have done a lot of soul searching this year.

For the first part of the year, I created a 1:1 90-day programme where I took my clients through a specific process of building/growing their business and working on mindset blocks. Everyone loved it.

It was really great fun, but where I was working with 14 clients a week, it started to take its toll, especially where some of those calls were 90-minutes and more. I found I had little time left in the week, which kind of wasn’t what I wanted to create, albeit fun. Be careful what you wish for!

So back to the drawing board, over and over again! Have you ever been like that in biz? I seem to reinvent things every few years. Someone told me once that I’m like Madonna, I just like to reinvent myself.

So what’s next?

I realised that the key things I love are training, coaching and mentoring, so they weren’t going anywhere.

I also realised that I love working with groups. I love the energy, the connection, the banter and the results people get when they work together.

I’ve been batting off new potential projects left, right and centre, where I want to really keep my business model super simple. I’ve closed my Rock Your Visibility group programme and cleared the decks for these 2 things:

I’ve created many training programmes over the years, and rather than retire them because I believe they do still have value, I’ve decided to offer them all on my Resources page so that people can pick and you can choose what you need for your business. A lot of the programmes are great if you’re fairly new to business and/or are working to a budget.

Having moved to Scotland, I’d wondered whether I would run some local workshops in the area. I’ve made the decision not to do that either. I realised I want to ‘live’ up here, not ‘work’ up here, and just enjoy my time in the community instead. I may do some freelance training and speaking but not working 1:1.

Lots of change, but it feels really good for right now. I can’t say I won’t change my mind again in the future. Hey, I’m a woman, I get to change my mind whenever I like 😉 I think it’s a good thing that we evolve as business owners, don’t you?

If you’ve known me for a while, then you’ll know I love to KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetie, and I realised I wasn’t doing that. With this new way of working, I will be.

Going forward I’m going to be talking about you being a Queen of your Business, so while visibility is obviously important, it’s going to be one of the pillars that I work with, rather than the main thing. My focus is going to be about business mastery, leadership, mindset and manifesting with the Law of Attraction. You’re essentially the CEO aka Queen of your business. I’m going to hep you feel and behave like one. I’ll be sharing how to uplevel – your mindset and your business.

You need to create a success mindset if you want to succeed, and you need the leadership qualities of a Queen and you to step up as a Queen to be seen. If my message no longer resonates with you, then I completely understand if you want to unsubscribe from my show, and I wish you every success with your business going forward. I do hope you’ll hang around though 🙂

I’ve been asked if I’ll still work with guys, and the answer is ‘yes’. It will just be with short, sharp 1:1 laser coaching sessions though, as my client base is 95% female, hence creating the Queen of Business groups. My focus is going to be mainly group work, with the odd 1:1 session on top of that, rather than how I have been running things.

I’m still figuring it all out, but over the coming months, I’ll be shifting how I talk about things with a focus on being a Queen of your business, creating a success mindset and using Law of Attraction in your business and life.

I’m looking forward to this exciting new part of my business journey, and sharing some different content with you. Visibility will still play its part, as I believe that’s vital for us as business owners.

Here’s to a fun new chapter of Rock Your Fabulous Biz! I hope you’ll be joining me.

What To Do When You Start To Hate Social Media

I’ve been debating whether to write this post / record this podcast. It’s a vulnerable post, which as we know isn’t so comfortable.

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I’m not just sharing my vulnerability here though, because I’m telling you something that I teach my clients. To get your business seen you need to be visible.

Now here’s the problem, I was kind of done with being visible! I was ‘over’ social media. I was sick of showing up on social media day in, day out, tired of all of the advertising and the ‘buy me’ promoting, bored with being consistent and wondering what it was all about, this ‘machine’ that takes over our lives.

I’ve noticed it’s not just me that’s tired of social media, it seems that more and more people are finding it exhausting and not how they want to do business. Lush being one company recently saying they are coming off social media and Leonie Dawson saying how she’s tired of it too. It can be relentless. BUT we do have a choice in how we play. We don’t have to push ourselves so hard. We get to set boundaries and ‘work it’ how we want to.

In contrast to my recent ‘I hate social media phase’ though, I’m very aware of how amazing social media is. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have a business, not a successful one anyway. Facebook has been the lifeblood of my business over the past few years. I’m starting to enjoy it again, but I needed to take a break.

A break to recharge.

A break to reflect.

A break to process.

I still showed up for clients, but I didn’t do Facebook Lives, I didn’t do that many blog posts. I didn’t ‘do’ visibility that much at all really.

We had a life-changing year last year, with two house moves, one ending up with a move from England to Scotland, my husband leaving his full-time job to run his own self-employed business, moving from a busy town life into the middle of nowhere and leaving behind many beautiful friends. Add to that our youngest moving to London to go to Uni and empty nest syndrome kicking in.

It’s brought up a lot of emotions, mostly the empty nest syndrome being the hardest to be honest. I’ve found it way tougher than I thought it would be, and I miss my ‘little girl’ like crazy.

There have been times when it’s been incredibly lonely. You can’t just pop to a local cafe very easily when you live up here, and it takes time to build friendships.

There aren’t the same numbers of local networking events that you can go to, so you have to create your own way of connecting with business owners. Online is lovely, but when you live in a remote area you need offline connections too. Even more so when your top values are connection, as in my case.

I became a hermit for a little while, and felt incredibly sad, ‘grieving’ my little girl no longer living at home.

Put it this way, there have been many times when I’ve cried by the tumble drier after a visit from her, and finding the odd lost sock that she’s left behind (why do we always end up with odd socks?!!)

I fell out of love with social media.

I knew there must be a different way.

I was bored with my content.

I had nothing to say.

So I didn’t say much at all.

It’s been tough, but it’s equally been refreshing not living and breathing social media.

In an interview I did a while back with the fabulous Alexandra Franzen, we talked about how one of her blog posts really got me thinking. She’d worked out that if she carried on at the pace she was going, she would have lost 3.2 or 3.4 years of her life to Twitter alone.

I’ve personally made the decision to come off Twitter. I don’t enjoy it and it doesn’t bring me clients – Two things I always say you should consider when choosing a social media platform. (I can’t quite bring myself to hitting delete on my account though, so I’m getting my lovely VA to do it!!)

So, what do you do when you completely lose interest in marketing your business?

Check in on what’s going on – Ask yourself if you’ve lost complete interest in your business or if you need a change.

Keep the content rolling out – That way you can decide when to show up.

Do a LOT of soul searching – Why do you want to run your business? What excites you? Who do you love to work with? What’s the real problem?

Talk to people about how you’re feeling – I talked with friends. Many friends. They were amazing (you know who you are!)

Mix things up a bit – I did lots of things unrelated to business. (I am growing veggies, gardening and about to check chickens people – who is this new woman who’s moved to Scotland?!)

Slow down – I still plotted and planned, but in a calm way.

Create a daily routine to allow some thinking space – I started meditation and doing Qi Gong daily.

Think about the bigger picture. I started creating a vision board about what I really want. That bit was tough. At first I didn’t know what I really wanted. I just felt incredibly sad, and really lost. Over time I started to pull together some ideas.

Get help – I coached myself, I got coached.

Release any emotion around it – It’s okay to feel how you do, let it all out. Emotional release is a strength, not failure – I cried. A lot.

Be gentle with yourself – I’m coming out the other side now, and ready to show up more, but I’ve learned that I can be gentle with myself.

Give yourself permission – I am giving myself permission to stop when it’s just not happening.

I am giving myself permission to let go of any beliefs around how you ‘should’ run a business.

I am giving myself permission to focus on only 3 main things each day, and honestly, that is liberating!! It’s amazing how much you focus your mind when you only allow yourself three things to do.

Trust that this too shall pass – When the time is right you will know what you need to do.

So, I’m back! A different, perhaps calmer, and wiser version of me now. The one that knows it’s okay to have a business AND a life, and that you get to create it all on your own terms.

Remember to check out my Visibility Quiz to find out whether you’re a Visibility Lady, Countess, Princess or Queen. If you’re a guy then please change the names to Lord, Count, Prince and King) Once you’ve got your score I’d love for you to come on over to my pinned post on my business page and tell me what score you got. There’s a chance to win a little prize each month.

Do This To Create Real Focus In Your Business Each Week

In today’s blog post, do you find that sometimes you’re super productive and then other times there seem to be a million and one things drawing your attention in different directions?

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Maybe your distraction is checking in on emails, you can’t avoid those little red pop up notifications catching your eye, or you get caught up in social media.

I have a mantra for this year: “Make the plan. Stick to the plan!” It’s way too easy to get sucked into other projects/opportunities that take you away from your overall goals.

I’ve had a few things that have really helped me keep control over what I’m doing.

  1. I read The One Thing by Gary Keller – a fabulous book. No guesses for what the focus is on in this book! You could argue that you don’t need to read it really as it’s just all about focusing on one thing, however, it’s totally worth a read. It really shifted my thinking around how I work day to day
  1. I read another book called The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran – This was a game changer for me. It’s basically where your work year is divided into 12-weeks. Now I can’t get my around there being 4 years in 1 year that they talk about in the book, but I do work now in 12 week blocks. I LOVE the short, sharp focus of goal setting and focused projects during that time. Week 13 is for review.

As a result of all of the above I create super strict boundaries for my work now. I only work on 3 different areas at a time; 2 business and 1 personal usually.

If you want to get ahead in your business here’s a super simple 7-step strategy to keep that focus:

  1. Spend some time planning

Plan out what you’d like to achieve in 12 weeks (If you’re not sure what your goals are check out my Coaching Tools Company blog post where I share how to create goals in 90-minutes or less 

  1. Decide what your top 3 priorities are and work in ‘Espressos’ – My version of sprints

If you’ve not heard of sprints, they are where you set really clear goals for a 2-week block of time, and then take action to achieve them. Having short blocks to work within keeps the motivation and momentum going, rather than feeling overwhelmed. I personally don’t call them ‘Sprints’. I’m not really sporty, and I like coffee so mine are called Espressos of course! Thanks to Sophie Jewry for coming up with that name for me!

I also find it a bit challenging doing a 2-week block as I find I do less in week one and then panic in week 2 where I’m so behind lol, so my Espressos are all a week each.

  1. Each day decide what your top 3 priorities are

(Your MITs – Top Most Important Tasks. I learned about these from Leonie Dawson many years ago, but I think they might have originated from Stephen Covey. Let me know if you know the original source. Always make sure your 3 priorities help you achieve your overall 12-week plan.

  1. Block out time in your diary for each of those 3 priorities and work ONLY on those priorities.

I learned about time blocking many years ago from my friend, Geraldine Kelly, Once you’ve hit your 3 priorities you can move onto the next ones.

  1. Add in a buffer for unexpected eventualities

We can’t always guarantee something won’t come up so add in some buffer time (and no, that buffer time is not for you to watch more cat videos on Facebook, teehee!) Getting really good with your boundaries will help you with this one though. I’ve got lots of articles over on my blog around boundaries. 

Are You Being Wishy Washy With Your Boundaries?

3 Ways To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brains For Free

  1. Review your progress at the end of the day.

What worked? What didn’t? What can you do differently tomorrow?

  1. Spend a few minutes planning out your next day

It’s way too easy to get distracted at the start of a new day. By planning in advance you’re ready to hit the ground running.

If you decided to have a play with this super simple 7-step strategy to help you keep your focus, let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear from you.

If you want to know what it’s like to work with me 1:1, book a Crack-It Call where I’ll work with you for 20-minutes to help you crack one area of your business. You’ll be amazed at what we can resolve in just 20-minutes together. Find out more here.

PS. links mentioned on the blog/podcast may be affiliate links, but that I only share when I totally LOVE something and have personally used it myself.

Lead By Example

To become that go-to-expert you need to lead. The funny thing with becoming the go-to-expert is that you won’t get a badge or certificate telling you that you’ve made it. It’s just one of those things that others say about you.

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What you can do though is step into the space of being a leader. That can feel a bit scary so here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. Build your confidence muscles – Don’t waiver when you speak, be clear, succinct and decisive, authoritative

2. Do as I say, not as I do – There is no point saying one thing and doing another, if you say you do something follow through on it.

3. Be a good communicator think about the message you are conveying;

  • What is your language like? If you’re working with corporate people you don’t necessarily want to be using things like lol. I was actually challenged myself on this one by a leadership coach who said I shouldn’t be using words like fabulous and lol, but when I don’t I don’t feel as though I’m being authentic. I often make little jokes and I need people to know that they are exactly that, by adding that little lol I feel as though I can connect with my audience better. It’s semantics, but for some of your ideal clients it’s not going to be the right thing to say, so be aware of the type of clients you’re trying to attract, while still keeping your authenticity – I know – a fine balance.
  • If you swear and you think your audience won’t be offended by that then carry on. Hands up, I do swear. I wish I didn’t, but the reality is that I do, but I don’t want that to be part of my communication so it would definitely not be part of my strategy. That doesn’t mean you can’t though, again think about your own audience.

4. Your energy needs to be positive – people don’t want to hear about your doom and gloom messages, you need to be inspiring, upbeat and motivating. Share those challenging life stories only when there is a lesson that can be passed on from them. If I kept banging on every day about having a sore back you’d soon get sick of it, the same applies to your clients too. Keep that positive energy alive. It doesn’t mean don’t share if you’re poorly or something’s happened, this is the over sharing I’m talking about here

5. In your communications be authentic – in EVERYTHING you do. If you find it difficult just keep practicing, it does get easier with time, and also makes life a lot easier as you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not.

6. Be a professional, have high standards Under promise, over deliver, honour your commitments, all of these things will help you to lead by example.

7. Share, educate, answer questions. When I was on one of our group calls I was asked about PR, I could have just answered on the call as I did, but I wanted to help more and as it might be a question that comes up again I thought it would be helpful to create a PDF around it. This is where you can share what you know with others, and add value in the process.

8. Challenge yourself Take action, walk the talk, be accountable. You will never be perfect, there may even be things you teach that you need to work on yourself, like me with my perfectionist traits, but keep being the best version of you that you can be

9. Be decisive Leaders need to be clear and decisive. Even if that decisiveness means going back to your best friend, mastermind group etc. to help you make a quick decision –you need to behave in a way that shows you as a leader, not a follower. That confidence will set you apart, even if your knees are knocking underneath you!

So there you have it. Some simple ways to step into being a leader and being viewed as a Go-To-Expert.

What’s your favourite tip for stepping into a leadership role?

PS. If you want to know what it’s like to work with me 1:1, book a Crack-It Call where I’ll work with you for 20-minutes to help you crack one area of your business. You’ll be amazed at what we can resolve in just 20-minutes together. Find out more here.

Why Are You Really In Business?

In today’s blog post, if you want to run your own business you need to figure out your WHY.

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Read Full Transcript below...

If you don’t know why you’re doing what you do, you’ll most likely want to stay hiding under your duvet on those non mojo days (the days you’re lacking motivation)

So, why do you want to do this business thing that you’ve signed yourself up for? Dig REALLY deep – WHY is it important for you to do what you do? I was telling a client last week how one of my mentors asked me this question years ago to find out why I really wanted to be in business. She asked me about 7 times (the magic number) and once I’d got through the frustration of not knowing I got to that beautiful aha moment of why it was important. Give it a go.

Now let’s talk about other people that might get in the way.

When you’re in business, often people outside of your business network won’t get what you do

They can think you’re just playing at business. I still get it now from some of my friends – they look at me surprised that I actually know what I’m talking about! Drives me crazy!!

Sometimes people will squash your dreams.

They won’t do it intentionally, they just don’t think in the way that you think – they may be playing small with their own lives, or have had experiences that have made it difficult for them to set big goals.

I love the quote by Sue Krebs. Not everyone will share your vision – that still does not mean that there is something wrong with your sight – Sue Krebs

Don’t let people put you off your vision – in fact I would share it with as few people as possible – that way they can’t make you believe you’re dreaming too big or that it’s not possible – be a visionary!

Stick to your path whether others believe it’s the right one or not.

Who should you spend your time with?

Surround yourself with the right people, people that will support and encourage your dreams.

You may find out they believe you more than you believe yourself!

It’s important to have a clear business vision.

It creates focus and direction. If you don’t know where you’re going then essentially any road will take you there!

When you have a business vision it can really motivate you.

From vision (your what) can come strategy (your how)

You need to get clear on the direction you’re heading.  You wouldn’t get in a car and drive to a new place without planning out your journey (hopefully not, anyway!) and equally you don’t want to be doing that with your business.  It doesn’t mean you won’t take detours or go off in the wrong direction now and again but by having a vision you can pull yourself back.

Get really clear on how you want your business to be

Here’s a list of questions to get you thinking. No need to write them down, they’ll be over on my blog post and listed in the show notes here too. 

  1. Why do you want to do this particular type of business? (think about what lights you up about what you do)
  2. What do you want to be known for?
  3. If someone was promoting you on a TV show what would your line of work be?
  4. If an article was written about you in a magazine what would the magazine be?
  5. What types of clients do you want calling you? (describe what they’re like)
  6. What will be the benefit for you in building a thriving business – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially?
  7. What do you want your business values to be?
  8. Who would your dreamie clients be?
  9. What lifestyle are you aiming to achieve with your business?
  10. How famous are you? (magazines, TV, radio, podcasts, newspapers, books?)
  11. What are your long term intentions for your business? (global domination, sell, retire?)
  12. Where do you want your life/business to be in 5 years, 2-3 years, 1 year?
  13. How do you feel?
  14. What other questions do you think you need to ask yourself?  (Add in your own questions if you want to)

Why is it important to help people?  If your first answer is, “because I like to help people” or “I want to help people feel more confident” – not enough.  WHY?

Check out a great video called Start With Why by Simon Sinek over on YouTube so that you understand how knowing this can be a huge driver for you and your business.  In the video you’ll learn about the golden circle.

My why is to rid the world of grumpy people.  We all know the power of coaching. By helping more business owners stay in business more people’s mindsets will be changed.  The more people create the lives they love the happier they become. Less grumpy people – ta-da mission accomplished!

Here’s a fun little exercise you can play to get your dream big juices flowing. Before we start though, there are rules:

No checks on reality here – I want you to forget where you are now and dream big for how you want your business and lifestyle to be in the future.  Put a check on any limitations you try to put on yourself. Forget limitations like time and money. Others out there have achieved their dreams, the only thing that will stop you is your thinking!

DAY ONE:Write questions on index cards / whiteboard / post-it notes / get out your coloured pens!  Get creative. (One question per card)

Put them up around your home, by the toaster, on the fridge, in the bedroom etc.  Keep a pen beside them and as you come across the questions throughout your day try and add answers to them

Leave the cards up for 24 hours – let the ideas percolate

DAY TWO: After 24 hours take the notes down, leave it another 24 hours before you go back to them

DAY THREE: Shuffle the cards, sit down with a cuppa in the garden or a coffee shop and read them through.  Is there anything you want to add?

DAY FOUR: Read the cards again and then shut your eyes and visualise what it will be like when you have these things in your life and business.  Once visualised make a note of anything that might come up

DAY FIVE: Start to put together a vision board or a written plan of what your new goals are

So no chasing other people’s dreams, or dreams that will disappoint you once you get them.

Understanding your WHY sounds simple – it can actually take AGES!  It’s a really challenging thing and will require you to dig deep. You may not get it straight away but over the duration of this programme I want you to keep checking in on it

Hit reply and let me know what your big ‘why’ is.

Remember to check out my Visibility Quiz to find out whether you’re a Visibility Lady, Countess, Princess or Queen. If you’re a guy then please change the names to Lord, Count, Prince and King) Once you’ve got your score I’d love for you to come on over to my pinned post on my business page and tell me what score you got. There’s a chance to win a little prize each month.

Also, I would love to interview Ladies, Countesses, Princesses & Queens on my podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz. I’ll be asking you all about what you do on visibility right now, what’s working for you, what’s not and where you’d like to be. If you’re interested then apply for your spot here – In order for your application to be considered, you’ll need to have completed the quiz though as I’ll need to know what you’ve scored etc.

A Simple Guide To Getting Started With A Facebook Group

In today’s blog post learn how to attract soul clients to new FB group and how to plan content for group

Links mentioned on this episode:

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Read Full Transcript below...

Learn 7 ways to get started

I have a relatively small Facebook group. At the time of recording/writing it has less than 600 members, however about 85-90% of my business comes from my group.

It’s a great place to showcase what you do and help people to get to know you better. It’s also a great way to connect on a deeper level with your dreamie clients.

I love to ask the members of my Facebook (hereon in written as FB) group what they’d like to learn. Currently one of the hot topics that seems to be coming up in my group and with clients is where to start with a FB group.

Questions get raised like:

  1. Do they take a lot of time?
  2. How do I get one started?
  3. How do I get people in there?
  4. What do I share in my group?

Let me take each of these in turn and share some simple ways to get started.

  1. Do they take a lot of time?

They can initially take time to get them up and running and then you learn how to manage them more effectively. The key to a group is to create engagement so just showing up now and again isn’t the best strategy. Bombarding the group with content isn’t the way either. It’s about getting a balance.

You don’t want to be in there 24/7 answering questions constantly as you’ll end up burning yourself out, but you do want to get involved when people are taking time to comment and join in.

  1. How do I get a group started?

I won’t share the practicalities here on the techie side, but I will share with you some ideas around getting it started.

Start with the end in mind. You need to have clarity around the purpose of the group.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to run it? (It may be to get yourself known, to create a safe space for clients, for an online programme that you run or to attract dreamie clients, or all of the above) What’s the main purpose of your group?
  • Who is the group for? (This is where you really need to get clear on who you serve, how you help and what you offer. That way the content you share in the group will be right, and you’re not spending hours trying to come up with ideas only to get crickets when you share something. PS See my post on vanity metrics about numbers!
  • What is your main area of work? (This will help you come up with content creation ideas)

Spend some time getting clarity around these three areas and that will really help you to get started and get the foundations of your group right.

  1. How do I get people in there?

There are SO many ways. The quickest and easiest is to invite them! Add them as PS notes in everything you do, i.e. PS. Want some tips, strategies and training on how to be more visible in your business? I run a fabulous group for service-based business owners. Come & join us –

Here’s 14 places you could be spreading the word to get you started, I was aiming for 7 but got a bit carried away!

  1. Put a link at the bottom of your email
  2. Put a link in your Skype account
  3. Add a link to every blog post that you write/share
  4. Invite people to your group when you’re talking to them
  5. Share a little image on your FB business page showing your group info and invite them to join
  6. Invite them in your newsletter
  7. Talk about your group at local networking meetings
  8. Share your group on promotional days in other online groups
  9. Write a blog post about your group and create a link to join
  10. Write a little post and share it on various social media platforms that you’re on
  11. Add it to the bottom of your opt-in
  12. Do a PS note in any Facebook post that you share
  13. Mention your group at the end of every Facebook Live that you do
  14. Ask people in your group to help you spread the word

Get creative with it. What places could you share about your group?

For this to work well, the clarity piece in step 2 is super important so that you invite the right people into the group, that way they are more likely to be your dreamie clients that you want to work with.

  1. What do I share in my group?

Because you’ve got step 2 right, you’ll now have more of an idea of what content to share that will be useful to your dreamie clients.

Let’s say you’re a Stress Coach, your focus on content will be around managing stress, so it might be to create some little top tip posts of how to manage your stress levels, maybe around relationships, or career or home life for example. You might share blog posts of the same tips, or create a FB live.

One of the things that I’ve done for years in my group is have themed days. A lot of groups are doing this. The purpose is to build familiarity in your group, so it feels like a safe space to share, it creates consistency and it makes it waaaay easier for you because you have set days for set posts.

The funny thing is I’ve often thought about adding in lots of different things into my group, but when I do ‘market research’, aka have a coffee catch up with members from my group, the one thing they tell me they love is the consistency of my themed days! Gotta go with what works!

One of my lovely clients, Dawn Bradly, of Dawn Bradly Coaching works with clients around low-level stress and anxiety and when she had her own group she would create a day where she adds something light-hearted and humourous to create a bit of fun in her group.

Here’s a list of 18 ideas to get you started

  1. Invite them to share their blog post
  2. Monday Motivation day
  3. Inspiration day (share stories to inspire your dreamies)
  4. Let’s connect day where people share their social media posts
  5. Top Tips
  6. Did you know….?
  7. Just for fun
  8. Comment with a gif to say how you feel
  9. Where in the world are you? posts
  10. Celebration posts
  12. Longer posts sharing your story (check out this post for a template on how to write these)
  13. A poll to find out what people want
  14. Share your promotion/offer day
  15. Blog posts that you’ve written
  16. FB Lives – do some training for your group
  17. Q & A thread, a business clinic or ‘clinic’ that fits in around your niche
  18. Case studies

Think this just works for coaches, consultants and trainers? Think again. My hubby now runs his own plumbing and heating business. He doesn’t need a group but we use a similar principle for his business page, and he’s rushed off his feet! Here’s his themed days for the week:

Monday: Mac’s Plumbing Tips
Tuesday: Share a story (a case study of some kind)
Wednesday: Share a poster (this is the poster he shares in groups to advertise his services)
Thursday: Did you know? (this is where he shares something fun related to plumbing and heating
Friday: Just For Fun (these posts are random questions that we ask to create engagement)

It takes a lot of the pressure off you when you have a plan to stick to, and as your business grows it means you can outsource this task too.

So there you have it – a simple guide to help you generate some fun ideas for your FB group.

I hope that’s given you loads of ideas to get you started.

Facebook groups can take time, which is why it’s so important to know why you want to run them and what you want to get out of them. However, with the right strategy behind them, you can start to generate lots of business through them.

When you’ve set up your group, let me know what you’ve created. I’d love to give you a high 5.

Remember to check out my Visibility Quiz to find out whether you’re a Visibility Lady, Countess, Princess or Queen. If you’re a guy then please change the names to Lord, Count, Prince and King) Once you’ve got your score I’d love for you to come on over to my pinned post on my business page and tell me what score you got. There’s a chance to win a little prize each month.

Also, I would love to interview Ladies, Countesses, Princesses & Queens on my podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz. I’ll be asking you all about what you do on visibility right now, what’s working for you, what’s not and where you’d like to be. If you’re interested then apply for your spot here – In order for your application to be considered, you’ll need to have completed the quiz though as I’ll need to know what you’ve scored etc.

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