Struggling To Be More Visible In Your Biz? You’ve Got To Work On Your Mindset

Are you struggling to be more visible in your biz? You’ve got to work on your mindset

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We all have the same opportunities in front of us. Yes, we might be starting from a different place, but ultimately a mahoosive part of running your own business is working on your mindset – you’ve got to do the inner work baby! People have made money in business with £10 and others with thousands, some have only a few hours a day to work, others can work on their businesses full time. What separates you is mindset.

There appears to be a direct correlation to how successful you are in business, and what place you’re in mentally. If you’re doubting every single move you’re making then you’re not going to make good decisions, or you might make them, but they will take you forever. You’re not going to want to ‘put yourself out there’ if you don’t believe a) people want what you have to offer and/or b) people are going to reject you and what you share

It all comes down to mindset. If you’re not confident in what you’re offering people, then why would they be confident in you?

What are you telling yourself when you market your services? I was going to say market yourself there, instead of your services, but maybe that’s where we need to start. While there’s an element of you marketing you (we all know people buy from people they know, like and trust) actually you’re marketing your services, and how you can help that person improve their life and/or business.

If you’re constantly telling yourself, you’re not good enough or thinking your prices are too low what impact do you think that has on your potential client when they speak with you?

You will be coming from a place of need, or worse, desperation, which isn’t going to serve either of you well.

Instead of thinking about all of the ways that you’re not good enough, start to notice all of the things you ARE good at.

There are so many ways that we can hold ourselves back, we can be our own worst enemies. It might be fear of rejection, fear of success, perfectionism, procrastination, self-talk etc. etc.

So, let’s get real;

Could you be rejected when you put yourself out there to market your business? Well, yes, you could, but even the most famous people get bad reviews. Does that stop them? Not usually. Most of them say they just stop reading the reviews. Ultimately, those that may reject you are not your ideal clients, so don’t waste your energy worrying about trying to get them to like you or what you do. Focus on YOUR clients, the ones that love what you do. Respond politely to those that aren’t the right fit for you, learn any valuable lessons and move on.

Should you be scared of being successful?

Well, it’s kind of an unusual one because we all want to run successful businesses, don’t we? The thing is we might have underlying limiting beliefs that by being successful other people are going to suffer, so you need to work on and release those blocks, or they will hold you back.

Perfectionism – is this one you’re familiar with? I hate to break it to you but you’re not perfect, none of us are – who knew?! You will not get it right 100% of the time. Again, you need to work on this. Did I hear you ask, how? Well firstly get brave enough to put something out there that doesn’t feel perfect, you might look at it and think that could be better, but it would take another 4 hours to do, so put it out there and move on. People actually like it when we make mistakes too, it makes them feel human. (Or is that just something I’m telling myself to make it seem ok?!!)

Then there’s good old procrastination. If you’re procrastinating it’s often for a good reason – maybe the timing’s not right, maybe your intuition is telling you that you need to hold yourself back for some reason, maybe you’re scared – the latter is often the most likely. Ask yourself which is more important – to handle that same piece of paper 10 times in one day, get sucked into inane posts on social media, or to do that job that you know will get you in front of more clients?

Accept that procrastination happens – you are not a bad person because it does! Now ‘own it’ as an area you need to work on;

  • What is happening when you procrastinate about that task?
  • What thoughts are going through your head about that specific task that you are putting off?
  • What’s the fear driving it? Dig deep on this one to find out what’s really going on
  • What is the procrastination hiding?

(it could be a lot of those things we’ve talked about; perfection, fear of failure, even fear of success, or maybe it’s just pure laziness!)

Let’s talk fear of failure –

Did you know there are only 2 real fears –

  • Loud noise
  • Falling

All other fears are learned which is FANTASTIC news because that means we can unlearn them!

  1. What are you missing out on by not taking action?
  2. How will life be different for you if you just take one small step through fear?
  3. Fear happens, it’s what you do with it that counts

If any of these relate to you it’s time to take some action. Here are a few tips to guide you;

  1. Reframe your self-doubt, CHOOSE to take control. Choose to view things as challenges, not problems
  1. Recognise your excuses. What’s really going on? Dig deep.
  1. Stop looking for validation – you don’t need to be perfect, you’re fabulous as you are!
  1. Become an expert – if you want to feel confident in what you do become as knowledgeable as you can about your area
  1. Expect rejection – not everyone will like you and that’s ok.

In my upcoming programme, Rock Your Visibility, half of the programme content relates to mindset, because you really do need to work on this in order to run a successful business.

Call To Action: Notice where your thoughts aren’t supporting you, catch that negative self-talk and change your inner dialogue. Fix your mindset while you’re building your business and you will have some fantastic solid foundations in place to set you up for success!

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Worry Will Not Allow You To Build Your Business, You’ve Got To Chill Out

Let’s talk about worry.  It’s not pleasant at the best of times, but what I want to share is how worry will not allow you to build your business, you’ve got to chill out. It can hold you back in your business so I’ll be sharing some simple strategies to help you kick your worry into touch. Listen to the podcast below, or scroll down if you prefer to read the transcript.

Prefer to read? Here’s the transcript:

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Do you ever worry about your business? Maybe you’re wondering where your next client is coming from or what you need to do next to hit that next level of income? Perhaps you’re waking up in the middle of the night thinking every worst-case scenario under the sun; you think that you’ll lose your house, get thrown out onto the streets etc. Maybe it’s not that bad for you, but you’re still worrying about every single thing you do – whether it’s the right thing and whether it will help you build your business.

Worry is completely pointless, unless you’re one of those people that can use worry to motivate you to take action of course. If you are then keep worrying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Worry will not allow you to build your business, you’ve got to chill out

Trust me on this, I can be a lovely little worrier. It used to be that if I wasn’t worrying about something I’d be worried that I wasn’t worrying!

The problem with worrying is we become great at story telling

We create these amazing fabrications of what might happen or who we are when in reality things might not be bad after all. Now I’m not trying to make light of some the very real concerns that come up in life, I’m talking about those niggling worries where we ultimately view ourselves as not good enough.

I was working with a client recently who had lost a couple of clients through nothing other than circumstances, no fault of her own. She then started going down a rabbit hole of not knowing where to begin, there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

In our time working together, she was doubting her ability to get new clients, despite having had clients for many years. The doubt was creeping in because it had all come as a shock to her. Business was normally booming at this time of year, but this time was different.

If worry is taking you down a rabbit hole then I want you to stop it right now!

Worry can kill your confidence

When you lose your confidence you stop showing up, you question every single thing you do, and feel as though you’re going to get found out for being a fraud at a moment’s notice.

It would have been easy for me to spend time with my client on how terrible her situation was, or could be, but what good would that do? What we did instead was stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on some solutions, getting some real clarity about how she could move forward in her business to bring that lost income back in again.

We talked about what things would lift her spirits to get her into a better place, such as inspirational quotes, books, meditation and a gratitude practice where she can note down all of the fabulous things that are happening.

She needed to spend time doing all she could to get back into that positive place again so that she could start to focus more clearly. We all know there’s nothing worse than talking with a client about working with them when you’re coming from a place of lack or need. It doesn’t feel great for anyone, so I encouraged her before each call with a client to get into a place of positivity, not attached to the outcome but coming from a place of service.

The interesting thing is when you start to get focused on solutions your mood starts to shift, you can begin to see the wood for the trees finally. Taking action is a great way to overcome some of that worrying. You don’t have time to think about it!

If you’re familiar with Stephen Covey’s, Circles of Control and Influence then you’ll know that there is only so much that you can control. If you haven’t heard of it then there are basically three circles, the outer circle is related to those things that you can’t control, the middle circle those things you can influence and the inner circle what you can control. You can kick worry into touch by focusing on those things you can control and influence and letting the rest of it just sort itself out. Focus on the small things.

You have to put things in perspective. With my client for, example, was it true that she wasn’t good enough for anything just because she wasn’t working with 2 particular clients? Absolutely not, she had years of experience and work under her belt to prove otherwise, but we can so easily get into that rut of believing our own storytelling. It’s time to hit that pause button on worry – park it until later if you have to. Set aside some time to worry later if you need to, and for now focus on what you can do next, and then the next step after that.

Surround yourself with positivity if worry is your go-to thing

I stopped watching/reading/listening to the news a couple of years ago. I take the attitude that the news will find me if I need to know it. Am I out of touch with a few things? Yes, definitely. Am I being naïve? Maybe, but am I a more positive person by not watching it – totally! I don’t need to fill my head with negativity about economic downturns, politics and war. I’d rather fill it with things that help me to create an amazing life and business that I love.

They say you’re the sum of the 5 people you hang around with. Whoever ‘they’ are. Take a look around you, who are you surrounding yourself with? If they aren’t lifting you up, but bringing you down then maybe it’s time for a change.

Worry is a complete waste of time, it won’t help you and may keep you stuck, far better to use that energy to focus on a way forward for your business

If you want some support to improve your confidence and visibility in your business book a free discovery session with me to find out how we can work together, so I can help you to get out of your rabbit hole.

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How Rebranding Your Business Can Potentially Save It (and an announcement)

In today’s episode, I’m sharing how rebranding your business can potentially save it (and an announcement)
How Rebranding Can Potentially Save Your Biz
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It can happen to the best of us. We can be going about our own sweet business when all of sudden lack of motivation strikes and the passion and drive that got us out of bed for our business just isn’t there. This happened to me back in June. I’m a bit of a go-getter so once I get an idea for something I go all out.

In May, I hosted a Telesummit with 11 fabulous women business owners, all sharing ways to rock your biz. At the same time, I was also finalizing a draft for my editor for some co-authored chapters of a book, Awaken Your True Potential, and I decided to add in yet another challenge for myself – to set up my podcast show. It was incredibly hard work, but exhilarating at the same time. I would rest once May was done.

Fast forward to the beginning of June, complete burnout.

I talk a lot about having a maintenance strategy for self-care where you practice it every day, instead of a coping strategy where you only practice self-care in an emergency. I’d decided that for this year self-care would be more of a priority. Overall I’d taken my own advice really well up until that point.

And then.. I fell into that trap of over committing. Have you ever been there? I’ve never been great with time – I always think I have way more time to do things than I actually have (which I’m sure drives my hubby nuts, although he still smiles sweetly at me). I have to multiply up my tasks by 3 to come up to the amount of time required to do something, that’s how far off I am!

So for June I slowed down, as best I could, as there was still follow up work to do from May. I then thought I’d slow things down for July and August and spend time figuring out what was next and then it really hit me. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take my business in. I think there was a huge anti-climax because I’d done three big things and while the other 11 Rock Your Biz girls had a specific area they focused on my business was really a mixture of everything.

I realised I needed to revisit everything about my business. I spent the whole of the summer chatting with coaches to find out who would be the right fit to help me figure it all out. As you know, if you’ve been listening to previous podcasts or reading my blog posts I spent a lot of time chatting with my business friends too but I was really stuck.

I felt that I needed to figure this out or my business would start failing where I had no direction. One of my lovely friends spent a day with me challenging me to think bigger than where I was and what I was doing, to think outside of the box.This triggered some different ideas and then I started coaching with my new coach, Louise Presley-Turner and everything started to fall into place. I didn’t need to give up my business, I didn’t need to make massive changes.

Once I’d sat down and figured things out I realised what I loved, what I was good at and how I could make a difference again. I’ve now rebranded as a Visibility Coach for Solopreneurs. I love working with clients on the confidence side of things.

So, why am I telling you all this? Well because I was at the point where nothing was coming to me in terms of direction and I seriously questioned whether it was time to give up. I chose to work with someone to help me untangle my messy brain and formulate some kind of direction. The result is excitement and passion again. I’m full of creative ideas and excited to get out of bed to do my work again. I’d lost some of that, which made me so sad as I’m so passionate about my business. I LOVE it but then I didn’t.

So if you’re at the place where you have lost that passion, start to figure it all out again.

It’s truly worth taking the time. You might need to step away from your business for a bit, to reflect and explore what you’ve done so far, what you might like to do differently. If that’s the case set up some systems so that your business can continue running along in the background (i.e. schedule blog posts, social media, newsletters etc). It might involve working in a completely different area, with different clients, or it might just be expanding what you already do. Think about some of the skills and experience that you already have. What could you add to that? What do you love to do that isn’t part of your business right now?

It might mean that like me you’re going to use a lot of notebooks, have many conversations and/or spend loads of thinking time figuring this out, but it’s SO worth it.

Maybe your business has changed, maybe you’ve changed.

The only way you’ll know what to do is to sit and figure this out. What do you really want for you and your business? If, like me, you need some expert help then get it, it may be the thing that gives you the clarity you need.

So for my little announcement (NB: If you read my blog last week then you’ll already know about this) going forward I’m going to be sharing lots of ways to boost your confidence and your visibility in your business. My podcasts will be focused on Solopreneurs, yes that includes my lovely coaches. I’ll still be doing all things procrastination, perfectionism, self-care etc as they all affect us as business owners too.

Often, it’s a combination of not knowing what to do next and/or not having the confidence to push through your comfort zones and self-promote, and sometimes just not marketing in the right way to the right people. My clients are savvy already, they just need someone that can help them to generate new ideas, be held accountable to take action and have someone on their side to support them to be brave and step up in their businesses.

When running your own business you need to promote it so that people can know, like and trust you.

It’s a noisy environment out there, so if you just sit behind your computer and do nothing nobody is going to know you’re there. It’s very easy to think we are being visible, but just one little post now and then isn’t being visible. Lurking in groups and not participating is not being visible. ‘Promoting’ your business doesn’t have to be uncomfortable though, it’s about showing up authentically and helping others, building relationships with people. That way people start to know who you are, what you can do and how you can help. You need to get out there and be noticed for what you do.

I’m here to support you by helping you have the confidence to put yourself at the front of your business, to be awesome at self-promotion in a fabulous way (not all pushy and salesy) and to teach you how to put the business principles in place that will help you to launch and/or grow your business; covering things like niching, pricing, marketing, visibility etc and some of those techy tools that you need too.

So, no more hiding – it’s time to share your fabulous businesses with the world!

I’m really looking forward to the next part of our journeys together 🙂

How Using Pinterest For Business Has Helped Me Get More Clients

I LOVE Pinterest! In fact, if you pop on over to my boards you might say that I spend a bit too much time over there!  It’s colourful, pretty, informative and inspiring and I can happily spend loads of hours pinning!

Pinterest for BusinessI started using Pinterest a few years ago, mostly for card making ideas and crafty yumminess. Over time, I realised that it can be a great way to drive traffic back to your website. I was recently asked by one of my clients where to start with Pinterest. I thought it might be useful to share a few things with you as to how using Pinterest for business has helped me get more clients;

1. Set up a board specifically for your area of expertise – I have a board for Coaching where I save lots of different quotes, infographics and links to coaching topics online.  You could get a lot more specific with it and break it down into several boards – i.e. relationship coaching, teens coaching, stress coaching, self-esteem coaching and more.  I have chosen not to do that because I want to build my single board up and use it as a way to engage my ideal clients. By splitting it, I feel (maybe wrongly) that it might not drive as much traffic.

2. Set up a group specific board –  Let me explain – I set up a Coaching Book Club to enable me to chat with other people who are interested in coaching books. I set up a Coaching Book Club Board where we all pin books that we want to read. My intention was just to have a place to share the books. What’s actually happened is it’s allowed me to connect with people that I might not have been in front of before. (On a side note come and join us – we read a new book each month!)

3. Share your blog posts – I have always shared my blog posts and memes over on my boards (nb. memes are images that can go viral on social media – they used to be more for teens but now have become the norm name for things like business now too).

What I learnt recently from a fab book, How To Write 37 Blog Posts* by Sarah Arrow, is that if you create a meme based on the title of your post (see mine above) you will get more clicks and/or pins and again more traffic to your website potentially. It’s worked brilliantly for me.

I know I keep banging on about traffic to your website, but that’s how you are going to get in front of your ideal clients.  In all of your social media put a call to action to get people to visit your ‘little home’ on the internet.

I’m often asked how I’ve managed to get to over 6k followers over there.  It’s like any social media – being consistent, showing up, sharing useful content, following others etc. The same principles all apply to Pinterest.

I hope some of these tips have been useful in giving you some ideas of starting to use Pinterest for your business.  Don’t blame me when you waste loads of hours over there too though!

Leave a comment below to let me know how you use Pinterest for your business, or if you don’t which tip you might try.

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Are You Comparing Bananas To Socks?

Are you comparing bananas to socks?!  If you are then you might not be helping yourself in business.

I was driving my daughter to school the other day and these adorable little colourful characters caught my eye.  They were little children walking to school with their parents, probably about 5 or 6 years old, all dressed up in different costumes.  There was a parrot, a fairy, an angel and a dragon!  It brought me back a few years (ok a lot of years!) I said, “Awww, how adorable do they look?”  Then I remembered the reality of what had happened behind the scenes when my own daughter had been asked to dress up in something for school.

The reality of it was more like this;

1.  Letter received from school (given late .. just because that was how it worked in our house!)

2. Me: “Oh no, how on earth am I going to pull off that costume in 3 days?!!!”

3. The stories (in the playground) of other amazing Mummies that were creating their own costumes from scratch (cue failed mother thought process!)

4. Running around the town centre trying to buy things last minute, only to find nothing in stock of the right size or colour

5. Resorting to urgent online purchases at extortionate prices with super speedy delivery to make sure she had the right outfit in time

6. THEN and only then the “Awww, how adorable does she look.  Quick, where’s the camera?!”

We so often see other people’s successes and think that they got from A to B overnight.  That is highly unlikely.  They may have gone through many stages that you haven’t even seen or are aware of.  It’s quite likely that they’ve wondered to themselves at some point in time whether they can actually pull off this business thing.  They will more than likely have gone through the, ‘I’m a failure’ or ‘I will fail at this’ thought processes.  Just because you don’t see that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

So when you see something completely finished and you start to let Comparison-itis get in the way remember that you’re just seeing the finished result.  You’re not necessarily seeing the full story.

Coach, Karen Rutter, once likened this comparison to the front and back stage of a theatre – you’re not seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

So please STOP comparing because you’re comparing bananas to socks!  It’s just not the same thing!

Bananas vs Socks

I have a couple more articles about comparing that you might like to read here and here.

I have just 2 spaces left for my Strategy Sessions for the rest of this month, so if it’s something you want to work on book your place now.

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