The One Thing You Need To Start Doing If You Want A Successful Business

In this blog post, I will share the one thing you need to start doing if you want a successful business.

I have a lot of clients tell me they are done with their mindset work. They tell me they’ve done lots of inner work and there’s nothing more they need to do. They say they just need to get on with the business stuff.

I call bullshit on that.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at in your business, there is always more mindset work to do. As Denise Duffield-Thomas says, ‘New level, new devil’. Our mindset is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating success.

There’s a graphic that goes around on social media with a picture of an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg shows our conscious mind stuff, above the water. The rest of the iceberg, that’s underneath the water, is all of the unconscious mind stuff. This is what owns you, unless you deal with it and do the mindset work! Your mindset monkeys will keep you under that water for as long as possible, as they thing that’s the way to keep you safe. What they don’t realise is they are drowning you and stopping you from exploring the world.

I was speaking with a good friend earlier this week, and we were saying how mindset has been the biggest thing we’ve had to work on in order to grow our businesses.

You can learn all of the business tips, tricks and strategies in the world, but if you want to help people you need to have a strong mindset. If you don’t, when you jump on calls with clients your lack of confidence and self-belief will come across.

You may shy away from taking action on certain areas of your business, because you find it hard to know what to work on first, or you doubt yourself about what you’re putting out there.

You may find you dilute your marketing messages for fear that people will ‘find you out’, or judge and reject you. You are in fear of what others will think of you, so you’re not as authentic as you could be.

Take the swear word I’ve used in today’s blog. Years ago, I wouldn’t have used it. Do I swear? Yes, waaaaay more than I should, but do you know what? It’s who I am and because I’ve done the mindset work, I don’t actually care what people think now. If people don’t like that, then that’s okay. We are all like Marmite, some will love us, some won’t.

(Side note: For those not familiar, with Marmite, it’s a yeast extract, a spread that you can use on toast, and people usually love it or hate it, there’s rarely an in-between like for it)

Does this mean that I will be swearing like a trooper through all future posts? No, not at all, but you might find the odd expletive thrown into the mix.

You may find that you end up over-giving because you’re afraid that people won’t want to buy from you, or you’re afraid to charge for your services. I know that’s something I’ve definitely done over the years, to the point of burnout.

You have to remember that people aren’t buying your services in the moment, they’re buying all that you’ve learned over the years. So when someone works with me, they are getting all of the experience of my working in the corporate world of HR for 11 years, my work with hundreds of clients, all the training and personal development I’ve done, and my life experience too. I now own that I know my stuff, and that I can help my clients step up to be Queens of their business, but that didn’t come naturally. I had to work continuously on my mindset to realise this, and I still work on it daily, without fail. It’s like a meditation ‘practice’, with the emphasis being on the word practice. You have to practice it over and over again in order to improve.

It takes courage to learn more about the way you think, and how it might be holding you back.

It takes courage to take ownership and responsibility for your life and the part you may have played/are playing to create what you have right now.

It takes courage to do the mindset work, it can be super painful at times, but it will be worth it in the end.

Reclaim your power. Tell your mindset monkeys where to go and do the daily inner work. Not sure where to start, check out the show notes/the links at the bottom of this post to read more mindset posts.

You are braver than you think.

Remember that iceberg? When you do the mindset work, you’ll find those waters get very muddy and turbulent for a while, but the storms will pass and you’ll find that peace again. In fact, you’ll find a sense of inner peace that is there no matter what’s going on around you.

So please don’t think you’re done with mindset work, it really will be the game changer for your business if you’re willing to commit to doing the work. Plus, you’re a much nicer person to know the more you do it. Well I hope that’s right in my case anyway!

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What To Do When You Start To Hate Social Media

I’ve been debating whether to write this post / record this podcast. It’s a vulnerable post, which as we know isn’t so comfortable.

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I’m not just sharing my vulnerability here though, because I’m telling you something that I teach my clients. To get your business seen you need to be visible.

Now here’s the problem, I was kind of done with being visible! I was ‘over’ social media. I was sick of showing up on social media day in, day out, tired of all of the advertising and the ‘buy me’ promoting, bored with being consistent and wondering what it was all about, this ‘machine’ that takes over our lives.

I’ve noticed it’s not just me that’s tired of social media, it seems that more and more people are finding it exhausting and not how they want to do business. Lush being one company recently saying they are coming off social media and Leonie Dawson saying how she’s tired of it too. It can be relentless. BUT we do have a choice in how we play. We don’t have to push ourselves so hard. We get to set boundaries and ‘work it’ how we want to.

In contrast to my recent ‘I hate social media phase’ though, I’m very aware of how amazing social media is. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have a business, not a successful one anyway. Facebook has been the lifeblood of my business over the past few years. I’m starting to enjoy it again, but I needed to take a break.

A break to recharge.

A break to reflect.

A break to process.

I still showed up for clients, but I didn’t do Facebook Lives, I didn’t do that many blog posts. I didn’t ‘do’ visibility that much at all really.

We had a life-changing year last year, with two house moves, one ending up with a move from England to Scotland, my husband leaving his full-time job to run his own self-employed business, moving from a busy town life into the middle of nowhere and leaving behind many beautiful friends. Add to that our youngest moving to London to go to Uni and empty nest syndrome kicking in.

It’s brought up a lot of emotions, mostly the empty nest syndrome being the hardest to be honest. I’ve found it way tougher than I thought it would be, and I miss my ‘little girl’ like crazy.

There have been times when it’s been incredibly lonely. You can’t just pop to a local cafe very easily when you live up here, and it takes time to build friendships.

There aren’t the same numbers of local networking events that you can go to, so you have to create your own way of connecting with business owners. Online is lovely, but when you live in a remote area you need offline connections too. Even more so when your top values are connection, as in my case.

I became a hermit for a little while, and felt incredibly sad, ‘grieving’ my little girl no longer living at home.

Put it this way, there have been many times when I’ve cried by the tumble drier after a visit from her, and finding the odd lost sock that she’s left behind (why do we always end up with odd socks?!!)

I fell out of love with social media.

I knew there must be a different way.

I was bored with my content.

I had nothing to say.

So I didn’t say much at all.

It’s been tough, but it’s equally been refreshing not living and breathing social media.

In an interview I did a while back with the fabulous Alexandra Franzen, we talked about how one of her blog posts really got me thinking. She’d worked out that if she carried on at the pace she was going, she would have lost 3.2 or 3.4 years of her life to Twitter alone.

I’ve personally made the decision to come off Twitter. I don’t enjoy it and it doesn’t bring me clients – Two things I always say you should consider when choosing a social media platform. (I can’t quite bring myself to hitting delete on my account though, so I’m getting my lovely VA to do it!!)

So, what do you do when you completely lose interest in marketing your business?

Check in on what’s going on – Ask yourself if you’ve lost complete interest in your business or if you need a change.

Keep the content rolling out – That way you can decide when to show up.

Do a LOT of soul searching – Why do you want to run your business? What excites you? Who do you love to work with? What’s the real problem?

Talk to people about how you’re feeling – I talked with friends. Many friends. They were amazing (you know who you are!)

Mix things up a bit – I did lots of things unrelated to business. (I am growing veggies, gardening and about to check chickens people – who is this new woman who’s moved to Scotland?!)

Slow down – I still plotted and planned, but in a calm way.

Create a daily routine to allow some thinking space – I started meditation and doing Qi Gong daily.

Think about the bigger picture. I started creating a vision board about what I really want. That bit was tough. At first I didn’t know what I really wanted. I just felt incredibly sad, and really lost. Over time I started to pull together some ideas.

Get help – I coached myself, I got coached.

Release any emotion around it – It’s okay to feel how you do, let it all out. Emotional release is a strength, not failure – I cried. A lot.

Be gentle with yourself – I’m coming out the other side now, and ready to show up more, but I’ve learned that I can be gentle with myself.

Give yourself permission – I am giving myself permission to stop when it’s just not happening.

I am giving myself permission to let go of any beliefs around how you ‘should’ run a business.

I am giving myself permission to focus on only 3 main things each day, and honestly, that is liberating!! It’s amazing how much you focus your mind when you only allow yourself three things to do.

Trust that this too shall pass – When the time is right you will know what you need to do.

So, I’m back! A different, perhaps calmer, and wiser version of me now. The one that knows it’s okay to have a business AND a life, and that you get to create it all on your own terms.

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Are You A Fraud?

In this blog post, I will share what you can do when you’re feeling like an imposter in your business.

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Have you ever had that feeling that one day someone is going to find you out for being the fraud you think you are? There’s a name for it – It’s called Imposter Syndrome.

Having suffered imposter syndrome when I was in HR, I know what it feels like, and it ain’t so pretty! I was being questioned as to why I did things the way I did, and my crazy little brain took that to mean I wasn’t doing it right. With that beautiful thing called hindsight, I now realise it was just my assistant’s way of checking her learning as she was training to do what I do. She wanted to understand why certain things happened in certain ways.

I started to question every single thing I did though, worried I was making serious mistakes, and that people would ‘find me out’. I still suffer with it on occasion in my business but now I recognise it for what it is. So what can you do about it? Here’s 3 ways to get you started on feeling in control again if it’s something you’re struggling with.

  • Recognise your achievements

How often do you sit down and notice how fabulous you are? If you’re an over-achiever, it’s likely you’ll move onto the next thing and the next without actually noticing all you’ve done.

Take one of my lovely friends for example. We hadn’t spoken for a while and she asked how things were going with my business. I told her that it’s going well, that I’ve been taking things a bit slower because we’re moving soon and that this year is all about maintaining my business, adding automation etc. She rightly challenged me on it, saying, “Umm, well I’ve seen you doing the Female Entrepreneur Association Bundle, written a book and lots of other things. You’ve just done two big things, not the usual twenty that you normally do.” Funny how people have a different perspective to you. When you’re an over-achiever, you just see yet another thing to achieve.

My story highlights how easy it is to forget what we have actually achieved. Maybe, like me, you recognise and celebrate your clients’ achievements, but when it comes to you, you’re onto the next thing quicker than the dust can settle, and the next, and the next. It’s so important to take time out to review how far you’ve come. I wrote a post and newsletter about this earlier this year. When you sit down to reflect on what you’ve achieved, you might be surprised at how far you’ve come.  

If you’re constantly feeling like you’re a fraud, often it’s because you have forgotten to recognise your achievements.

  • Get Curious

When your imposter syndrome shows up, get curious with it. Say to yourself things like:

  • “I wonder what’s driving this feeling”
  • “If I knew what had triggered it, what would it be?”
  • “I wonder why I feel this way”
  • “I wonder why this is showing up for me right now”

There will often be a trigger, understanding what the trigger is has really helped me.

Maybe you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed and someone’s post pops up and you start to go into comparing their success to yours, or perhaps it’s that someone asked you a question that you didn’t feel qualified to answer.

The news feed thing is one that clients commonly tell me is a trigger for them. The thing is you may be doing what I call ‘comparing bananas to socks’, comparing yourself against someone that’s been in business for longer, has different experience to you, etc. Find out more about this in a post I dedicated to this topic of bananas and socks.

  • Become The Expert You Think You’re Not

If you’re really struggling with trusting who you are, then do all that you can to build up your confidence in what you do.

Learn everything you can about your chosen subject. If there’s a way that you can get confirmation that what you’re doing is great, then do that. This could be in the form of getting assessed for coaching/mentoring for example, or it might be as simple as tracking all of your testimonials and great feedback that you receive. You can then go through it and remind yourself that you’re on the right track.

You may make mistakes. You’re human! It’s all good.

Listen to what people tell you about your skill set. Yes, that little broken record might tell you that you’re not great, but are there really that many people out there telling you that you’re great for the sake of it? Really??? I implore you to check in on that. They’re not all going to be liars, but you might be lying to yourself.

I could go on and on about this subject, because having been through it I get how much it can disempower you and fill you with dread every single day that today is the day when you’re going to be found out. But honestly, it’s a sign of your success and there’s a lot more people out there with it than you think, so you’re not on your own!

It’s time to rid of that mindset monkey that’s telling you that you’re going to get found out. What if you get found out for being the amazing business owner that you are?

Call To Action: Write down a list of your achievements over the past 3-6 months, year, 5 years, and then, celebrate them.

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How Strategic Are You Being With Your Facebook Groups?

In this blog post, I will share a simple plan for being strategic with your Facebook Groups, to save you time, energy and money.

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If you want to be visible then Facebook groups are a great place to be.

You get to build relationships in them.

You can do market research by noticing what people need, what they are struggling with

You can make some fabulous friendships.

The problem is that being on social media can completely take over your day. You start at 9am thinking you’ll just spend a few minutes chatting and before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you’ve got nothing done. Fun though the chatting was.

If you want to maximise your time then you need to think more strategically about how you spend your time in groups.

Fact: Time = Money, so you want to make that time really count.


Go through your current list of groups and choose 5 that would make it to the top of your list. Here’s some guidelines to help you.


Check the size of the group – Is it the kind of size of group you like to spend time in?

Some people like bigger groups, the opportunity to connect with more people. Others like more intimate groups, the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with people.


Are the posts all salesy, or are people getting involved in real conversations. If you’re someone that just wants to promote then a salesy group might work for you (I’d say avoid them like the plague because people won’t notice you and it can become a spam fest over time with no real value, but this isn’t about me, it’s about what works for you)


If people are asking questions and nobody is replying then is it the right group for you? It might be that you want to give it a go if you think your dreamie clients are in there, maybe you can get some good conversational posts going if that’s what you’re good at. If nobody is chatting though, it could suggest that the group isn’t that active, so would you really want to spend your time in there.


If you’re spiritual and going into a group that isn’t spiritual then is it going to give you what you need from a group? Will there be potential dreamies in the group for you?

Once you’ve done this mini review you can start to work out your top 5.


You might be joining because you want to learn from people who have a different skill set to you, or who are a bit further ahead than you. It’s not always about searching for clients!


Set some time limits around how long you want to test the group for. Maybe a week, a month, three months? Give yourself some time to really get involved and find out if it’s the right fit for you, in terms of people, content, vibe etc. If it’s not then revisit your list and replace it with another group to test.


So you’ve done your research and got your top 5. Now it’s time to engage.

Don’t want to go down that rabbit hole? Set yourself a timer. I love using the Pomodoro Technique for this kind of thing. It’s essentially a 25-minute timer and keeps you super focused. In that 25 minutes you could challenge yourself to comment on 3 people’s posts and write one of your own posts.


You’ve probably already got lots of old content that you can repurpose. You just need to think creatively as to how to use it. This particular post has been repurposed from a training I wrote for my Rock Your Visibility programme. I’m using a tiny piece of that content and turning it into a blog post. You could do the same principle with content, by turning a blog post into snippets of content, or a video you’ve recorded with tips etc.

Remember, while being on social media can be fun. It can also take you away from what you really need to be doing. Yes, a big part of running your business is about connecting, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to be strategic about it.

Call to Action: Think about how you could be more strategic with engaging in groups this week.

Remember to check out my Visibility Quiz to find out whether you’re a Visibility Lady, Countess, Princess or Queen. If you’re a guy then please change the names to Lord, Count, Prince and King) Once you’ve got your score I’d love for you to come on over to my pinned post on my business page and tell me what score you got. There’s a chance to win a little prize each month.

Also, I would love to interview Ladies, Countesses, Princesses & Queens on my podcast show, Rock Your Fabulous Biz. I’ll be asking you all about what you do on visibility right now, what’s working for you, what’s not and where you’d like to be. If you’re interested then apply for your spot here – In order for your application to be considered, you’ll need to have completed the quiz though as I’ll need to know what you’ve scored etc.

3 Ways To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brains For Free

In this blog post, I will share what you can say to people when you’re done with people picking your brains for free.

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As your business grows, so do the requests from people. The problem we can have as service-based business owners, is that we genuinely want to help, and sometimes that can mean we give away waaaaaaay too much of our free time.

At first it might be giving away lots of free sessions of one type or another. Over time, because of your generosity you can become the go-to-person for free support and guidance – as one of my business coach friends would put it – free consultancy.

Now, I personally get this A LOT. This past week alone I’ve had 8 requests for ‘free’ help in one form or another. The thing is, it makes us feel good, doesn’t it? Someone’s thought of little ole you on this area. “Ooh, maybe I do know what I’m talking about. After all, if people are asking for my help, that must mean I know stuff, right?“. It’s fine in the early days, but when it starts to become a problem it gets to the point that you have to set clear boundaries and say enough is enough.

Side Note: If you’re being asked a lot about the same things, you might find it’s a good area for you to focus on in your business. You’re obviously already becoming known for it!

I digress.

Let’s explore 3 ways of how this might be showing up for you and how you can deal with it.

  1. Can you just share a few gems of wisdom with me on… or If I send this over to you, would you just look at it for me.

In some cases, I’ve even had people talking about other coaches they’re working with. Quite clearly that’s not working out so well then, or they’d be asking them and not me!

Here’s what to say:

I’m more than happy to share a couple of gems of wisdom, but if you want to get real gems then let’s talk about how we can work together. You’ll only get a teeny tiny bit of my support by doing it this way. We can get transformational results when we work together 1:1.

On the ”Can you just look at this one” message you could say…

Sure, just send it over. From what you’re telling me, it shouldn’t take too long to work through. I’ll invoice you for an hour of time. If we need more, I’ll let you know before taking it any further. What’s the best email address to send the invoice to?

Don’t do what I’ve done in the past, where I’ve set the boundary at the beginning of the call and then ended up being caught out later down the line! If you have to, write the word ‘Boundaries’ on a post-it note as a reminder not to go back on the boundary you’ve set for yourself. New boundaries take time to establish, we can go back to our old ways without even thinking, so be kind to yourself if you slip up! 

  1. I wonder if you can spare 20 mins or so for a chat with me to talk about ways to… ?

(In my case the common one is to attract clients)

Here’s what to say:

Of course, I’m more than happy to have a chat with you. My fee is £200 per hour for this type of thing. How much time would you like to book with me? Let me know and I’ll send you over some possible dates.

If it’s a coaching client then I’ll say this… “I do have a self-study programme, Discovery Call Magic, that teaches all about how to book/use discovery calls to attract clients (£197). Let me know which option you prefer and I can send you more details 

  1. I wondered if I could pick your brains about something when you have 5 minutes. (Maybe this is from a business colleague, or maybe you’re being asked for ‘mates rates’.)

If it’s someone that could really do with your help, a great way to reply is this:

That’s a great question, pop it in my Rock Your Fabulous Biz Group on Facebook and I’ll reply when I have a spare moment. There’s loads of free support in the group, and often answers can benefit everyone else too, but if you prefer 1:1 let’s book a Pick My Brains Session. It’s 20-minutes for £67 or £97 for a 30-minute session. You can ask me whatever you like. I can guarantee you’ll go away with loads of ideas and a mini-action plan to get you started.

Mates Rates – Just don’t do them! Keep the lines clear between mates and business. Good friends won’t expect it for free. I know. I work with a few friends and because they pay me for my services, it doesn’t get all icky when we’re just out and about being friends. Say something like this:

I like to keep my business completely separate from personal. I don’t do mates rates. I’m happy to book you in for a paid session. I’ve found it works so much better when the lines between friends and business don’t get blurred“.

You’ll still be sharing all of your expertise, and that’s not just since you’ve been in business, that’s all of your life experiences, the trainings you’ve done, the things you’ve learned along the way, the books you’ve read, etc. There is one question to ask yourself on this though….

Is there something in it for you?

I mean this in the best way possible. If it’s a two-way thing, and you’re going to help that person, and they’re going to offer you something in return, i.e. a session, free ticket to an event you’re excited about, a coffee/lunch or whatever you like, then that’s okay. This is about you honouring your worth. I’ve had loads of pick your brains conversations and they haven’t even offered to buy me a coffee! And you know how much I like caffeine!

Maybe they are going to give you a glowing testimonial which is just what you’re looking for to add to your website. Then that’s all good. Usually though, the reply is something along the lines of, ‘Oh, I wasn’t expecting to pay”! A good reply to that is, “Oh, really?”

Enter sarcastic Ruby: “Ummm, yeah, I’m a business owner.”

The Big Sub Message That Makes You Feel ‘Ouch’: I value what you do but not enough to pay you (or even save to pay) to work with you.

Now, I’m not saying don’t help. We all know how that one will work out, we can’t help ourselves. We’re hard-wired to help!

What I am saying is there is a line.

If you’re putting lots of useful content out there, and being of service in lots of different ways, then you don’t need to worry. Send them to that free content and invite them to join your community. You’re still serving, you’re still helping, you’re just not being taken for granted.

For me, I know I have SO much content out there for people. I am constantly sharing heaps of valuable stuff for free, so that way I don’t have to feel guilty about charging. People can either do the work to find what they’re looking for (searching keywords on my blog about a specific area for example) or they can pay me for giving them fantastic mentoring guidance bespoke to them and their business.

Remember: You’re running a business. 

Call to Action: Think about where you’re giving away your time, and get some wording/systems in place to support the people who want your guidance for free.

What Can My Imaginary Friend Teach You About Pricing?

In this blog post, I will introduce you to Sally, my imaginary friend, who can help you with improving your mindset around pricing


Click the play button below to listen, or scroll down and click ‘Read full transcript’ if you prefer to read the post.

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Read Full Transcript below...

Let me tell you about Sally.

Sally is my lovely imaginary friend. Only joking. Sally is my lovely imaginary client that I talk to in my copy, my messages etc. Oh okay, if you want to go all technical on me, then she’s my ideal client avatar.

Sally sometimes has d1ays when she feels really confident about what she does and other days when it’s just not happening. Let me get her to tell you in her words (no, I haven’t gone completely nuts – stay with me) Here’s Sally…

“I get really great testimonials and people love my free offerings but it’s hard work converting them. I swing from wanting to offer low-end price point offerings to really high ones. I get annoyed at myself sometimes where I keep offering discounts or giving away everything for nothing. I wouldn’t do that if I was working for someone else.

Some days I value what I offer, other days I think nobody will want to pay me for what I do. After all, loads of people must know what I know already, and can figure it out for themselves.”

Do you resonate with any of Sally’s story in your business? If so, we need to talk.

Let’s break down it down a bit.

So Sally says she gets really great testimonials and that people love her free offerings but it’s hard work converting them.

When you get testimonials, cherish them, post them on your website and even say thank you publicly for the fabulous testimonial if you want to. When I say cherish them, though, I mean go back to them if you’re having a day when it feels like you’re not good enough at what you do, they’re a great reminder of how fabulous you are!

Now let’s talk free – Freebies in Sally’s case could mean a specific freebie that she’s offering, i.e. a checklist or video series, or she might mean free offerings like discovery calls that she’s holding with people.

Freebies are a way to build relationships, to showcase your expertise and to invite people onto your mailing list. The same applies to free conversations with clients where you share one or two nuggets with them to help them with their specific problem.

There can be this whole icky thing around giving away things, you know – “If I give away my stuff I won’t have anything to sell”, “People won’t want to work with me”, that kind of thing. It’s not true. I bet you know an awful lot more than you’re sharing in a free download or in a blog post!


If you’re giving everything away for free you have a hobby, not a business! Just sayin’

The thing with free is that there is a time and a place for it. Free is great for helping people to connect with you, for giving you the chance to share snippets of what you do and encourage people to take that next step with you, but here’s the rub. You have to invite them to take that next step with you, it doesn’t just magically happen. It’s not going to be that with a wave of a magic wand they’re one of your high-end clients. It just doesn’t work like that.

It’s fine being visible by sharing good content, it’s then about getting people to take that next step so that you stay in business. Don’t let fear be the thing that stands in your way.

Converting clients to work with you is a skill. I have spent endless hours trying to figure out how to sell without being sleasy. I hated that whole money conversation, but once you’ve got your offerings sorted and you’re completely clear on how you can help people, selling becomes a lot easier.

Yes, there are things you can learn, specific things you want to say, but ultimately, come from a place 2of service and how you can help, and then selling isn’t even a ‘thing’ anymore. You’re just having a conversation with someone about how you can help and then you share your prices.

Keep practising your sales conversations, learn what works and what doesn’t reflect on every one, and tweak and adapt. It will get easier. I’m still a work in progress on mine, but having done the work now I convert many, many more clients than I ever did before.

Back to Sally – Sally was switching from low-end to high-end offerings, and couldn’t quite make her mind up. As your expertise grows alongside your business you will have incremental price increases. I currently have a high-end 1:1 package at £5,000 and my lowest price point to work with me in a group capacity is in a masterclass at £35.

You can still be of service without giving everything away for free. It’s about valuing what you do, not valuing what you think you’re worth. Don’t get into that whole thing that people talk about with pricing, this whole “Charge what you’re worth”. It’s not about charging what you’re worth, it’s about charging what your services are worth – two completely different things. If you have someone who says they can’t afford you and you’re charging what you’re worth, then that makes you worthless or worth-less, which is complete nonsense!

Sally said she wouldn’t discount in the way that she does if she worked for someone else. One strategy I work on with clients when they find it challengi3ng to sell their services is to think about themselves and their business as two different entities. When you treat yourself as an ’employee’ of your company when you’re stepping into the selling arena, it makes it all about the service, not all about you.

She then went on to say that some days she values what she offers, other days she doesn’t. This is where working on your mindset really pays off dividends, and those testimonials can help here too.

Working on your mindset is a HUGE part of being visible in your business.

Sally thinks that people know what she knows already. Maybe they do, but her ideal clients won’t, or they might still need reminding. Some people can take free content and figure it out for themselves, but more often people need support to implement and make it happen.

They might be able to do it on their own, but want someone else to help them, they might want to draw on someone else’s expertise. I could cut my own hair, but let’s see how that would work out for me! Okay, maybe not!

4So what key things can we learn from Sally:

  1. Cherish your testimonials, go back and read them from time to time
  2. Free is okay, but you need to help your clients take that next step, it might be to join your mailing list or to have a conversation with them
  3. Build relationships and learn how to convert potential clients into paying clients
  4. If you find selling icky, become an ’employee’ of your business
  5. Work on your mindset DAILY

I hope you’ve learned a few things from my imaginary friend Sally, umm, I mean imaginary client, today.

Your call to action this week: Dig out your testimonials, have a read through and celebrate your great work, and then start thinking about what you can do to boost your mindset on a daily basis.

Are You Really Being Completely Authentic In Your Biz?

In this blog post, I’m going to share about how I hadn’t been completely open in my biz, and why it’s important to be authentic in your biz.


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Read Full Transcript below...

When you run your own business trust is a big thing that you need bucket loads of.

  • You want people to know, like and trust you.
  • You need to trust yourself that you’re making the right decisions and doing all of the right things that you need to do to build your business.
  • You need to trust that other people will like what you’re putting out there.
  • You put your trust in technology.
  • You need to put your trust in others, whether they are business friends, collaborative partners or people you’re outsourcing work too.
  • You sometimes have to jump and trust that the net is there waiting for you. Always a difficult one but it’s magical when you land in that net!

Now I can talk all day about all of these elements of trust, but I’m actually going to share something more vulnerable because it’s time. The one I want to talk about is this one…

You have to trust that it’s okay to show up as 100% you

Something that I just don’t talk about in my business is the spiritual side of things. I was brought up as a Christian and my family is praying for my salvation as we speak because in their eyes I’ve backslidden and that’s okay. Their version of me is a different version of what I want to be.

When I went through my divorce about 14 years ago I started to question everything, spirituality being one aspect of that.

Over time I slowly had friends introduce me to the Law of Attraction and Oracle cards and more, and super scary though it is for me to share this – I like it. I lik1e that the LOA allows me to be positive and think about how to improve life, rather than feel the fear of being thrown into hell for not following the ‘rules’. I like that there’s an air of mystery around little synchronistic messages and I like that people around me share some amazing stories about it. I like that life can be magical and the idea that there’s just so much more to us than we know.

Now I may lose people from my list/groups as a result of sharing this, but that’s okay. I want to be 100% authentic and share all of me, rather than the bits I think you’ll like. That’s what I do on every other level of my biz, but it’s like there’s this secret thing going on where I shouldn’t share.

A fear of rejection. A fear of judgement. A fear that it’s wrong, or worse, I’ll get struck by lightning for mentioning the word ‘universe’ instead of God. I am a grown woman (nearly shared my age there but hey a girl should have some secrets!)

It’s okay for you to disagree with family elders, it’s okay for you to share what you find important in your life, and not hide away who you are.

It’s okay to stand in your beliefs and in turn your power.

Enough of this nonsense.2

I always share that some people will love you in business and some will ‘hate’ you and that’s okay. They aren’t your ideal clients.

I always share that you need to show up as the fabulous you, not the version of you that you think people want, and yet there’s an element of my life where I’ve been hiding. No more.

It’s okay for you to have your beliefs, it’s okay for others to have theirs. I take the view of live and let live. It’s amazing what you can learn from other people when you just stop and listen to them sharing their perspective on life.

I’ve got friends who are into really deep spiritual stuff that fries my brain, but I can still be friends with them, in the same way as you can still attract the right people to you in your business.

So I guess my message to you is this:

Don’t be afraid to be you

100% freaking quirky, mad as a hatter you, if that’s who you are, or super quiet, happy to hide in the corner too, if that’s who you are.

The world needs you exactly as you are, so when you’re going out there and being visible, they really do get to know, like and trust you for YOU.

Show up as you, not someone you think you should be. Don’t compare yourself to others and want to be them. Want to be the fabulous you! The world is waiting for you.

Your call to action this week: Figure out where you’re not showing up as 100% you. Is there an aspect of you that you’re hiding away? If so, change that.

Oh and by the way I might even share the odd oracle card or two in my groups from now on, so if you don’t like it that’s okay. I won’t hold it against you if you find someone that’s a better fit for you x

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