Cancellation/Refund Policy

Detailed below are policies for cancellation of appointments, lateness and technology issues for all coaching/mentoring sessions.

Booking Policy

To secure your booking, sessions must be paid for in full at least 5 working days in advance. Please try to leave 15 mins following your sessions, in case we over-run for any reason. I do like to share gems so want you to get the maximum value from our time together.


Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment, whether this is for a face-to-face session or virtually. Time has been blocked out for your session and I will have pre-planned specific things to be covered during that time. Arriving late at a session may mean that we aren’t able to cover everything required. I reserve the right to shorten the length of the appointment in order to stay on schedule for my other clients, or to reschedule the booking. If lateness occurs on more than two occasions I reserve the right to cancel the sessions completely. No refunds will be given.

Please always let me know if you are running late. If you do not arrive for your session at all, whether in person/online, I will log the session as a “DNA” – Did Not Attend and your session will be forfeited.

Cancellation Policy

If you have pre-paid for a session and would like to cancel that session.I have a 12-hour, no exception cancellation policy. This means if you’re sick, stuck in traffic, or called in late and it means you have to miss our session you will forfeit it. I also hold myself to this same standard, so if I get sick, stuck in traffic or have to miss a session within 12-hours of the start time, I will gift you a complimentary 1-hour coaching session. Scheduled appointments are time reserved especially for you. And usually if you cancel at the last minute the reserved spot can not be rescheduled.

Sessions that are “DNA” (Did not attend) with no notice of cancellation are charged the full amount of the session and cannot be rebooked.

Technology Issues

Things break, I get it! If for any reason we aren’t able to hold our call due to technology then we will reschedule the booking. Love technology as I do, sometimes things just go a bit wonky. We use Zoom only for all meetings, I no longer use Skype. If for any reason that method fails then it may mean that the session will need to be held by phone only. Failing that we can reschedule. Refunds will not be made as there is a phone option and the cancellation policy still applies.

Package Duration Policy

Packages must be used within their time frame and at the very latest, 3-months from the start date, unless otherwise agreed before the package was purchased. All appointments must be booked and held before the expiry date. If for any reason you cannot take all of your sessions, they are non-refundable and non-transferrable. There are no refunds offered for expired appointments.

When coaching/mentoring goes on over a longer period of time I cannot guarantee the results will be as good, as momentum is part of the success.

Thank you for respecting our time together.

Legal Disclaimer:  

Every effort has been made to accurately represent my products and services and their potential.  Testimonials used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedications, desire and motivation.   As with any business endeavour, there is an element of risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

By signing up to any of my programmes/services you agree that you will not sell, share or otherwise distribute any of my content anywhere, either partly or in whole, or run sessions using my content on/offline, unless given express permission. The content is for your personal use only. Full terms and conditions can be found on my FAQ’s page.

Please note by downloading any of my online content you are waiving any rights to a refund due to the nature of it being an online product with immediate access.

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