Business Breakthrough Intensive

Business Breakthrough Intensive

Are you ready to:

  • Free yourself from blocks that are holding you back in your business? (You know you’re a savvy business owner, but you’ve got a bit stuck somehow)
  • Get real clarity on what to do next? (You’re currently being busy being busy and/or being distracted by shiny things)
  • Move from a place of overwhelm to having clarity and laser-focus on your next steps in business? (No more sitting at your computer not knowing where to start)
  • Step into the person that feels empowered in business, ready to take bold and brave action? (You’re ready to take your business seriously and no longer willing to have a 9-5 job as your backup plan)
  • Feel confident, motivated and excited about your business?

Let me introduce you to my popular session – The Business Breakthrough Intensive.

With these great value, quick-hit sessions I will help you identify the sticking point in your business, we’ll work through the challenges you’re faced with, do some transformational work to clear any mindset blocks and I’ll help you get really clear and super focused on your business. You’ll leave with a plan of action to make your business rock!

Here’s what you get:
  1. Pre-work to help you begin to identify areas in your business that are keeping you stuck
  2. Breakthrough Intensive – where we get real clarity around your sticking point, brainstorm ways in which you can fix it, and an implementation plan for you to follow
  3. A Fabulous Report sent to you after the session – walking you through insights gained from the session, guidance on the area you have the most challenges with and your implementation plan
These sessions are for you:
  • Need a power shot of coaching and mentoring to help you break through your breakdown area that’s holding you back
  • Want someone to help you get creative, and come up with lots of new and exciting ways to work on/in your business
  • Require help to figure out your next steps, from someone who’s been there, and knows what it’s like to run your own business single-handedly
  • Want to feel more confident and aligned with your business
  • Know you need to be challenged (aka you need a kick up the butt!) and be held accountable, so that you actually do what you say you’re going to do instead of just talking about it

You will love my Business Breakthrough Intensive where through a combination of coaching and mentoring I will help you get the clarity and focus you need to get cracking.

What do you get?

You get 2.5 solid hours working specifically on your business, with me, via phone or Skype. The session is jam-packed – there will be lots of thinking, brainstorming, and some giggles as we get real clarity around your breakdown area and pull together a strategy and implementation plan to help you break through in your business.

The Business Breakthrough Intensives are great for you if you just need to get started. You may already have the business knowledge and need help with clarity and direction, or you may need some business expertise to get you up and running. Sometimes,  you don’t know what you don’t know and need some help.

You will get…

My full support in the sessions where we will shine the spotlight on one key aspect of your business so that you have an action plan and accountability.

Just think – in the time it takes to have a couple of coffees we can nail it!  We can achieve a crazy amount of stuff in just 2 hours. We’ll figure out what’s holding you back and how you can work on breaking down any blocks/limiting beliefs.

Imagine how good it will feel getting more clarity around your business, knowing what your next steps are and feeling in control of what you’re doing. You will leave our sessions feeling fired up and ready to take action, feeling more self-assured with a belief that you’ve got this! (and maybe, just maybe, a little bit tired!) Here’s how my lovely client, Kate, summed a session up:

NB. Sessions are now 2-hours as 2.5 hours took the word ‘intensive’ to a whole new level!

Here’s what my clients say about working with me for just 20 minutes*

Crack It Testimonials

Crack It Testimonials

How does it work?

Click the button below to make your payment, and you’ll get your Business Breakthrough form, where we’ll focus on where you are now and where you want to be. This will help me to prepare so that we can hit the ground running in our first session.

The investment is just £497



* NB: All prices include VAT

** Please note, Crack-It Sessions are now sold exclusively to Rock Your Visibility Bootcamp members, and no longer sold online as a standalone product

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