It’s All About Values

Do you know what you’re really all about?

If you had to sum up the essence of you, what key words would you use?

Exploring values for me is the most exciting part of Coaching and it brings the biggest breakthroughs.  In Coaching we do an exercise called Values Elicitation where we find out what’s really important to you in life.  This isn’t just a fun tool, it provides so much valuable information to live your life by,  it acts as a compass to guide and direct your life.  Values define who we are, they help us work out what our purpose is.  When you’re out of sync with your values life doesn’t feel quite right somehow.  The core is at the heart of an apple, in the same way our values are at the heart of us.

Take my top 3 values for instance, Love, Connection & Peace.  (When I mentioned this on my Facebook business page this week I said I sound like a hippie!)  For me to be a happy, contented version of me I have to have these things in my life.  By understanding that I can then start to see areas of my life in the past where I wasn’t congruent with my values, which then brought conflict.  Take ‘Connection’ as an example, I’m an only child so am quite content in my own company, but I have to connect with people on a daily basis or I feel all out of sorts.  Whether I’m connecting by phone, online or in person doesn’t matter, it’s about connecting.  Let’s look at ‘Connection’  in turn to see how it all fits together…

  • Work – I need to work in a role that involves contact with people in order to stay connected
  • Relationships – I need to be in a relationship and have a strong connection with my partner (My ‘Love’ value also applies here).  I need a handful of really close friends that I can connect with
  • Communication – I need to feel connected, to have a ‘connection’ with people that I interact with.  I need to hear and be heard

Can you see how it really knocks on across all of the areas?

Another big value of mine is authenticity – we’ll leave that topic for another day though!

Companies write about their core business values, so why don’t we?  Why aren’t we using values as our driving force?  They help us with our decision making, by knowing them we can make decisions based on whether they are in alignment with our core values. Steve Jobs talks about values here.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on core values in business then read my ICN Article here (pg 73)

I know back in my HR days I was very stressed around the time I was making lots of redundancies.  Now anyone that has had to do this knows it is not an easy process to go through and stress is probably a given in a lot of cases (I’ve also been on the receiving end so know some of the emotions/feelings that come up with it)  I now see how going through that process was in complete conflict with some of my core values, no wonder I felt extra uncomfortable.  How was that process helping me with my top 3, love, connection and peace?

So what about now?  Well I’m out there spreading the love, connecting with loads of people and I’m more and more at peace (that’s an ongoing project for me!)  I think I’ve finally found my true purpose in life (and it even matches my values!)

Do you know your core values?  Want to learn more about them and how they can guide you?  Book a session with me and we can piece everything together so that you live your life on purpose, in line with what you need to be you.

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