7 Tips To Kill Self-Doubt

To be a great Coach you need to be able to switch off your own internal dialogue. Hmmm, easier than it sounds, I know! As someone with a constant chatterbox going (and I don’t mean my daughter!!) I know what a challenge it can be to feel confident in your coaching skills when you’re first starting out.  I was always afraid someone would discover I wasn’t a good Coach. Today I’m going to share 7 tips to kill your self-doubt before it kills your business.

Doubt kills more dreams

The best way to help you feel confident is to keep coaching others, the more people you coach the more you learn. The more you learn, the more confident you will feel as you will see your clients go through great transformation. Here are my top 7 strategies to help you kill self-doubt once and for all.

  1. Surround yourself with the right people – If you’re hanging out with positive people then you’re much more likely to be praising and encouraging them which will help you too.  As you hear yourself telling others positive things you’ll be surprised at the lessons you learn about yourself along the way.
  2. Catch the negative self-talk – I’ve written lots around the inner critic because changing your language is key.  If you’re telling yourself you’re a fraud then you’ll feel like a fraud – Time to change what you say – you could say this instead… “I’m learning something new and each day I’m developing my skills”.  Want to know more about the inner critic, see my video here and article here.
  3. Learn how to reframe your self-doubt – Ask yourself, ‘What’s another way of looking at this?’  Then explore that perspective.  There will be another way.  Even if it’s just using one of my favourite methods of ‘flipping’.  Flipping is just about changing the statement you’ve said to the total opposite – ‘I am not good enough’ becomes ‘I am good enough’.  Then all you need to do is believe that statement instead.  I know, I’m making it sound easy and in reality it can be harder than it seems, but the more you do this the more it really does help you change your perspective.
  4. Check in with what’s really going on – What is it really that you’re worried about?  It’s probably the usual things like fear of failure, rejection, maybe even ‘imposter syndrome’ where you think you will be ‘found out’ for not being good enough (You can overcome that – never tell people you can do something if you can’t – Under-promise and over-deliver – that way you will always be more than good enough)  As you know with coaching once you’ve acknowledged what’s really going on then you can address it.  If it’s fear of failure consider what failure means to you.  What would you tell a client with the same fear?  Start to unpick those limiting beliefs.
  5. Stop asking for validation – Trust yourself – You don’t always need others to tell you what you need to do or get their validation – Trust you’re right.  What’s the worst that could really happen?  Forget what others think, what do you think?  Set your own path – be a trail-blazer.
  6. Become the expert – If you want to kill self doubt learn everything you possibly can about what you do.  As your knowledge and skills grow you will feel empowered and able to stand up to the job.  Act as if you’re that person now, even if it’s only in your head.  If you start to believe it everyone else will too!
  7. Expect rejection – Not everybody will love you and that’s ok because we all have different people we like. Think about food, movies, sports etc – We don’t all like the same thing and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I heard a seminar when I first started out where the person talking said to ‘Aim for 100 no’s’.  If you get 100 ‘no’s then by that point you won’t care and if you don’t get them then yay you!

Self doubt can cause real fear and that fear can be crippling, to the point that you stop taking any action.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Be that empowered person for your clients – the one that might have the doubt but that pushes through it anyway, no matter what!

Remember you’re not on your own.  Even the most successful people in the world have self-doubts – it’s what they do with that doubt that counts.  They can listen to it and make no progress or decide to move forward in any case.  If self-doubt is one of your areas that you need to make progress in then come and work with me.  Together we can work on boosting your confidence and honing your coaching skills and move you into a place where you can start to be the coach you dream to be.

How would your life/business be different if you moved forward without that self-doubt?  Let me know which one of the 7 tips you try first and how it helps you.

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